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Download Epub Format Ü Too Stupid to Live PDF by ↠´ Anne Tenino Reread on 20th June 2013 Enjoyed it just as much and I was able to pick up on some things I missed out on the first time I m sure the scifi romance novel Sam talks about is Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair One of my all time faves Great to see it mentioned here.
original review Fun story from the Whitetail Rock verse Self confessed TSTL Sam finds the man of his dreams in the conflicted ex firefighter, Ian, who is only just blundering his way out of the closet Sam totally steals the show in this romantic comedy He is not the most beautiful of heroines but has a big heart and the way the Ian slowly falls under his spell is delicious Love the quirky title Often the mention of romance novels in a romance novel feels uncomfortable for me But the author weaves Sam s interest in Twu Wuv into the story in a funny way I ve been on a roll with books that are FUN and make me SMILE and SWOON.
New to me author and a book I knew nothing about, a terrible title, and a meh cover Here goes LOVED IT.
Sam Ian are FANTASTIC together Sam young, gangly, sweet, unsure of himself, plain joe, reads romance novels how much do we love him , suffers from verbal regurgitation, obsessed with the nether regions how much do we love him Ian newly out, gorgeous, buff, man slut, looking for love if he can figure out what it is, emotionally broken, finds an odd obsession with SamThere is nothing original about the story line Very little new about how this plays out But, I just loved Sam and Ian The characters ware fantastic and there are very few parts of this entire book that they re not together how awesome is that reading a story about a couple and they re almost on every page together Loved it.
Sam is It Isn T True Love Until Someone Gets HurtSam S A New Man Yes, He S Still Too Tall, Too Skinny, Too Dorky, Too Gay, And Has That Unfortunate Addiction To Romance Novels, But He S Wised Up His One True Love Is Certainly Still Out There, But He Knows Now That Real Life Is Nothing Like Fiction He S Cultivated The Necessary Fortitude To Say No To The Next Mr Wrong, No Matter How Hot, Exciting, And Or Erotic Novel Worthy He May BeUntil He Meets IanIan S A New Man He S Pain Free, Has Escaped The Job He Hated And The Family Who Stifled Him, And Is Now Possibly Ready To Dip His Toe Into The Sea Of Relationships He S Going To Be Cautious, Though, Maybe Start With Someone Who Knows The Score And Isn T Looking For Anything Too Complicated Someone With Experience And Simple Needs That Largely Revolve Around The BedroomUntil He Meets SamSam S Convinced That Ian Is No One S Mr Right Ian S Sure That Sam Isn T His Type They Can T Both Be Wrong Can They This one s way fun.
Nice long stretches of a chuckle a page writing a goodhearted romance a gay ashton kutcher with a harlequin addiction.
To my mind, Tenino knocked it outta da paaaaaak.
Good stuff It was just okay for me, I did feel as if it was trying too hard and much too clever for its own good The best part for me was Sam and the kinky kilt fantasy, a dreamy scene, very hot and sexy I am sure I will be the odd one out again.
5 starsThis book was SWEET, and it was FUNNY, such a lovely combination I was laughing aloud even as I was swooning Slightly geeky, gangly, romance novel obsessed Sam meets his handsome laird on a rugby field Too bad Sam s future husband wants nothing to do with him Sam just isn t Ian s type Ian, a firefighter until an accident left him injured, is a manly man and wants to date guys who are like him He doesn t go for twink cute, not that Sam s a twink, not really he s too awkward, tall, and pale Fate has other plans though Ian s cousin and Sam s BFF are a couple, and Sam and Ian are thrown together at a house party, Ian with strict instructions to not fuck Sam So of course Ian does there s something about Sam s tight, little ass he can t resist And the restis a relationship, one that develops organically, witho Re read January 2019Awwwwww, I just love this book This was wonderful Sweet, cute, with a tinge of angst and some hurt comfort to top it off.
Sam is a sweet, awkward, funny guy He doesn t think much of himself due to previous experiences, but if he could choose someone to be interested in him, it would be a Highlander from one of his romance novels.
Like this one.
Or this one.
Or this one.
Or perhaps this one.
It could also be this one.
Okay, enough with the kilts.
When he literally bumps into Ian, Sam knows he has found his highlander But when Sam akwardly asks him for coffee, Ian shoots him down and tells Sam he is not his type Awful awful Ian.
But Sam and Ian seem to keep bumping in to each other since Ian s cousin is in a relationship with Sam s best friend.
I was kind of hesitant towards Ian for the first half of this book Sam was so adorab

5 Romancelandia Stars It isn t true love until someone gets hurt This story was so cute and entertaining I loved the characters in this book It was just plainly awesome.
We have Sam who is pretty darn adorkable He s tall and skinny, loves to read romance novels, and dreams about finding his very own Highland Laird I loved this guy so much He was super sweet, and even though he had his issues about his appearance, I didn t find that he annoyed me I found him endearing and quite funny I loved that he had a secret love of romance novels I wanted to kiss you Why I want to see you You re looking at me No, I mean I want to see you Sam s mouth fell open Then snapped shut Then fell open agin See me Yeah Then there was Ian, who I will admit, I did not like too much in the beginning I desperately needed some sweet fluff in my life and this story really hit the spot leaving me doing a happy sighSam Sam describes himself as an unattractive, tall, gangly, too skinny, romance novel loving nerd who is waiting for his prince future husband to sweep him off his feet He has a lot of insecurities about his body He has an awful ex who body shamed him which has only made his insecurities much worse Ian Well Ian is that macho type who is a bit emotionally stunted but is working on it with his therapist He wants to connect emotionally with someone instead of being the hit it and quit it guy he has been He s left his old life back in California with his unsupportive father and is done denying his sexuality and is ready for a new life and a new start Ian and Sam s first meeting doesn t go so well Sam literally gets swept off his feet an 4.
5 stars I just adored this fluffy, delicious romance So sweet, just what I needed.
It was a blast revisiting the men from Whitetail Rock and FINALLY seeing Sam s happy ending I have been rooting for him ever since I read about his character in Nik s books I love that Anne Tenino put a geeky, awkward twink in her book So many m m books that I read just have two hotties in the traditional sense getting it on There is a whole spectrum of types and I m glad she explored something new.
And the sex in this one WOW Why don t I solely read erotica again This book had some pretty scorching sex scenes And I m totally with you Sam on the Scottish Highlander fantasy A man in a kilt is just drool.
This book isn t heavy, angsty reading It is sweet without apologies and just