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[JoAnn Ross] ☆ No Safe Place [lesbian-romance PDF] Read Online ☆ La Detective Kate Delaney Stata Allontanata Dalla Polizia Per Aver Denunciato Casi Di Corruzione Dei Suoi Colleghi Nel Frattempo Si Reca A New Orleans Per Indagare Sulla Morte Della Sorella, Che Gli Investigatori Hanno Frettolosamente Archiviato Come Suicidio Ma Difficile Muoversi In Una Citt Che Non Si Conosce E Dove Nessun Luogo Sicuro Per Questo Decide Di Contattare Comunque L Ex Agente Nick Broussard, Espulso Dalla Polizia Con L Accusa Di Corruzione, Ma In Realt Anche Lui Impegnato Nel Tentativo Di Smascherare Gli Agenti Che Sono I Veri Colpevoli Di Questo Reato Nick Sa Che I Poliziotti Vivono Seguendo Un Preciso Codice Nessuno Deve Indagare Su Un Collega, E La Presenza Di Una Forestiera Dalla Lingua Lunga, Pronta A Tutto Pur Di Scoprire Una Fantomatica Verit , Rende Tutto Molto Pi Complicato L Affannosa Ricerca Di Nick E Kate Li Porter Ad Affondare Nel Cuore Della Malavita Di New Orleans, E Solo Superando Una Densa Cortina Di Inganni Si Troveranno Davanti A Un Terribile Segreto Che Nessuno Desidera Vedere Svelato Kate Delaney, on administrative leave from the Chicago Police Dept she testified in a federal case against some fellow crooked officers , flies to New Orleans after being told her sister committed suicide Upon arriving in New Orleans, she hires a private investigator, Nick Broussard, to help her find her sister s killer she doesn t believer her twin sister who she hasn t been in contact with for years could possibly have committed suicide Nick is being pursued by gangsters, Kate is being targeted by Chicago cops, Kate s sister was involved in black magic Nick is a former Navy Seal and one of the sexiest men ever alive yet unattached Kate is also beautiful and sexy yet unattached Towards the middle of the book, they have a close romantic encounter which I felt was so very painful to listen to I fast forwarded through this and the later romantic scenes, but even so, I learned that Although it is quite cheesy I enjoyed it.

I had to stop this after disc 3 This really disappoints me, but I guess it s proof positive that our tastes change with age I just hope this means mine is getting better, lol.
The first time I read this book was about 5 years ago, and I gave it 3 stars Now I don t know what I ever saw in it to give it that Maybe it s the audiobook First time I read it, now I m listening to it I thought the narrator was okay, nothing to write home about, but she wasn t as grating as the last narrator I listened to I can t believe I never noticed this author s penchant for using cliches and being so predictable silly in her phrasing And she must like passion fruit because she mentions it in this book the hero pictures the heroine eating passion fruit on the beach with the juices flowing, in than one way and the last it was the heroine s scent I think.
Besides the cliches and sill way too far into book to get interesting to much sex Chicago homicide detective Kate Delaney fiercely defends victims Which is why despite death threats she s testifying to a federal grand jury about local police corruption It s also why she s infuriated by the New Orleans police department s blas attitude toward her estranged sister s death But pursuing an investigation in a strange city means allying with someone who knows the territory And the players Someone with a total disregard for the rules.
As an ex cop from a police family, New Orleans PI Nick Broussard knows that cops live by their own code You don t rat out a fellow officer The last thing he needs is some smart mouthed, by the book outsider unknowingly injecting herself into his undercover search for the

New York Times bestselling author JoAnn Ross has written over a hundred novels for a bunch of publishers Two of her titles have been excerpted in Cosmo and her books have also been published by the Doubleday, Rhapsody, Literary Guild, and Mystery Guild book clubs A member of the Romance Writers of America s Honor Roll of best selling authors, she s won several awards, including Romantic Times s