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[ Pdf Albatross (#1) Ä young-readers PDF ] by Greg Potter × When A Brilliant Silicon Valley Inventor On The Cusp Of Launching A World Improving New Product Is Tricked Into Helping Recover A Lost Piece Of Secret Alien Technology Of Incredible Power, He Joins Forces With A Unique Female Psychic And Discovers He Must Master That Technology, And Beat The Secret Forces Fighting To Control It, To Stop A Conspiracy Seeking To Monopolize A Key World Resource

Greg Potter is a veteran of the technology wars, having worked for Epson, Ashton Tate, Borland, Microsoft, Netscape, ArcSight, and other Silicon Valley start ups, where he wrote millions of words of technical documentation and built successful internal publication groups A life long technophile, his hobbies include ham radio, electronics, motorcycling, flying, target shooting, and comic books He