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[Uma Krishnaswami] ç Book Uncle and Me [bangladesh PDF] Ebook Epub Download ñ Yasmin, 9, loves to read and her goal is to read a book a day forever So far, she has read over 400 hundred books Everyday after school, Yasmin visits Book Uncle, a retired teacher and widower, who runs a free lending library near her apartment Book Uncle s motto is Right Book for the right person for the right day, but when he gives Yasmin two books one day, she is a little taken aback One is an old Indian story, too easy for her But he insists, and it is a story the she finds herself pondering all weekend long, and even in class Monday, to the annoyance of her teacher, Mrs Rao.
Later, when Yasmin returns her book, she finds a very unhappy Book Uncle His books still in their boxes, and holding a summons, Book Uncle has been told by the mayor that he must get a permit which he ca I liked this story but found it a bit difficult to get into because it was set in India and used terms for which there was no glossary provided so that you could look up what they meant It was disorienting However, once I got into the characters and story, I was sucked right in I enjoyed the unusual topic of young people and civic responsibility, standing up for a political candidate who would understand and respond to the needs of their constituents Apparently this is not a community with an established public library like we have here in the U.
, which is why Book Uncle and his free lending library were so important to the neighborhood This would make a great discussion book, especially around election time Recommended 9 yr old Yasmin loves to read and is horrified when she learns that the local free lending library stand gets shut down This is a cute story about activism, friendship, politics and Indian culture It is delightful that this story could have been taken place anywhere Great theme just a bit slow 2020 Nutmeg Nominee.
I love the different style of writing and the vocabulary words I felt both the universality of the urban child s experiences and the uniqueness of the Indian perspective The theme, of course, is important All the characters are interesting glimpses of the istri lady s life, and Reeni s family situation, and Rafiq Uncle, are only some of what could each have been at least another full chapter But this is pared down to a quick read for 6 9 year olds I love all the descriptions of the foods, though again they were pared down A glossary may have been helpful, but context clues were sufficient, and there s always the internet for further research.
I don t know if I d recommend it to absolutely everybody, but I do recommend that every library system in the US gets a copy Big points for multiculturalism diversity, of course.
Maybe not the best most typical example of the writing style, My daughter and I read this book together and loved this sweet story set in India about a girl who makes a big difference in her little community I loved the little insights into Indian culture a glossary of some of the terms would have been nice and the emphasis on the importance of books and reading Definitely recommend.

Bookworm Yasmin is pretty content with her life and well on her way to reading a book a day for the rest of her life One day Book Uncle doesn t set up shop at his usual corner of the street and Yasmin soon learns it s up to her and her friends to bring Book Uncle back in business.
I originally picked up this chapter book for my daughter because the main character LOVES reading Imagine my delight when it turns out that Yasmin isn t just an avid reader but a budding social activist as well I appreciate how her passion for reading translates into standing up for what she believes in and using the laws in place to change things The feeling of community is very strong as well and it makes the setting of the story into a character in its own right It was all done so seamlessly I m in awe of the writing style.
Not once d This is a nice story about a child taking steps to influence people s minds I also like that it shows that sometimes there are unintentional consequences of something we do the original letter, in this case.
A good beginning chapter book that could introduce students to life in India as well as activism Every day after school 9 year old Yasmin zig zags across the broken pavement to see what book Book Uncle recommends for her today She is determined to read a book a day and with Book Uncle to provide free books, she s already read over 400 Book Uncle chooses the right book for the right person on the right day When the mayor insists Book Uncle s stall is causing clutter on the streets and demands Book Uncle pay a fee for a permit Yasmin takes action I have mixed feelings about this book I love the Book Uncle and his little free library Not only does he provide free books but also readers advisory, which is wonderful liked the message about grassroots community activism but the outcome was a lot corny Even though this story takes place in India, I at first assumed it w Nine Year Old Yasmin Intends To read A Book A Day For The Rest Of Her Life Book Uncle, Who Runs A Free Lending Library On The Street Corner, Always Has The Perfect Book For Her But When Book Uncle Seems To Be In Trouble, Yasmin Has To Take Her Nose Out Of Her Book And Do Something With The Elections Coming Up And The Grown Ups Busy With Their Own Affairs, What Difference Can Yasmin And Her Friends Possibly Make Will They Get Help From Karate Samuel, The Eccentric Superstar Who S Standing For Mayor Yasmin Gets To Work, Ideas Begin To Fly Like Feathers, And Soon Everything Starts To Spin Out Of Control

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