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[Marissa Meyer] ã Cinder [philip-ii-of-spain PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ç I m sure I ll feel much grateful when I find a guy who thinks complex wiring in a girl is a turn onIn this, my third attempt to read Cinder, I finally made it to the end But I find myself wishing I hadn t bothered Going into this book, I thought it was fair to expect a light, probably unremarkable, but ultimately entertaining read I did not come to this book wanting my mind to be blown with science or to be taken to another world by beautiful prose, but I also did not expect it to be so painfully boring Which it was.
Cinder takes a bold and fascinating premise, sketches out a basic outline of it, and then never fleshes it out with any substance.
Let s look at the wonders we have here A part cyborg protagonist, a loose Cinderella retelling in a fu I guess I m on a year end quest to be the last person to read popular series Last week Hunger Games This week Cinder.
Or not I hated it No binging this series, sorry, dear friends You may think it s harsh that I give this book one star when there was nothing offensive about it, but considering the hype, I expected far, far than that we were given.
Before reading the book, I knew why it came highly recommended to me in theory, this book should have been awesome An Asian protagonist Everyone knows Khanh loves Asian shit , an alternate universe, plenty of opportunities to spin a beautifully woven Asian setting A fairy tale retelling Khanh loves retold shit.
Yet for years, I resisted the many, many KHANH, YOU

wow wow WOW.
I went into this book not expecting to like it I m not sure why, but this book completely surprised me As seen on The ReadventurerLet me first give credit where credit is due A cyborg Cinderella Wow It s a bold premise I applaud Marissa Meyer for thinking this up In this re envisioning of the fairy tale, Lihn Cinder is a cyborg, meaning, she is almost half mechanical she has prosthetic hands and a foot, a big chunk of her internal organs are wired into her body Cinder is a mechanic in New Beijing, the capital of the Eastern Commonwealth, a country ravaged by plague outbreaks One day, the heir to the throne of the Commonwealth, Prince Kai, steps into Cinder s shop to get his android fixed, and everything changes for Cinder She falls in love, she becomes a center of multiple intrigues, she discovers her own well hidden even from her secrets As much as I appreciate an author willing to think outside the box, I am afrai mild spoilers Cyborgs squeeaaaal Androids squeeaaaal New Beijing squeeaaaal Cinderella sque uhm, I m of a Beauty and the Beast girl But not bad Cinder was one helluva ride for me Saying that it was a special one is an understatement Why I call it special Because of the ups and downs it had If you read my Kindle notes for this review you d thing I m suffering of DID Dissociative Identity Disorder What do you think doctor House Am I sick Can it be treated Yes This book looked so much better in my head I replaced thisWith thisI m sure Cinder would prefer to be the uncool version.
Dude, you re a freakin cyborg I wouldn t hide this from the world, I d enhance it Probably add some cool gadgets and make everyone drool over me Imagine the possibilities since you re a badass mechanic Imagine what you could create An 4.
5 This was amazing Why didn t anyone tell me to read it sooner Just kidding The world and characters are so great, I can t wait to continue on in the series.
5 starsA Cinderella story through and through or is it Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a TimeEveryone knows this story At this point, I have read so many versions that I have a tough time going through yet another one Yet, the further I read, the I was delighted This book was unexpectedly sweet, endearing and enjoyable.
My younger sibling had this book on a shelf for the longest time and finally at the nudging of one of my friends, I picked it up I m glad I did.
Cinder is a cyborg mechanic living in New Beijing who, along with her best friend a robot named Iko and sister a fully human gal named Pearl , fall in love with Prince Kai But, life isn t all cleaning and singing, there s a ravaging plague and crippling poverty The plagu Re read On Audio I love the narrator I m still loving Cinder, Iko and Prince Kai I loved one of Cinder s sisters but the other one and her stepmom Ugggg Cinder being a cybor mechanic is too cool There is a deadly disease going around and it kills so many people They are trying to find a cure by doing some evilness Cinder gets to meet Prince Kai and sigh, I felt so happy for her Then there is Queen Levana from Luna Don t even want to talk about her evilness right now And Cinder finds out who she really is eeep Here s a really cool fan art of Cinder by MiraPau This book was so good I remember when I read it the first time that it was so amazing Listening to it, I find that it is still amazing I m loving these audio re reads Well, unless I get a bad narrator I m still in awe and I m still in love Oh, the There Is An Alternate Cover Edition For This ISBN Here New Beijing, Cinder Est Une Cyborg Autant Dire Un Paria Elle Partage Sa Vie Entre L Atelier O Elle R Pare Les Robots Et Sa Famille Adoptive Seize Ans, La Jeune Fille A Pour Seul Horizon Les T Ches Les Plus Ou Moins D Gradantes Qu Elle Doit Accomplir Pour Ses S Urs Et Sa Mar Tre Mais Le Jour O Le Prince Kai Lui Apporte Son Robot De Compagnie Son Seul Ami , Le Destin De Cinder Prend Un Tour Inattendu La Forte Attirance Qu Prouvent Le Beau Prince Et La Jeune Cyborg N A Aucune Chance De S Panouir, Surtout Que Le Royaume Est Menac Par La Terrible Reine De La Lune D Bute Alors Pour Cinder Une Aventure Incroyable, O Elle D Couvrira Que Le Sort De L Humanit Est Peut Tre Entre Ses MainsM ME DANS LE FUTUR,LES HISTOIRES COMMENCENT PAR IL TAIT UNE FOIS Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a TimeOnce Upon a Time,there was an avid reader let s call her K who thought she was very clever but she couldn t be wrong.
You see,she d heard about a futuristic version of Cinderella in which Cinder is a cyborg mechanic that everyone seemed to love but she refused to read it,because she was skeptical and a little prejudiced.
One day she read the first page but when she came to the part where Cinder takes off her foot she said Ok I tried but it s not for me,end of story and she continued her life.
Until she decided to give it another shot,and then the skies opened and the stars above made her see the truth.
That she was aOh my stars,she really was an idiot.
Because there can be only one reaction towards a book that narrates a classic tale that takes place in the future after the Forth World War,when androids are a part of daily life

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