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mygoodness This sounds AMAZING I hope this will be a series Super excited for this I m thinking Mason enjoys his woman in a swimsuit, he picked me up and set me down on the edge of the pool I shivered from the cold You look dangerous in that thing He put a finger underneath one of the string ties of my swimsuit I really enjoyed this book, I loved Mason Kayla was a spitfire, the girl was brave and strong This book did end on a cliffhanger, but I didn t mind as the two characters I wanted togethet were together.
In A World Where Women Are Commodities, The Only Thing Rare Than Finding True Love Is A Happy EndingKayla Is In Hiding Her Only Crime Being Born A Girl In A Society OfPercent Men When Her Sister And Niece Are Kidnapped, She Is Willing To Do Anything To Save Them Kayla Ventures Into The Dangerous Streets Of The City, A Place Where A Woman Can Be Claimed By Anyone Unless She Has Been Marked By A ClubDesperate, She Turns To Mason, A Powerful Club Leader Whose Help Comes At A Cost Her Freedom 5, I want the next book now, Stars I want freedom I want the right to live the way I want to live I m tired of hiding Wow Wow Wow Alyssa Rose Ivy has totally knocked it out of the park with this one Now, it s no secret that I am a huge fan of Alyssa Rose Ivy s paranormal romances, so when I found out that she was writing a dystopian novel, I just knew I had to read it And boy, does she not disappoint Corded is the first book in an exciting new series from Alyssa Rose Ivy Corded is unlike anything that we ve ever seen from this author before Told from dual points of view, Corded follows the story of Kayla and Mason Kayla has lived her entire life in hiding She lives in a society where being a woman is a not only rare, but also a cri I have great hopes for this series, but that ending tho 2.
5 stars.
I m so disappointed with this book, I enjoyed the beginning very much, it held so much promise Sadly there was really no middle and a poorly rushed ending Plus who falls in love in like 2 days Damn, It could ve been an amazing book.
So there aren t very many women left, most of them are dead and gone, humanity is barely hanging on, post apocolypse and dystopia check and check Good things I like Kayla She a survivor but not whiny, she is intelligent but not smug That s a bit rarer in books like these Kayla s reactions were mostly on par with the internal logic of the book and the author gets major points from me that while romance developed quickly Kayla and Mason don t play games for an entire 200 pages to refuse to acknowledge their feelings Sometimes it can be in issue due to instalove but this didn t feel too instalove Sometimes it s an issue because authors choose to drag it out for five books but it happens and I feel it is well paced Bad Thing One major bad thing is the freaking cliff hanger I REALLY HATE CLIFF HANGERS The way this book is paced is such that by the time you get to the ending while

Full Review at What s Beyond Forks There have been some books with a similar premise that I ve read over the years, but I always love it when the story has that Alyssa Rose Ivy touch Kayla is a fantastic character She is family first at all costs, even all costs to herself The romance didn t go in the direction I was expecting at all, and I absolutely loved that It was a fairly quick romance, considering the situation, but I think I m really going to like these two as the story progresses and I get to know them better I m starting to feel their chemistry, and I m already worried about them, and wondering what their futures will bring in this brutal world This is a different kind of story than what I ve read by Alyssa in the past It s darker andtragic, and it s the first of her worlds that I don t want to live in, but I m loving it for all those reasons Almost great, but the embers burnt out quicklyThis Book had the potential to be great It quickly went downhill about halfway through the book There was a great start and a great promise for a new apocalyptic world, and the characters seemed to be really really well formed However, after the first half of the book everything was just a jumbled hot mess The characters quickly became one dimensional and the story moved such a fast pace that it seemed forced and flat All in all the books seem to end and all of two chapters and our characters were suddenly in love and it was just a big disappointment.
I received Corded in return for an honest review from the author Kayla lives in a world where women are few and far between and they are used as breeders or in clubs Kayla s sister has already left home moving with her husband and having a little girl proving that she would be a breeder While Kayla stays at home she s protected by her baby brother and rather hidden from the traders who hope to find girls to sell When the life she knows is threatened she finds herself taken from the only home she s know and her sister headed for Center a breeding facility Determined to get her sister back she escapes from her captors, and flee s to the city in hopes of finding Ethan a boy she grew up with Kayla s only chance to get her sister back is b

Alyssa Rose Ivy is the bestselling author of than forty novels with over one million books sold worldwide She loves to weave stories with romance and humor, and she is best known for writing about college boys with wings After surviving law school and earning her masters in library science, she turned back to her creative side and decided to write Although raised in the New York area, she