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[Katherine Garbera] ↠´ One More Kiss [god PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ This book was so disorganized that I only made if halfway through it Story started off okay I liked that Jay was trying to win Aly back But he waits 4 years Four freaking years The time spand bothered me Aly having sex with Jay after 4 long years and then proceeds to tell him she s going to use him for sex so that she can get over him bothered me I know guys in romance books do this all the time and there shouldn t be a doubled standard.
blah, blah blah Stil didn t like it I didn t like Aly much Thought she was a judgmental hag, getting on Jay about his issues The guy is a sniper in teh Marines He told her that he almost died ANd she s bitching at him and judging him about his issues I would have issues too What sealed it for me not liking Aly is that she was nasty about the fact that Jay didn t own a house or an apt Single military folks normally don t own homes because th One Taste Isn T Enough Since Her Divorce, Cupcake Queen Alysse Dresden Prefers Baking Over Boys Until A Phone Order From A Sexy Voiced Stranger Melts Her Insides Like Butter It Isn T Until Alysse Makes The Delivery In Person That She Realizes Too Late That The Only Man Who Can Do That Is Her Ex HusbandAfter Marine Corps Ace Jay Michener Walked Out On His Weeklong Marriage, He Never Stopped Thinking Of Alysse Wanting Her And With His Reenlistment Only Weeks Away, He Wants A Second ChanceBut Alysse Has Plans Of Her Own And If The Way Into A Guy S Heart Is Through His Stomach, Maybe The Way Out Of It Is Through His Bed This book tell the story of Alysse who under a different circumstance would not have expected to meet her ex husband ever again An ex husband who did a disappearing act on the last day of their honeymoon To give him a credit, it was a shotgun marriage held in Las Vegas where both of them at their vulnerable self Jay on the pre text of trying to make up to his girlfriend called Alysse and seeking her professional touch to make a cake for him and to self deliver it to the hotel Imagine the shock that Alysse received when Jay was the person behind the order More shocking was that his request for her to give him a second chance Obviously Alysse refused but then she changed her mind, because this is the only opportunity for I don t normally read Mills and Boon except for some of my favourite historical authors plus one or two of their Modern and Medical series in the past However, I thought that I would give one of their Blaze novels a try.
Thanks to Katherine Garbera s excellent writing I wasn t disappointed I don t wish to spoil the plot but suffice to say the heroine has rebuilt her life and is a successful businesswoman when the hero a blast from the past comes back into her life.
The plotline is made all the convincing by the clever way Ms Garbera handles the character development of the hero in the book From war weary soldier and unable to commit ex husband of the heroine to well you ll just have to read the book.
And the sexual tension just sizzles throughout together with the genuine loving feelings they start to rekindle Thoroughly enjoyable, I devoured it in one sitting on a long train journey h Man in UniformWounded WarriorWhirlwind RomanceBroken HeartsThese are all the elements of a wonderful story and One More Kiss meets that promise Jay and Alysse met four years ago in Las Vegas After a few days, they got married and spent a wonderful week in the honeymoon suite The last morning Alysse woke up alone Jay left Four years later Jay is back and he wants another chance Alysse never really got over Jay and so she finds herself trying to figure out why she could never get over Jay and move on.
This was a really good story and I enjoyed watching Jay and Alysse try to find their way together I did find myself getting frustrated with Alysse at times She was tried to force Jay into her world I was impressed that she did finally realize she was doing that and tried to sto It was a cute, quick read I didn t quite understand the whole 4 years going past thing and in some parts it said 5 years I also thought it didn t quite make sense when he sees her and says something like he wasn t expecting to want her so much It didn t make sense because after 4 years and he says he can t get her off his mind and came to win her back view spoiler It makes sense later as they are getting to know each other and he isn t sure if she is really what he wants, but is torn because he doesn t want to let her go at the same time hide spoiler Very little character growth for Jay It s hard to let others in, but stop running.
The ending was too rushed She gave in too easily at the end and didn t question it Not very realistic or romantic.

Reviewed Enticed by booksOne More Kiss is about second chances in love Jay and Alysse were married for a week in Vegas, got a divorce, and never saw each other for four years The Vegas marriage thing wasn t even that important in the book, the whole focus was that Jay left her while she was asleep like a coward, and never contacted or explained about his abrupt leave to Alysse Jay is a marine, and kind of a loner, so I get why he would leave Alysse in the beginning, and now wants to have a second chance at first love It was a very romantic story, and I was rooting for them to work their issues, and get back together I felt for Alysse throughout the book, there was always the fear of him leaving again, and I did cry with her at times, but nevertheless I fell in love with their story The one thing that really annoyed me was the ending I hate Pretty good book and second chance story Aly and Jay haven t seen each other in four years Jay is coming up on decision time as to whether he continues in the Marines or gets out He hasn t been able to forget Aly and regrets the way he left her He would like a second chance to win her back Aly has been working hard to get her bakery off the ground and hasn t dated much She doesn t seem to be able to connect with any of the men she has gone out with When he reappears in her life she realizes she has never gotten over him He is trying to win her back and she is trying to use their attraction to get over him once and for all Both of them had some serious issues to overcome Aly quickly realizes she still cares for him but feels that she cannot trust him to stay She knows that he has problems opening up, that he is very much a loner She keeps trying to make him fit into her life the way

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