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[Doug Wagner] ☆ Witchblade/Red Sonja [european-literature PDF] Read Online ß I am a huge fan of Dynamite s Red Sonja series, but I have only watched the Anime series of Witchblade And after reading this, I don t think I will be in any rush to pick up any Witchblade stories The artwork was pretty good, but I found the story pretty lacking I know it is pretty hard to do cross overs and guest appearances, but I just couldn t get into this the way I wanted to.
Witchblade and Red Sonja together I was Curious how Doug Wagner was going to pull it off I have not read the Withchblade comics before this but was an avid reader of the Red Sonja comics during my teen years.
The current bearer of the Witchblade, Sara Pezzini , is called to a crime scene at a church Things go bad really quickly One of the Fallen has been released from his prison To stop him fromdestrying the world, Sara must find a way to defeat him with the help of Red Sonja.
The story line shifts from Sara in the present to past with Red Sonja and the bearer of the Witchblade, Nissa This is done many times throughout the tale to eventually lead us to how Sara and Red interface with each other It was masterful how Mr Wagner threaded this tale through time Czar Razek beautifully brought Red Sonja s environs to life with his artwork.
Overall this was an enjoyab Nice art, no story.
Witchblade is responsible for getting me back into reading comic books as an adult As a child I read Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batman and Superman, but I stopped reading comics at the age of twelve I became a Witchblade fan as a result of the TV series that aired on TNT 2001 2002 starring Yancy Butler as Sara Pezzini, a New York City cop who was chosen by the Witchblade The Witchblade is an ancient intelligent artifact that has chosen female wielders for thousands of years Probably the most famous historical Witchblade wielder is one of my favorite historical personages, Joan of Arc, who was the subject of historical flashbacks in the TV series The Witchblade unites with the wielder, and is said to balance the powers of light and darkness The comic book and the TV series mainly deal with the contemporary wielder Sara Pezzini The original publisher and owner of the fra NetGalley free readI loved it Red Sonja bears the Witchblad for a while in order to avenge the death of her father and the virgin sacrifice, which brings Ragniel to this plane In present day, Sara, the current wearer of The Witch Blade, must try to figure out how Ragniel was defeated before in order to save her daughter and avenge threat on the life of her partner.
With the Witch Blade using Sonja s Sacred Blade of Vengance, Sara is able to defeat Ragniel.
The drawing is stunning, it easy to read and flows smoothly.

I am a fan of the Witchblade story and series So far I have read IDWs Witchblade and Artifacts I prefer Witchblade though This pairing of Witchblade and Red Sonja seemed a natural one At first it was a little too back and forth, but I came to understand what was happening quickly I loved the drawing, lines, colors Brilliantly done.
Sorry this wasn t a full review, I just didnt have much to say I liked it a lot, would have given it 4 stars if it wasn t for the confusion in the beginning that I had, Thank you.
So much potential was lost in never ending cleavage This series may have been able to redeem itself by introducing a similarly strong capable female superwoman, however, the author chose to depict our new heroine as a damsel in distress while opting to show as much skin as little self reliance as possible Each page droned on full of beautiful colors but lacking depth With fewer words per page, this was a quick yet disappointing read.
The excellent art really saved this book beautiful figures, interesting weapons, detailed constructs, and gorgeous coloring The story has feels rushed and the vengeance angle a bit forced The character development was good if a bit shortened because of all the fight scenes Overall a quick moving romp through both worlds.
This is a case of beauty over substance The art work in this trade paperback is outstanding Great drawings, inking, and coloring is the reason to pick up this book The action sequences are well designed The story, on the other hand, is very shallow This trade covers five comic books and the way is was written it could have been done in one single issue However, this is not always a bad thing, because sometimes a cross over comic tries too hard to explain how characters from different worlds can somehow meet.
Join Dynamite Entertainment And Top Cow Productions As They Bring Two Of Comics Most Celebrated Heroines Together In One Terrifying Tale Of Loss And Redemption Red Sonja, The She Devil With A Sword, And Sara Pezzini, The Modern Day Bearer Of The Witchblade, Must Find A Way To Defeat A Wickedly Depraved Being As Old And Dark As The Cosmos In Order To Prevent The World From Eternally Becoming A True Hell On Earth Witchblade Red Sonja Is Written By Doug Wagner The Ride, ICE With Stunning Interior Art By Cezar Razek Total Recall, Hack Slash Eva Monster S Ball

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