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[Claire Vaye Watkins] ç Battleborn [superstition PDF] Read Online Û I ve decided to rate and review these stories as I read them So far I ve only read two The first, Ghosts, Cowboys, is excellent Watkins s father was a member of the Charles Manson gang it is said he was one of Manson s top procurers of girls and he testified against Manson at the trial Now here s his daughter writing a terrific story about the whole affair The second story, The Last Thing We Need, is also exquisite A Nevada farmer finds some detritus by the side of the road that connects in an odd way with a significant event earlier in his life As he looks through the items photos of a 66 Chevelle, a packet of letters signed M, and two prescriptions for antidepressents he writes letters to the address on the Rx bottles to one Duane Moser and beg This author shows some definite promise, provided she can manage to sort out her verb tense schizophrenia She doesn t shy away from dicey material In the first few stories, she revels in the strange and the forbidden, with stories about abortion, incest, a gay male madam at a Nevada brothel, and kids who ran with Charlie Manson The last few stories are a bit commonplace, but still edgy, because edginess is the petri dish from which her stories evolve Most of these stories are set in Watkins s home state of Nevada I spent my formative years on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, on the California side, but very close to the border with Nevada I have some familiarity with the geography and vibe of Nevada, which Watkins captures perfectly Her stories grow from that boredom and restlessness and just general weirdness of life in a barren landscape, where there s so little to do but stir up mischi Zehn Geschichten, Die Den Mythos Des Amerikanischen Westens Ganz Neu Erz Hlen Und Dabei Eine Eigene Poetische Kraft Entfalten Sie Spielen Vor Der Gewaltigen Landschaft Nevadas, Unter Dem Weiten Himmel Ber Der W Ste, In Der Glitzerh Lle Von Las Vegas Und In Entlegenden Geisterst Dten Und Sie Handeln Von Menschen In Existenziellen Situationen, Verlassenden Und Zur Ckgelassenen, Suchenden Und Verfolgten Quite frankly, I did not like a lot of these stories They were filled with young, obnoxious characters that I wanted to slap characters who always seemed to have money, though they never seemed to work, who didn t appreciate the good things they had and who made stupid, stupid choices Looking at the author s photo, I reasoned, eh, she s young She ll get better Her writing, after all, is solid and nuanced She throws off great lines like The mind is a mine So often we revisit its winding, unsound caverns when we ought to stay out.
That line was from The Diggings, the one story that left me gobsmacked A gold rush tale, so wrought with emotion and so packed with powerful imagery, I ll never forget it At 60 pages, this one Quiet battleI read Watkins s stories compulsively I couldn t stop or look away though I often wanted to With Watkins longing is a constant state of being She writes with starkness that s reflected in the desert settings Sometimes her stories are set in the old west and sometimes the west of last week There s quietness to them Hatred, lust, and desperation swirl under the surface and only erupt intermittently Even in the seemingly sweetest of settings and situations sudden violence or even death is stalking, threatening to explode Her characters are perpetually off balance while they strive for wholeness and beauty The odd thing is they seem to achieve it if only despite the ugliness surrounding them or maybe because of that ugliness It can be hard to survive in the desert but if you look in the right place and with the right frame of mind you ll see you re surrounded by b Ten powerful stories by a tough lady Once you know whom Claire Vaye Watkins father was, it is impossible to forget that fact and you re not surprised that she tells stories that are consistently tough and hard She moves through time, such as the story of the two unlucky golddiggers, but also tells tales which, I would imagine, are close to her own life and past and that of her family and friends Most stories are set in Nevada in and around Reno, such as the heartbreaking story of the Italian kid visiting a girlie ranch The stories are mainly about loss and how one reacts to it I loved them Someone just asked me How did you learn to read poetry It s a great question It really is Because I didn t know the answer, but at the same time there s a skill to pick up somewhere.
By that same token, I have to wonder if people struggle with short stories because they don t know how to read them The poetry is a question I have to think over, but for the short stories I have an idea.
Short stories are the serial monogamy of reading.
For those who aren t familiar with that term and just don t feel like working it out, serial monogamy is the idea of dating someone exclusively, dating people one at a time, then moving on to someone else without crossover or any of this dating around business It s like serial killing You kill someone, then you move on You kill one person at a time, not a bunch of people all at once.
I wish I d come up with a better comparison than serial killing It can be ha Battleborn , a debut collection of short stories, gets its title from the nickname for Nevada which was given statehood during the Civil War Claire Vaye Watkins wrote the short stories soon after she started graduate school in Ohio, feeling homesick for her home state of Nevada and grieving for her recently deceased mother.
Watkins gets her family history out front in the first story, Ghosts, Cowboys , which is mostly historical with a bit of fiction Her father, Paul Watkins, was Charles Manson s associate and lured high school girls to the ranch for Manson Her father was not involved in any of the killings Tate La Bianca and later testified for the prosecution Paul Watkins died when the author was six, and her mother remarried.
Watkins grew up in a small desert community an hour west of Las Vegas The desert figures into several of the stories In The Past Perfect, the Pas

Battleborn is by far one of the best short story collections I ve ever read Each story took my breath away with the strength of the prose and the momentum of each story, often quiet but building and building Several of the stories made me cry by the end because they were so beautiful and so powerful and I was in such awe I will say in an actual review somewhere but this is outstanding Also, there s a real diversity of narrative techniques at work here From a craft perspective there is a great deal to admire There is an epistolary story, a historical novella, a story about two teenage girls who have a troubling encounter with some men in a Vegas hotel room, a story about a couple where the wife is always disappointing her husband and knows it and has to live with it, and then there are the stories about motherless sisters holdin I m curving here, because rating short story collections is such a pain and if anyone listened to the me before right now, there were only six or so five star short story collections in all the world, and Flannery O Connor wrote half of them Well, now there are seven This is where I insert all the star rating hand wringing before justifying my decision based on the fact that the strongest stories in this collection carry twice their weight Math I guess the first order of business would be Watkins dad, who was that cult member Watkins who rolled on Charlie Manson Now, my own father had a pretty crazy life and cultivated some strange, ever changing, some would argue paranoid schizo views over the years, but I can t even imagine what it would be like to know that at some point before you were conceived, your father harbored white supremacist beliefs and honestly thought

Claire Vaye Watkins was born in Bishop, California in 1984 She was raised in the Mojave Desert, first in Tecopa, California and then across the state line in Pahrump, Nevada A graduate of the University of Nevada Reno, Claire earned her MFA from the Ohio State University, where she was a Presidential Fellow Her stories and essays have appeared in Granta, One Story, The Paris Review, Ploughshare