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[ Pdf Yul: The Man Who Would Be King : A Memoir of Father and Son ↠´ polyamorous PDF ] by Rock Brynner ☆ Yul Brynner The Man Who Was King A Hollywood There Is Only One Yul Brynner No Other Actor Had His Looks, His Range Of Talents, His Energy, And His Capacity To Draw Others Into The Spell Of His CharmYul The Man Who Would Be King A Memoir OfYul Brynner Was An Egomaniac But A Brilliant Actor And Dynamic Individual Though He Found That Life Did Not Play Favorites, No Matter How Kinglike And Obnoxious You Were, Like All Of Us, He Died Alone And In AgonyYul The Man Who Would Be King De RockYul The Man Who Would Be King De Rock Brynner Et D Autres Livres, Articles D Art Et De Collection Similaires Disponibles Sur Abebooks Yul The Man Who Would Be King Abebooks Yul The Man Who Would Be King De Rock Brynner Sur Abebooks ISBN ISBN HarperCollins Publishers LtdCouverture Rigide Yul Brynner The Man, The Image Bald Handsome Yul Brynner The Image Is That Of A Strong Masculine Man Yul Brynner Had A Strange Foreign Accent At A Time When Having Strange Foreign Accents Was Either Considered Exotic Or Downright Strange Very Few In The S And S Up Until The S And S Could Pull Off An Ethnic Foreign Accent Yul The Man Who Would Be KingNot Retrouvez Yul The Man Who Would Be King Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion YUL The Man Who Would Be King EPub Rock Yul Is The Moving Tale Of A Man Who Became King, And A King Who Became Slave To His Own Extravagance But It Is Also A Spellbinding Book About A Star Studded Era The Cast Includes Such Greats As Cecil B DeMille, Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali, Marlon Brando, Richard Burton, And Elizabeth Taylor And Then There Are Yul S Women Virginia Gil, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Ingrid Bergman, YUL The Man Who Would Be King EBook De Rock BrynnerYUL The Man Who Would Be King EBook De Rock Brynner Anastasia Yul Brynner YouTube THE HANGED MAN Steve Forrest Dean Jagger Full Length Western Movie English HD P DurationWESTERN CLUB , Views Yul Brynner Wikipedia Yul Brynner Born Yuliy Borisovich Briner, Russian July ,October ,was A Soviet American Film And Stage ActorBrynner First Became Widely Known For His Portrayal Of King Mongkut Of Siam In The Rodgers And Hammerstein Musical The King And I , For Which He Won Two Tony Awards And An Academy Award For The Film Version This was unexpectedly moving It s received a lot of mixed reviews, both professionally and on Goodreads, so I had trepidations.
The book is written in a breezy, readable style for the most part and doesn t lapse into maudlin too often Some of the stories about what it s like to have Liza Minelli be your girlfriend and have Elizabeth Taylor as your neighbor and almost proof positive that your father had a one night stand with Marilyn Monroe are fun in a tabloid way.
What redeems this whole exercise is the sympathetic and clear eyed description of the last 10 years of Brynner putting on 8 performances a week, 50 weeks a year in The King and I, and the difficult, harrowing way that he finally died The rueful love and deep regret that colors the final three chapters made for memorable reading, and I think elev Good but disillusioning look at Yul Brynner s life I had always been drawn to him as an actor at least to the characters he played and felt his screen presence was so much greater than his physical size would warrant After reading this I m glad I never had the chance to meet him in person he would probably have squashed me like a bug By chance I did run into someone who had had an encounter with Mr B via telephone she had something to do with the PR side of the theatre business She reported that he had said vicious things to her promised to see that she was fired Guess the reputation as a megalomaniacal bastard was well earned.
I remember watching The Ten Commandments as a child and admiring Prince Ramses I thought the actor playing him was amazing and commanding He had the part down pat I saw Yul Brynner later in Westworld and thought he did well as an unfeeling machine Little did I know how well he personified those characters in real life Starting with The King and I, his life took on the role of elevating Brynner to king in the eyes of the world and himself Written by his only son, Rock Brynner, this book is the biography of the infamous Yul Brynner Actor, father, husband, lover, writer, producer, investor, and king It is a memoir by the person who was closest to Yul but could see who he really was The man who would be king.
If you enjoyed any of Yul Brynne I picked this book up at a library fair The author of this book is Yul Brynner s son, Yul Brynner, Jr.
, who was nicknamed Rocky after the late boxer, Rocky Graziano He may be both the best and worst person to write his father s biography The best because he has access to the most information and the worst because he is way too close to his subject and it is totally impossible for him to be objective I wonder as I am reading whether he is sometimes writing what he wished had happened instead of what actually happened What are supposed to be actual conversations that he had with his father just sound silly.
This is a heartbreaking book and if Rock is to believed,Yul was definately lacking in some fatherly qualities,though Rock does come across as a little pathetic at times.
As in a lot of father son relationships though,it s hard to fathom exactly who did what to whom.
I read this during my early twenties when I was a young wayward lad when my father exhibited a certain degree of dissapointment in me,it certainly helped me gain a little bit of perspective about how fathers view themselves,their own shortcomings and their expectations for their sons.
All in all I found it very moving and now as a father myself,I d perhaps like to re visit this book.
As a side note,Brynners screen presence is probably what makes this such a great read,the seed is already sown in the mind of the reader through this presence which is akin to how a son must view his father,powerful,t I ve just discovered that Rock Brynner is a pathetic liar, I lived part of what he describes in that book and are lies, supported by people who already died and nothing can argue in defense of Yul.
Rock must be in a psychiatric therapy, after his father did not let him anything in his will Is a poor social resentful.
As a fan, I skimmed it, going for the bits that interested me most His early years, as an acrobat and singer I wasn t as involved in the interaction between son and father I bet other people would find that really compelling.
Yul The Man Who Would Be King is of a cautionary tale than anything else no one walks away unscathed at the end of it.
Despite author Rock Brynner s claims that this was something he needed to do to clear their air over the misconceptions of his father late in life, the book goes a long way to destroying the mystique of the entire Brynner family, including Rock himself Yul is characterized as a womanizing playboy who could never keep it in his pants, disowned everyone around him, hated his fanbase unless they lavished him with praise, went broke near the end of his life and was forced to act in terrible films to pay the bills, and resented just about everyone who got close to him Meanwhile, despite Rock s efforts to portray himself as the wronged party in the father son spat, he was a rich playboy who by his own admission was an alcoholic and ne Rock Brynner takes on a difficult subject that of his father Yul Brynner could, at times, be a very unpleasant person it was the flipside of his incredible talent The biography is warts and all, and worth the time it takes to read.

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