Trailer º Scepter of Faith (Angels Without Wings #1) PDF by ¾ Chris Smith

Trailer º Scepter of Faith (Angels Without Wings #1) PDF by ¾ Chris Smith Had a friend tell me about this book I grew up in a Christian family and still hold those beliefs so I was slightly leary of getting into a Christian book In the end, I don t remember Jesus actually being said in the book There are definite religous undertones but its not the main gist of the story I enjoyed the characters a lot It doesn t stack up there with Harry Potter or anything but I read the series all the way through to what s avaible at the point of this review Solid story arc and characters that are easy to relate and grow with throughtout the books.
I didn t care much for the unbiblical approach to depicting angels.
For God, We Fight All Angels Have Heard The Command Troy Decker Has Heard It From His Parents Countless Times All He Wants In Life Is A Chance To Prove Himself And Be Granted His Scepterthe First Gift Angels Receive In Their War Against Lucifer Standing In His Way Is Fallen Angel Kyle Downey, Who Used To Be Best Friends With Troys Parents But Is Now On A Quest To Destroy All That Is Good In The World Disclaimer I won this book on Goodreads.
This book was easy to read It has drama, action, suspense, and some romance The classes at Passover Hill and all the shop names were funny Side note I know many churches now have at least a gift shop, but the sheer number and variety at the Cathedral reminded me of the money lenders whom Jesus cast out of the Temple I hope there is to Kyle falling than a love triangle that didn t go his way I don t like love triangles I don t know if there are books in the series The ending strongly hinted there could be , but I would like to read the continuing adventures of Troy and his friends and the War against the Fallen.
A lot of authors have recently got my attention with young adult books I have loved most of them This book was a bit too young adult for me I think it is best for 12 year olds There wasn t much action until the last 50 pages or so There was also at least one swear word When reading fiction I give a lot of lead way just as long as the Bible is not disrepected in any way The thing that bothered me was the 14 year olds who were trying to get their gifts The first thing required was to save souls Not from disaster or life threatening situations Save their souls with no mention of this being done by repentance through Jesus Christ.
Angels without wingsIt s a really good book I didn t want to put it down as I read it I would gladly recommend it to everyone A wonderful Christian book for all ages It is a true young adult book and has safe, honorable messages for your kiddos, unlike a lot of what is floating around out there Chris addresses issues of faith, but not in an overbearing churchy way Do expect to be surrounded by many aspects and features of religion you are reading a book about angels, afterall , but you won t be drowned in it The progression of the story and depth of the characters is done really well, especially for a new author I m currently working on the prequel, and look forward to the release of book 2 I doubt this book was written with me in mind as a reader My grandson actually gave me this book I swapped him for my Left Behind books I have to say, even though I didn t relate to some of the high school age stuff I thought the story was great It s focuses on faith But I think one part said something about not only faith in God but faith in yourself as a person Wonderful message It was probably a little bit too much fantasy based for me, so I gave it a four star rating instead of five I ll get the other books in the series on my Kindle.

One of my favorite books to read in awhile I enjoyed each character some of the minor characters were my favorites, in fact I would say its a YA Christian fiction, but it would appeal to anyone There was a twist at the end that I didn t see coming at all It s not a huge mind blowing thing, but adds to the whole mystique of the story I love easter egg clues and as I thought back on the story, this book was full of them.
There is definitely a Christian theme, but I don t remember any sermons or any preaching monologues It was overall a very enjoyable story that sucked me in from the start and made me not want to put it down.
If you like stories about angels or well told, plot driven adventures as a whole this is a book for you.
For God, we fightThis first book in the Angels Without Wings series does well in setting up a world with a lot of potential for an exciting Christian fantasy series for young teens Unfortunately, at least in this first adventure, that potential is far from realized We follow Troy Decker, a just turned fourteen year old who is an angel in training The angels in this universe seem to be or less like us regular humans, but with special abilities from God, and tasked with saving human souls and fighting against the forces of hell Both Troy s parents are well regarded angels, and as such there is a lot of pressure on Troy to live up to them However, he feels inadequate He doesn t even has his first gift from God, the scepter that marks the com

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