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[ Pdf The Secret Lives of Sports Fans ↠´ zombies PDF ] by Eric Simons ↠´ As an overly attached hockey fan, reading this book was very insightful but also frankly surreal, and a little creepy, like reading a report on my own mind I read it during the hockey off season and sometimes had to just stop because it felt a little too personal and close to home It dissected and analysed my feelings very well Overall though, I m very glad I ve read it because it has made me feel less alone, and somewhat vindicated by science and sociology I also liked the personal examples included amongst all the theory.
I should state my bias from the get to by saying I m one of those fans that rages cries becomes depressed when a team I m really passionate about loses I decided to read this book solely based upon seeing Arsenal and Gooners on the jacket blurb However, I m learning to temper my enthusiasm by understanding sports ain t that serious Easier said than done, but you won t find me trying to punch you in your tooth because you said, as one of my coworkers constantly likes to, Rajon Rondo looks like E.
T There were quite a few things I didn t like in this book, the first being what I thought to be a lack of proper research In the chapter Sports as Empathy, Simons made former NHL player Hedican appear to be an analyst with an uncanny ability to read plays However, after just having read The Sports Gene, I realize this is typical for all elite Sports Fandom Is Either An Aspect Of A Person S Fundamental Identity, Or Completely Incomprehensible To Those Who Aren T Fans At All What Is Happening In Our Brains And Bodies When We Feel Strong Emotion While Watching A Game How Do Sports Fans Resemble Political Junkies, And Why Do We Form Such A Strong Attachment To A Sports Team Journalist Eric Simons Presents In Depth Research In An Accessible And Brilliant Way, Sure To Interest Readers Of Jonah Lehrer And Malcolm Gladwell Through Reading The Literature And Attending Neuroscience Conferences, Talking To Fans, Psychologists, And Scientists, And Working Through His Issues As Part Of A Collaboration With The NPR Science Program RadioLab, Eric Simons Hoped To Find An Answer That Would Explain Why The Attractive Force Of This Relationship With Treasured Sports Teams Is So Great That We Can T Leave It Great topic, it was like trying to suck a tick milkshake through a super small straw reading it Please God let Galdwell find this book and rewrite it As the wife of a long suffering Boston Red Sox fan, I was curious about why some sports fans take the trials and tribulations of their teams so personally Don t get me wrong, I love my teams, and I hate when they lose especially to long hated rivals , but I generally don t lose sleep over such losses My husband is another story This book looks into neuroendocrinology and how it triggers certain hormonal responses when a person s beloved team wins or loses It examines our mirror neuron systems and how our physiological reactions during sporting events may indicate our ability to have empathy or show love I was honestly stunned at the amount of research that has been done in the science of sports obsession, and yet there is so much we still don t know Candidly, I got lost in some of the research, but it is still an interest As a younger boy I was a fanatic Utah Jazz Fan I had posters of Malone and Stockton plastering every square inch of my wall I never missed a game on TV or listened in on radio if the game was not telecast I remember vividly Jordan s push off on Byron Russel and jumpshot should have been called a foul to secure the NBA championship I was crushed As life changes your interests change I don t think I could name even a few Utah Jazz players today , but I wondered if this book The Secret Lives of Sports Fans The Secret of Sports Obscession would cause a bit of nostalgia.
Why do we form such close attachments with sports teams Why do we feel so elated when they win and dejected when they lose Eric Simmons attempts to answer these questions by going where Sports Fans go Raider Nation, Cleveland, OH, a professional Soccer game in Europe There were a few moments I enjoyed as This book features an excellent collection of research studies to read up on if you re interested in the science of sports fandom, but the book itself is awful The author has no idea what he s talking about when it comes to science he refers to specific neural cortices as brain lobes and often interprets and presents research studies in all fields inaccurately and in fact has no idea what he s talking about when it comes to sports fandom, either he repeatedly emphasizes that he usually watches sports alone and doesn t connect with the social aspect of the hobby, which is a primary motivation for most sports fans and is the focus of much of the book He s not at all qualified to write this book, and it shows.

The anecdotes are great, and the research studies and theories are interesting I would have enjoyed the book if some of the data and theories were not addressed as in depth I wasn t that interested in endocrinology to want to read so much about hormone levels, for example Personally, I liked the anecdotes best, and I also enjoyed the sociological and psychological aspects The physical science was interesting as well, but not surprising given my interests, it was not as appealing to me This book is easy to read in small segments, which suited me well since I have not had much reading time lately.
A little disclosure here Eric Simons visited with me during our 2012 annual Sport Psychology Forum at WKU in Bowling Green, KY His experiences at the Forum, and the Predators Sharks game following made the book So, look, Ma, I m famous Thus, I am already predisposed to liking the book.
However, just because I am in the book does not necessarily make it a good book What makes it good is that Eric took the information he gleaned from our form, added to it information gathered from other scientific lines of research and collected it into a nice blueprint of the biological, social and psychological forces that help explain why we humans like to root for guys running around in funny uniforms He also explains why the outcomes of such games mean so much.
Starting with his own story of the 2007 University of California Oregon State University football game, Eric weav Good to know why I m a fanatic with my team Not crazy like some sports fans but can definitely relate to the info presented by Eric Simons If you think you are alone, you re not.

Eric Simons is a freelance writer, confirmed Californian, and marine life enthusiast He has written for San Francisco magazine, California magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Sierra magazine, and Canoe Kayak magazine, among others, and reported and produced a nationally distributed radio documentary for the National Radio Project s Making Contact Eric is a graduate of the environmental and sc