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[Cate Beauman] ê Falling For Sarah (The Bodyguards Of L.A. County, #2) [mountaineering PDF] Read Online ✓ Widow falls for a long time friend of her dead husbands Liked this than I expected since the dead spouse trope isn t a favorite Good suspense Full review on the blog Emotional tsunami that will keep you afloat for days to come The suspense was on point with the intricacy of it all Again with one of Cate Beauman s book in this same series I find the beginning chapters to be setting an emotional exchange that will carry to the end of the read I was set up for the course of the read and found very few disappointments or misdirection s that I could not understand or accept If doing bodily harm to one of the character s in the book work for you, then get you slapping hand punching fist ready There will be moments that you will want to inflict that harm on Ethan But we must understand that he was just a man and some men in general are prone to needing harm done unto them on occasion Ethan and Sarah have bee

First read 04 01 2013I like Falling for Sarah just as much the second time around then I did the first So good I loved this book than the first book Sarah Johnson lost her husband in Afghanistan, Hunter was with him book 1 and she has been bringing up their daughter Kylee since she was born Ethan has been with them all the way But lately things have started to change between the two of them Sarah is apprehensive to begin with as she feels as if she is letting Jake down but in the end she realizes that she will always love him and Jake would want her to just be happy.
I know that some other reviewers had some issues with Ethan Yes, he was cruel and he should have explained what the problem was or maybe Sarah should have known what his parents were up to seeing as their lives were strongly entwined Turns out Sa The first chapter is both heartwarming and painful, and immediately sucks you into Sarah and her little gem, Kylee s lives We meet Ethan, a true friend who has been Sarah s stronghold before and after tragedy strikes One night, and one hellluva kiss, takes Sarah and Ethan s friendship to a whole new level, but guilty feelings and fear of ruining their longstanding friendship have Sarah and Ethan in a tug of war with their emotions Sudden bitterness befalls Sarah and she finds herself jumping down Ethan s throat after a run in with Ethan s flavor of the month girlfriend, something Sarah has never done before.
As the heat turns up between Sarah and Ethan, both try to deny their true feelings, and let guilt interfere But fire always burns hotter, and when you add one creepy arsed, crazy as madman, who wants to do sick and terrible things to Sarah, and steal her life away, you An emotional journey from friendship to true love Sarah s husband Jake was killed in Afghanistan while his best friend Ethan took his place in the delivery room The day Sarah brought baby Kylee home, she learned about Jake s death Fortunately Ethan was on hand to comfort her.
A rapist with a fetish for blonde women stalks Sarah Ethan must fight his growing feelings for Sarah while protecting her from an unknown enemy.
What I liked about this book was the push and pull of their relationship as it changed from platonic friendship to romantic love They teetered between unable to resist to unwilling to risk losing their comfortable friendship.
Ethan s scene holding Kylee while viewing the ultrasounds was the most tender and touching moment I just knew he would never play favoritism for his own baby above Kylee To me, a man with a big I would ve given this a higher score because it had a viciously evil villain but I despised the hero so much that I could barely finish the book The hero was childish and spiteful and I found it difficult to believe that such a strong independent woman would fall for a guy that will treat her that way Still, I did like the overall storyline and I thought the writing was pretty good So, I ll stick with the 3 stars.
This is my first time reading Cate Beauman s work and I must say I am impressed I have found a new author of one of my favourite genres I will definitely be continuing this series.
Falling for Sarah is book 2 of the Bodyguards of LA county and it can be read as a stand alone It does not matter where in the series you choose to start I should warn you this is not your typical romantic suspense story Once you begin reading be prepared to be taken on an emotional journey that is akin to a roller coaster ride There are moments when all seem well, but then the unthinkable happens and things become topsy turvy.
I was pulled into the story from the first chapter The moments described here was bittersweet There were instances of joy, but this is tinged with pain and loss A life was lost, but one was born This chapter sets the pace for th Cate Beauman is a master storyteller, so I was very happy to have the chance to read Falling for Sarah The rollercoaster romance with the lingering danger has captivated me.
Sarah has a new baby and her hubby will be home from deployment soon Ethan, who owns Cooke Security, has been there to fill the gap until he returns As he changes Kylee s diaper, while Sarah showers, he talks to himself This stuff s like cement I d rather be in an alley with three Uzis pointed at my head Paints a pretty sexy picture in my head,the macho man afraid of breaking the baby.
Then their world came crashing down My heart broke for Sarah.
I saw the conflict coming Sexual attraction and frustration How long can they stay apart Sarah and Ethan struggle to work through the Widow Sarah Johnson Struggled To Pick Up The Pieces After Her Life Was Ripped Apart After Two Years Of Grieving, She S Found Contentment In Her Thriving Business As Photographer To Hollywood S A List And In Raising Her Angel Faced Daughter, Kylee Until Bodyguard And Long Time Friend Ethan Cooke Changes Everything With A Searing Moonlight Kiss Sarah S World Turns Upside Down As She Struggles With Her Unexpected Attraction To Ethan And The Guilt Of Betraying Her Husband S Memory But When Blue Roses And Disturbing Notes Start Appearing On Her Doorstep, She Has No Choice But To Lean On Ethan As He Fights To Save Her From A Stalker That Won T Stop Until He Has What He Prizes Most There are so many words that come to mind after reading thisWOW, AMAZING, WHOLLY BOOGERS Cate Beauman has totally found a follower in me Her writing and characters are supreme.
This story although starting kinda sad with Jake s death, goes zero to sixty from there A creepy, insane , psycho thrown in with HOT manly men always make for an awesome ride.
Ethan is definitely my favorite character Aside from being this hottie with muscles and moneylol , he s bound by love and honor That says a lot about a man He picks up the pieces and then some, grant you he can be a totally dummy at times.
he is a guy.
As for dear sweet Sarah, once she worked through all her issues she turn out to be one pretty cool chick Although, at times I wanted to smack her upside the head for various reasonsif only she would stop over thinking thingsLOL Ms Beauman did an excellent job with Ethan and Sarah as a couple non

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