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[Emily Belle Freeman] á 21 Days Closer to Christ [lesbian PDF] Read Online ☆ Nestled Between The Covers Of This Beautifully Illustrated Book Is An Invitation An Invitation To Come Closer To Christ Through A Day Journey Each Step Of The Journey Introduces A New Concept That Will Help You Come To Know And Recognize The Hand Of The Lord In Your Life With An Emphasis On Daily Scripture Study And Personal Prayer, Each Chapter Concludes With An Assignement Designed To Help You Apply And Personalize Concepts Such As Humility, Gratitude, And Listening To The Spirit In The Rush Of Everyday Life, This Unique Book Provides A Refreshing Pause And The Opportunity To Focus Our Efforts On Becoming Closer To Christ This beautifully illustrated book is a lovely addition to one s personal journey to get closer to Christ The sections are short with invitations to personally work on specific characteristics addressed in the book I appreciated her personal experiences, but even so, her understanding and interpretation of scripture.
This was a nice book about coming to know the Savior There are 21 days worth of study topics and scriptures that focus on different roles the Savior plays in our lives As we come to appreciate His attributes, and roles, and come to know Him better we will be blessed I really appreciated these 21 invitations come, covenant, keep, search, discover, hope, pray, listen, follow, stand, focus, change, reflect, do your best, be still, develop faith, give all, understand grace, seek, abide, and remember Here are a few quotes I likedCome and see John 1 46 This simple invitation summarizes the Master s ministry His was always an invitation come and see come follow me come unto me p 6 If we are to reach our full potential, I believe we must create a place for the Savior in our lives p 7 Determine what fills your nets Try to listen for the quiet invitations from th This was a beautifully written book The author has a very gentle way of teaching the LDS Gospel The thing I found most impressive was her interpretation of scripture stories She has a unique way of looking at, what I thought, were very common scripture stories Definitely helped my testimony grow and often brought me to tears I loved it I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to bring a little Light into their lives.
Beautiful book I love the way the author views the world through the lens of the Gospel About to start re reading it.
I have read and reviewed this book many times This last time I focused on a chapter a week as opposed to a day More time to contimplate and ponder what the Savior means to me and his affect on my life.
This is an inspirational, spiritual book with experiences from the author s life to teach short lessons about coming unto Christ a little each day There are New Testament passages to look up that go along with each lesson, as well as goals and ideas to help push the reader to live a little better and a little closer to Christ each day The book goes through different names of the Savior, and explains, expounds on them It s not a long book, and each chapter is pretty short, but it took me a long time to read this because I tried to stop after each chapter and apply the teachings I d just read about and journal about the experiences It has beautiful paintings of scenes from Christ s life done by Simon Dewey, so the book is a work of art A perfect gift to give to someone, or to give to yourself I want to reread this and explore some of the themes a little over time But I high I feel like I start off all my reviews of her books with I love Emily Belle Freeman But that is how I feel after I read her writing I am grateful she has chosen to be an author so we can all benefit from her love of the scriptures, her inspiration, and her experiences This particular book lends itself well to a daily devotional as each chapter focuses on a different role of the Savior The power of the book is found in the invitation to ponder and act at the end of each chapter Since I was already studying a different scriptural subject at the time I read this book, I didn t take the time to act on the individual invitations I am ready to go back and reread my highlights and start acting on them.
I really liked this book The format is great and lends itself to be a perfect book of daily devotionals or weekly if preferred The chapters are short Each one focuses on a title or role of the Savior At the end of each chapter is an invitation to do something such as stand, pray, focus, etc There is also a scriptural assignment Also at the end of the chapter is something called The Journey which is a challenge to apply the things learned in that chapter.
Each chapter also contains scriptural stories as well as the author s personal experiences I want to start again this month before Easter and follow the journey ideas A friend had asked if I would recommend kindle or the hardcover For this book I recommend the hardcover Beautiful book with gorgeous ill I really liked the set up of this book with each section having a personal story that related to a principle of coming unto Christ, extra scriptures to read, and a goal to complete with suggestions of how you could do it I ve read a couple books by this author and she has such a knack for seeing something new in scripture stories and finding ways that her personal stories relate I learn well through stories so that approach was great for me.

Emily Freeman and Simon Dewey collaborated on the bestselling book The Ten Virgins For nearly 20 years, Emily has addressed groups of women as a writer, songwrite, and motivational speaker Her deep love of the scriptures comes from a strong desire to find their application in modern day life Emily and her husband, Greg, are the parents of four children and live in Lehi, Utah Simon Dewey studie