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Ò Revenge å Download by ↠´ Simon Scarrow Review Each episode of this has been a fantastic tour into the history of the best part of the eagles duo, Macro He is the driving force, the charisma and attitude that has brought me back to every eagles book, and learning about his past is brilliant for every fan of the Eagles series.
Pavo as the gladiator is also a brilliant new edition, he is Cato as i wish he had turned out, rather than some of the recent character traits the mooning over his girlfriend This episode has a bit grit and power than the last two, and at the same time has a fuller storyline, but all episodes are told with Simon s unique and very readable style.
Part 5 is set to be a hugely action packed and explosive episode just in time for the whole series of short stories to be released in HB Arena Roman Arena This is a must read at a bargain price Parm Enjoyed this one than the previous Prefer it when Macro and Parvo are working together The fourth of five entries in Simon Scarrow s Arena e book exclusive series, this one starts with both Macro and Pavo being forced to participate in a beast fight in the Roman ArenaUnlike the previous entries most of which followed the same format, ending with a gladiatorial bout , the majority of this one is set in and around the circus itself, and also ends with Pavo moving closer to his ultimate goal of gaining Revenge for the death of his father.

With the fourth installment of this series we re back to one star As bad as those which preceded this one are, none are as boring or quite as silly Pavo and Macro, despite the ill fortune which falls their way, are the two luckiest characters I ve read about They re constantly saved by sheer happenstance Yay.
Another excellent addition to this series Here our gladiator reaches freedom Still Bearing The Wounds Of Battle, Marcus Valerius Pavo Has Little Time To Rest Before His Next Gladiatorial Contest He S To Be Reunited With An Old Rival, Amadocus, Though This Time They Will Be Made To Fight Together Against Two German Opponents Under The Watchful Eye Of Centurion Macro, Pavo Must Do Everything He Can To Ensure He S Up To The Challenge But Even If Pavo And Amadocus Can Put Past Conflict Behind Them, Will They Be Able To Overcome Their Ruthless Competitors And What Information Is Amadocus Hiding About Pavo S Past

Simon Scarrow is a UK based author, born in Nigeria, and now living in Norfolk He completed a master s degree at the University of East Anglia, and, after working at the Inland Revenue, went into teaching as a lecturer at City College, Norwich.He is best known for his Eagle series This is Roman empire military fiction, starting with the second invasion of Britain, and continuing with subsequen