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Ä Read ó Do the Math: Secrets, Lies, and Algebra by Wendy Lichtman Ä I really like this book because it shows how a girl uses math problems to solve solutions in real life I don t hate anything about this book I really recommend this book a lot so I hope you guys could read this book because it actually could help you with your situations yes that s all so read this book3.
Secrets, Lies, and Algebra is about a girl in the 8th grade that is going through many different situations and conflicts in her life She learns different ways to solve these problems, especially through math The question that came up a lot and that I can easily answer is, what helps you empathize with your character s I am able to empathize with Tess because, being a female middle school student, I deal with many similar conflicts I can connect with her feelings about these situations I have conflicts related to school grades, family, and reputation, as does Tess Tess and I both love math and are very good at it But unlike Tess, who solves a lot of her life problems with math, I am not logical enough to do that Reading In The Eighth Grade, Math Whiz Stolen Test X , Cheaters Y , And Best Friends Z Who Can T Keep A Secret Oh, And She Can T Forget The Winter Dance D Then There S The Suspicious Guy Tess S Parents Know, But That S A Whole Different ProblemCan Tess Find The Solutions By Wendy Lichtman183 pagesRealistic FictionThis book is a bout a girl named Tess in the eighth grade She is an only child who lives with her mom and dad At school, all she worries about is math She gets stressed out about it than anything else Mr Richard, another teacher always comes in her classroom to copy some papers when Tess s teacher is in the room He never really tells Tess why he doesn t use his copy machine and why he wont tell her what he is printing Secrets Lies Thats all Tess can think about On top of that, Tess had come home from school one day and her mom was talking on the phone to her dad in a very worried manner, but the odd thing was, was that Tess s mom is never home before her Tess heard her mom say But why in the car, why would she be dead in the car read this book to find out who she is talking about and what Mr Richar This book was a quick, fun read and an interesting twist on middle school realistic fiction The protagonist is an eighth grade math geek who applies math principles to friendships, school issues, ethical problems, family relationships Generally, it rang true quirky, but not over the top cute I can t decide what I think about the suicide murder plot It does seem pretty dark for a book about middle schoolers, but then that s the age when kids tend to encounter real grown up issues and have to figure out what to think about them.
NO Tess, the main character of this book is seriously an unlikable character She associates many things with math and takes it serious enough to the point of where she tends to correct her parents, her teacher, and anyone who makes a mathematical mistake.
Secrets, Lies, and Algebra Tess.
Possible murder.
Don t be fooled by the decent length, math elements, or book cover This book may seem like it s suitable for a younger person, but it isn t Death Suicide Murder is something that kids Ages 4 8 Possibly older would NOT want to spend their time thinking about Secrets, Lies, and Algebra mainly revolves around Tess No last name and the death of another character named Nina.
The book is not enjoyable and is ratherboring.
Overall,I wouldn t read this again Ever.
I thought that this book was very dull and superficial Tess is obsessed with Richard, and then she talks about how she only looks good and is an 8 if her hair is okay and her outfit looks nice I find that senseless, and we shouldn t have to read this kind of literature I found all of the characters to be uninteresting just like the book Overall, I did not like Secrets, Lies, and Algebra by Wendy Litchman at all.

It was a good but there were to many math parts I like math but sometimes I don t know what some of those are Other then that it was a good book The book is about an eighth grader called Tess and she is stuck telling her teacher that the most popular guy in school In the end she does and now the boy is calling her names and being mean to her.
Okay, first things first Tess is annoying.
Second things second, this is not for kids, even though it feels like it is I mean, come on, there s a suicide involved Well, unless the child can handle it, they can read it They ll enjoy it than middle schoolers, I think Secrets, Lies, and Algebra is about this girl named Tess who pretty much thinks about math all the time Then, she hears that her mom s friend Rob s wife died in a car from carbon monoxide poisoning, and the police say it was suicide Because Rob was saying weird and creepy which actually wasn t that creepy at all things to her mom, Tess freaks and says that her mom needs to tell the police that Rob could have murdered his wife.
So, that s the SECRET Her mom thinks that Rob killed his wife.
Then we get sucked into Tess s school life, and we meet her friend Miranda and Sammy, and she decides to tell the se Secrets, Lies, and Algebra by Wendy Lichtman is a book about this middle school girl named Tess and she loves math She loves how in a math equation there is always only one right answer and it never changes She wishes her world could be like that Her world seems to change and she can t figure out why She feels as if the world will never stop turning long enough for her to figure things out for herself.
This book is worth the time to read because it is so relatable Sometimes you feel as if your world is spinning out of control and you don t know what to do about it Sometimes you find comfort in the littlest things in life, for Tess its math You can really connect with this book in so many ways She is a middle school girl and is trying to cope with the troubles of this time in her life, just as many people deal with their biggest problems at the same age as she There is a great voice

Wendy Lichtman writes personal essays for the Washington Post, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Good Housekeeping, among other national publications She holds a degree in mathematics and has tutored public school students in algebra for the past several years When she decided to write about a teen realizing that some questions have than one right answer, algebra, with its unknow