Trailer à Space trap PDF by ¼ Juanita Coulson

Trailer à Space trap PDF by ¼ Juanita Coulson Good sci fi book Planet NE Wasn T Due For Secondary Survey For Another Ten Years So Why, Ken Wondered, Were They Heading There Now Then On His Screen He Saw The Disembodied Face Of A Girl With Jewel Like Skin And Felt, Rather That Heard, Her Plea Go Back But They Couldn T Go Back Against Their Will, They Were Drawn Into A Crash Landing On NE They Were Trapped With No Means Of Escape And NE Was Not The Uninhabited Planet They Had Been Led To Believe It Was 1985 grade B Oddychov scifi s telepatmi.

Juanita Coulson has been involved with both science fiction writing and fandom for decades She had been fan guest of honor at a Worldcon a few years before she wrote this book It was not one of her best works, but it was a fun space adventure.
On a mysterious detour from their supposed trip plan, an exploration vessel finds itself drawn down into a crash landing on a supposedly uninhabited planet The problem is that it also shouldn t have had the hazard which caused the crash The resulting discovery of odd technology and not one but TWO unknown colonies on the planet leads to a very odd story.
I had trouble with the actions and apparent reasoning of the members of both colonies, which were clearly set at odds by the author, This book is published by Venture Press.

Juanita Ruth Coulson n e Wellons is an American science fiction and fantasy writer most well known for her Children of the Stars books, published from 1981 to 1989 source