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5 This was a great book, and still just as good on the rereadI enjoyed Laurel and Jack to a certain extent as well Both were troubled characters that were fighting for survival in everyday life I felt for Laurel the most as she was stuck in her upbringing and I really enjoyed her casting off those ties at the end She fought for herself and for her sister She had a quiet strength that kept her going long after everyone expected her to stopJack I also liked but I had a harder time connecting with him He martyrs himself time and time again Both characters tried their hardest to stay apart from society for their own reasons, and yet when they were pulled in by friendships and obligations Laurel was the better character, she didn t kick and scream as much as Jack did She gave in gracefully and tr haha, lame, nice try It did give True Blood, the show not the books, vibe though That s why I read this in 2008 Nice cover, but not enough.
It has been a while since I read a Tami Hoag book I usually enjoy her stuff, but this book I really struggled to finish At the start, we get a glimpse of the killer Then it s 200 pages into the 529 page book before we get anything about the killer other than mere mentions and hints The two main characters, Laurel and Jack, had way too much baggage for my taste and we were constantly reminded of it Even up until the very end I never have understood why a writer feels they have to force certain points It was rather like beating a dead horse after a while They got issues from their childhood and recent adult past I ve got it Move on with the story This book could easily been cut by at least 200 pages if we had not had to go through their repeated melodrama Secondly, I had the killer figured out from his first introduction Way too easy Then the ending felt rushed Com TBR Challenge 2012 May Challenge read a book published prior to 2000.
TBR Challenge 2012 Personal Challenge Cry Wolf has been on my to read list since March 2010.
Grade C Lucky s Lady is one of my favorite romantic suspense books, and I looked forward to reading Cry Wolf when I saw it was labeled Doucet 3 Other than sharing the Bayou setting and having a one line mention of Lucky Doucet, there is nothing to tie this book to the others Lucky s Lady also dealt with family troubles and a tortured hero, but I was able to believe the transformations and the happy ending Cry Wolf on the other hand is one long downer The book is full of characters who have been abused and traumatized A few of the topics covered include repeated sexual abuse of a child by a custodial step parent, physical abuse by an alcoholic parent, patri I don t know if it s the setting but the truth is that I always find myself completely absorbed with stories set in the Louisiana bayous And I really wanted to read Hoag again after having enjoyed Dark Paradise so much So one night this week I picked this one to read before bed time and the truth is that I just couldn t stop and was kept awake half the night trying to finish it Laurel Chandler used to be a public prosecutor and after having lost a child abuse case she has a nervous breakdown and goes back home, to Bayou Breaux, to recuperate She comes from a dysfunctional family and instead of staying with her mother she chooses to stay with her sister and aunt instead Her sister particularly seems to have big problems rooted also in sexual abuse as a teenag This book has some fairly dark suject matter child abuse, serial killers and psychological issues to name a few If you re OK with that, then it makes a good read.
While pegged as romantic suspense, I would see this one as a mainstream thriller suspense with a romance sub plot that is not the core of the book.
Plenty of action throughout but I would have liked a bit from the ending both the serial killer and romance plots.
For me 90% of the book had just to much family drama, making feel like it was a daytime soap The last 10% finally got back to the mystery,but it was just rushed.
This was an outstanding third book into this series I enjoyed the story line and how all the characters were coming together Excellent touch of mystery to it You got your self a great book if romance with mystery is what you re looking for.
I read Tami Hoag s Bayou Series books in order, and I have to say this one was actually worse than Lucky s Lady Cry Wolf takes place over one week, and again we are burdened with reading about impossibly gorgeous characters with troubled pasts who just neeeeeed each other to make everything all right Mmmhmmm This book was about 300 agonizing pages too long The story wasn t interesting enough to hold my attention, especially since the killer all but told Laurel who he was pretty early in the book, yet she was convinced someone else was the Bayou Strangler and pursued him up until about the last 3 chapters or so She also at one point thought her new lover, Jack, might be the killer, but does that stop her from bedding him another time or two Nope She s on vacation, and that means wanton, forbidden sex with the town rebel This is the third book of Hoag s where the man says sweet heaven a