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↠´ Read ☆ My Freedom Trip by Frances Park ↠´ Having lived in Korea for 5 years, I really enjoyed this story from a child s perspective and the Korean words and characters to enhance the reader s experience into the setting and background As a teacher, I used it as a mentor text for historical fiction The students loved learning new words and characters in Korean throughout the book, as well as increasing their schema about this historical event, of which, they new little.
Gut wrenching true story of one child s escape from North Korea to South Korea.
First person narrative of a harrowing escape Unfortunately, the author gives minimal context about why the main character needs to escape However, the narrative is gripping and stirs empathy for a story relevant to so many refugees and immigrants.
A short tender book about the author s mother and her escape from North Korea to South Korea shortly before the Korean War broke out It is beautifully written for children to understand.
My Freedom Trip A child s escape from North Korea is a book of historical fiction written by Frances Park and Ginger Park This is a story of a child escaping the war in North Korea She must travel with a man she does not know so that she does not draw attention by traveling with her mother He mother went first and her father was supposed to follow after her The girl must leave her family to travel and hide from soldiers They get caught by soldiers but the girl is set free She never finds her mother or father I rated this book a 5 because the story line is captivating It is a very realistic fictional story that captures the emotions and makes the reader feel connected to the characters The words are confined to one side of the page and the rest of the two pages consist of one large illustration This is an exceptional use of imagery The pictur Summary This is the true story of the authors mother escaping from North Korea when she was a little girl, right before the Korean War started Soo notices that all of her friends are disappearing from school because they are all leaving North Korea Soo s father is guided across the river to South Korea, and then the guide comes back for Soo At the river, Soo and her guide are stopped, but the soldier lets Soo cross over the river to her father Soo s mother is never able to escape, and Soo never sees her again.
Review This is a very powerful story The illustrations are stunning, and the family aspect of the story is universal On each page, there are Korean symbols that are all translated at the beginning of the book This is another great culturally specific book to share with kids Book connections This book can be connected with Brothers in Hope by Mary Williams because this is a st This Deeply Moving Story Of A Child S Escape In The Dark Of Night From North Korea To South Korea Is Based On Memories Of The Author S Mother Just Prior To The Outbreak Of The Korean War, Young Soo Secretly Crosses The Th Parallel, Hoping To Join Her Father On The Other Side Because It Is Dangerous For Than One Person To Cross At A Time, Her Mother Waits Behind At Every Step There Seems To Be Enemy Soldiers, But The Child Remembers Her Mother S Words Be Brave, Soo Which Continues To Sustain Her Even Years Later In Spare And Elegant Prose, The Authors Tell A Story Of A Young Girl S Faith And Courage Lustrous Oil Paintings Capture Precious Moments When The Family Is Together As Well As The Frightening Danger Of The Journey In This NCSS CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Book What would you risk to be free This is a gentle account of the authors mother s escape from North Korea The child s father goes on before, leaving the child and mother behind Then, one night, the guide comes for the child Unfortunately, the mother never makes it to reunite the family.
There is a poignancy to the ending The joy of being free to live a new life in South Korea and the pain of losing her mother flow through the river that separates the two countries The authors have captured what that river means to Korea, both North and South But the intensity of the emotions, though calmly and concretely stated, may be too much fore some children.
This title would be particularly helpful to those with connections to Korea and any seeking to understand it s history For that topic, I also recommend See Saw Girl see my review , which is also a valuable resource f Written in first person and based upon the stories of the authors mother s childhood, this book shares the account of a girl growing up in Korea at the time the country was split into two The narration clearly captures the fear and uncertainty of her nighttime journey from the north to the south, and the theme of freedom is juxtaposed with the reality that the country s split also separated her family, so the tone is certainly bittersweet The authors use beautiful, descriptive language to describe both the journey itself and Soo s impressions of it.
This is a solemn tale of a family s attempt to escape from North to South Korea just prior to the war in 1950 The father escapes first, followed soon thereafter by the daughter This story is about the daughter s journey, her sadness about being separated from her mother and father, and the danger of being intercepted by North Korean soldiers It is a wonderful, sad and hopeful tale all wrapped up in one.

Sisters FRANCES AND GINGER PARK have been nibbling on bonbons and making friends at Chocolate Chocolate since 1984 Award winning authors, the sisters love to write books for readers of all ages and have been interviewed on National Public Radio, Good Morning America , CNN and the Diane Rehm Show Currently at work on separate novels, they still find time to collaborate Their cookbook for childr