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[Ashley Kahn] ✓ A Love Supreme: The Story of John Coltrane's Signature Album [world-of-darkness PDF] Ebook Epub Download ì Great insight into Coltrane s world during the period leading up to and through the recording of A Love Supreme Dig it.
WM1 Ondate di pensiero Vampate di calore Tutte le vibrazioni Ogni sentiero conduce a Dio Un pensiero pu produrre milioni di vibrazioni, e tutte tornano a Dio Non la predica di un televangelista, il brano di una lunga dedica preghiera, inusuale paratesto per un album jazz che scavalcava il jazz, andava oltre i pur vasti confini della musica afro americana, abbracciava l universo e ancora oggi continua a muoversi e andare lontano, sonda lanciata nello spazio che esce dal sistema solare, va a perdersi nel cosmo ma fino all ultimo invia dati e segnali alla Terra Parliamo di A Love Supreme, opera tra le pi influenti del XX secolo, album inciso da John Coltrane col suo quartetto classico McCoy Tyner al piano, Jimmy Garrison al contrab Few Albums In The Canon Of Popular Music Have Had The Influence, Resonance, And Endurance Of John Coltrane S Classic A Love Supreme A Record That Proved Jazz Was A Fitting Medium For Spiritual Exploration And For The Expression Of The Sublime Bringing The Same Fresh And Engaging Approach That Characterized His Critically Acclaimed Kind Of Blue The Making Of The Miles Davis Masterpiece, Ashley Kahn Tells The Story Of The Genesis, Creation, And Aftermath Of This Classic Recording Featuring Interviews With Than One Hundred Musicians, Producers, Friends, And Family Members Unpublished Interviews With Coltrane And Bassist Jimmy Garrison And Scores Of Never Before Seen Photographs, A Love Supreme Balances Biography, Cultural Context, And Musical Analysis In A Passionate And Revealing Portrait Well Meaning, Incomplete, OverexhaustiveWhat I was really looking for in this book was the story arc that I think A Love Supreme itself clearly narrates a troubled, talented person s spiritual journey to understand the world and disseminate the wisdom he acquires through suffering Instead, I found the overall product to be a little academic, dry, and prone to uninteresting tangents A particular footnote underscores this by including a paragraph on a contentious Yahoo Groups thread over tracing the history of jazz musicians writing their own liner notes I think everyone in that thread would love every bit of this book I found unnecessary.
I ve recently read books on Miles and Trane s work together culminating in Kind of Blue, as well as the life of Thelonious Monk I would rate it between these two with the first b Quintessential read for the Coltrane lovers.
I liked this book a lot Have avoided getting much into John Coltrane for most of my life just because, I don t know, why not save some things for a later I guess At least as far as the guy described in this book goes, it seems like he ruled I think a few investigations into musical devices and how Coltrane intended them to work with his vision would have been interesting, even if probably too speculative A lot is made early on in the book of a mythical couple of day long woodshedding meditations that Coltrane spent on this composition, but by the time we get into the recording of the album, it seems like it s sort of business as usual, creatively Which is fine, of course it s one of a thousand evenings those four have popped into a room and started playing together There just seems to be a missing link between compositio Vanmorgen op weg naar het werk door het zeikweer mag ik joy, joy weer het Brusselse openbaar vervoer gebruiken beginnen lezen in Ashley Kahns A Love Supreme The Creation Of John Coltrane s Classic Album E n hoofdstuk ver, en ik besef al dat dit boek thuishoort in m n kast het is eigendom van de onnavolgbare HOB Het is prachtig vormgegeven, geschreven met kennis van zaken zonder beperkt te blijven tot gezwam voor een publiek van kenners en theoretici, onderbouwd met interviewfragmenten o.
m met de drie nog levende mensen die aanwezig waren op de sessies McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones en geluidsman Rudy Van Gelder , opgefleurd met dozijnen foto s, waarvan ik de meerderheid nog niet had gezien, etc.
Het eerste hoofdstuk beslaat de carri re van Coltrane tot ca 1960, wanneer het klassieke kwartet Coltrane, Tyner, Garrison, Jones vorm begon te krijgen en de reus begon te e The idea of improvisation is not only central to jazz and the blues, arguably the first truly great American musical expressions, but is also central to the lives of those who originated this great art the African Americans Many jazz players can cross over to classical, but not nearly as many classical players have the life experience and or skill to play jazz Jazz Blues evolved out of that great art making substance called adversity, and no one did it better than John Coltrane This book is about what many consider his greatest achievement.
The talent involved in creating a record of this caliber is mind blowing Just think that the sound you hear on this album was done in one recording session, on one evening, in about 4 hours worth of total time, straight to master two track with no overdubs Compare that to the typical high budget pop, rock, indie, hip hop, or even

I m not a very religious man It s hard to be nowadays, when you turn on the news and see the awful things happening in the world that are supposedly done in the name of religion I mean That s not the only issue, but delving into that may not be appropriate for this forum That being said, as bad as things can get because of people s religious convictions, I can also appreciate the good that can come out of people because of their religious devotion Large scale good deeds aside, you need only walk through any museum and see all the different elaborately beautiful paintings of religious scenes, or enter any of the architecturally complex and stunning Gothic cathedrals in France, to see the awe inspiring beauty that can come from divine inspiration Or you can just listen to John Coltrane s A Love Supreme.
On the surface, it is just another Coltrane album I don t think, on that surfac Thorough analysis of an album, a quartet and an era Amazing cultural and social interconnections, overlaps, and chance encounters of the period Loved the Psalm poem, and loved that the fourth movement is based on it The book is due back to the library at the end of the semester Hope I can find a copy to keep on my shelf at home.

Ashley Kahn is an American music historian, journalist, and producer.