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Trailer ✓ Sailing out of Darkness PDF by Ë Normandie Fischer After a miserable divorce, Samantha finds herself swept up by a man named Jack Except he is a liar and a cheater Two disastrous relationships, and Sam decides to travel to Italy to recover and rediscover herself The guilt of her choices overwhelms her What is she to do what another man walks into her life during her trip Sailing out of Darkness, by Normandie Fischer, is a story of redemption as much as romance Sam has undergone many struggles with her guilt In order to get over her divorce, she finds herself susceptible to another man s charms, which results in her making a dreadful mistake But the mistake doesn t mean she is unforgivable This is what Sam must learn The author does a good job portraying that lesson in steps throughout the story How difficult it is trust someone new or or trust oneself after making such a mistake.
There are several other notes I would This was a wonderful romantic book I loved Samantha and Teo They both grow in their lives They learn to forgive themselves in many ways I needed to find out about each character as the story developed This was well written I enjoyed finding a new author to read This makes Italy sound very inviting I received a copy of this book from Celebratelit for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
An Unexplained Apparition, Wanderings Through Italy, And Mayhem Back Home Push Four Lives Toward Their Day Of Reckoning The Last Thing On Samantha S Mind Is Another Entanglement Fleeing A Disastrous Affair With Her Childhood Best Friend, She Hopes For Peace And Forgetfulness In A Trip To Italy Teo Anderson Copes With His Own Issues, Both Physical And Emotional, By Writing Mysteries Until One Strange And Compelling Vision Comes To Life In The Person Of Sam Teo Is Nothing Like Sam S Philandering Ex Husband Or Her Sailing Buddy, Jack, Who, Despite His Long Time Girlfriend, Caught Sam Off Guard With His Flashing Black Eyes But Not Even Sailing The Cobalt Waters Of The Mediterranean Can Assuage Sam S Guilt For Hurting Another Woman Soon The Consequences Of Her Behavior Escalate, And The Fallout Threatens Them All Sailing out of Darkness Is The Haunting Story Of Mistakes And Loss And The Grace That Abounds Through Forgiveness Sailing out of Darkness is story about strength, moving on, and about trying to find yourself in the craziness of the world, and about redemption Samantha has almost given up After her husband walked out on her with saying that he never loved her, she decides to take a step in faith and take trip to Italy where she hopes to start over and set aside the world for one minute On her way to Italy she meets Theodore another person that suffered emotionally and was trying to find peace and restore his faith This novel is what we call the real world There are no components of typical fiction romance or the emotional games where two people completely screw around until they find that they cannot live without one another No This is a book with mature conversations, romance that is raw, emotional, and truly real Great read for those who enjoy Wo Anorexia of the soul That s where Samantha Sam sees herself headed at the opening of this novel First, her husband of twenty three years divorced her for a younger, voluptuous woman Then, she reconnected with her childhood friend Jack over their mutual love of sailing, and her need to feel loved at such a vulnerable time in her life led her down a path paved with guilt and regret When Sam finds her beloved boat vandalised, presumably by Jack s ex girlfriend, it finally gives her the resolve to do what she should have done in the first place She tells Jack, no And to make sure she doesn t fall into temptation again, she leaves the country.
It took me a few chapters to settle into this story, but once I was therewow, it was compelling Normandie Fischer manages to capture both the idyllic atmosphere of Italy and the pleasure of Sa Lovely weatherMessy lives.
Sailing out of Darkness by Normandie Fischer is a compelling book in her Carolina Coast series It definitely is a stand alone book though I didn t realize it was part of a series until after I read it Samantha is a woman whose heart has fissures big enough to leak the life right out of her Reeling from an unexpected divorce and subsequent affair, she is emotionally shot with guilt and regret that were stealing her peace We follow her journey of freedom from her needy, anorexic soul to recovery and recognition that forgiving oneself is as important as forgiving others Fischer does an amazing job of allowing readers to know Sam and Teo, a man who has promised to remain aloof The richness of I loved this book The main characters, Samantha and Teo, were so real to me They each had their share of flaws, insecurities, and painful pasts to overcome, but they were 2 lovely people who you cheered for all along their journey The book was primarily set in Italy, and I felt like I was right there with them The author has an amazing gift for writing characters and settings The book was part love story, part mystery, and even a little magic.

Sailing out of Darkness takes on the difficult topic of divorce and its destructive aftermath Samantha has been married for at least 20 years to her husband, had a set of twins with him, and then he decides to leave her for a much younger woman Not only just leave her but tell her he never loved her What a devastating blow that had on Samantha even if she didn t see all the rippling affects that would cause her.
I liked Samantha and I really felt for her as she tried to pull herself up out of the pit and move on with her life She was a very successful business woman and was doing well for herself until Jack, a childhood friend steps back into her life And with Jack she makes some really bad decisions I think after some time passed after her divorce, Sam wanted to feel loved and needed and Jack was than willing to fill in any and all of Normandie Fischer s novels are southern fiction wrapped in bucket list trip locales It s one of my favorite things about reading her books The warm southern turn of a phrase juxtaposed against a romantic backdrop like Italy or a thrilling one if you re reading her Isaac s House series.
At the surface level, the story is about Sam and her decision and failure to avoid men for the rest of her life due to recent bad decisions Italy seems to her like a good idea to gain new perspective so off she goes Enter Teo, stage right I loved both of these characters, but especially Teo His tender heart, his honest journey to God, his sense of humor, and the way he cares for Sam.
And yet there s a much deeper theme to be found here as well On Our favorite literary characters are written indelibly into our hearts as we experience them living out the very pains and hopes which have been written deeply onto our souls Normandie has a gift of writing wounded characters to life, characters who publicly reflect the wounds we keep private As I read of Sam and Teo s relational struggles I began to recognize the same struggles in my life With the turning of each page I saw and how my present relationships are dictated and even defeated by my past rejections Actually, as I connected with Sam I realized that I most likely became a water person due to past relational rejection My boat is my safe refuge from destructive people and pain, but Sam s story encouraged me to put my past fears and failures behind me and to step out in faith This book has restored a hope to my heart, a hope for new and exciting relatio

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