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[ Read Online Strike Three, Youre Dead (Lenny & the Mikes, #1) ☆ young-adult-science-fiction PDF ] by Josh Berk À Lenny is a HUGE Phillies fan, his dream is being an announcer for the Phillies He knows he s not gonna be a ball player His friends Mike and other Mike convince him to enter a competition to be an announcer for the Phillies, for one game He was having the time of his life announcing, but then his favorite pitcher drops dead on the mound Throughout the story, Lenny and his friends investigate the so called coincidence This is a fast pace, murder mystery I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of sports and likes mysteries I give this book four and a half stars This book is perfect for sports fans and mystery lovers alike This book is flooded with baseball references and puns, the main character takes everyday situations good and bad and relates it with baseball For example, when the main character is running, he says running for my life, just like a player sliding to 2nd base before he gets tagged This book pulls you in from the start Since the main part of the book is about a baseball player dying on the mound, mystery lovers will be nose deep in the book While there are some parts that can lose the reader, the majority of the book has content that keeps the reader interested Also for the readers that like surprises, there is a pretty unexpected plot twist In the last 4 or 5 pages to be exact Overall this is a good book that a lot of people will love to read.
An Edgar Award FinalistLenny Norbeck Is A Die Hard Baseball Lover Unfortunately, He S No Player Himself According To Him, He S The Worst There Ever Was But He D Make A Heck Of An Announcer He Gets A Lot Of Practice Sitting With His Best Friends, Mike And Other Mike, Watching Phillies Games From Their Lawn Couch A Sweet Outdoor TV Arrangement Mike S Dad Hooked Them Up With Being A Real Announcer Is His Dream, And He Gets His Chance To Prove Himself When He Enters An Armchair Announcer Contest And Wins The Prize He Gets To Be The Broadcaster, Live, For One Inning At A Real Phillies GameThe Game Goes Very Wrong, Though Before Lenny Gets To Do His Inning, A Young, Promising Pitcher Fresh Out Of The Minors Literally Drops Dead On The Mound The Official Verdict Is That He Died Of A Heart Attack, But Lenny Has A Hunch There S Something Going On So He And The Mikes Set Out To Investigate The Suspects Are Many, And Though The Trio Barks Up The Wrong Tree A Few Times, They Are Always Right On The Heels Of The Real Killer From The Hardcover Edition 3.
5 stars Lenny Norbeck is interested in plenty of things like watching Phillies games on TV, announcing Phillies games, and talking about the Phillies with his two best friends Mike and Other Mike His big dream of announcing an inning in a Phillies game is brought to an end by the death of a much anticipated debut pitcher When the doctors claim it was a heart attack, Lenny suspects foul play and decides to take matters into his own hands to solve this murder One prime suspect is the mysterious and mustached Ramon Famosa so Lenny, the Mikes, and Phillies fan Maria, the niece of the librarian, set out on their bikes to unravel this mystery Berk builds the suspense by starting the book with the boys being chased by the murderer and the narration then becomes a flashback recounting how the boys get themselves in that situation While 2 5 starsQuick, easy read.
This is meant for the YA readers It is a little simplistic for the adult audience but they could still read it I liked the characters.
Good sweet story which will appeal to any kids who love baseball any adults who want to reminisce about their childhood love of the game i will read the other book in the series b c i want to read further adventures of these characters.
This book is an interesting combination of good oldfaction mystery and so much HUMOR Seriously, this book will make you laugh really hard Don t let the title discourage you, there is pretty much no description of death So full of heart I am super exited to read the sequel Recommended for ages 9 Lenny Norbeck and his 2 best friends the Mikes are all baseball fans and they know everything about the sport Lenny knows the most Lenny isn t a good baseball player but he makes a great game announcer When he finds out that there is contest that if you win you can get to be the armchair announcer at a Phillies game Lenny signs up right away With the help of the Mikes, Lenny practices by watching games and announcing them as they go They make an announcement based on a game from the past which includes a baseball player who only played once in his life and did terrible Lenny wins the contest and the chance to be the armchair announcer at the next Phillies game, he s so excited he can barely hold it in At the game, Lenny meets with some of the players and the main announcers of he game who he has been listening to his whole life and t Well, I finally got around to reading the INTENDED book entitled, Strike Three, You re Dead This one was much better than the one I read by mistake a few months ago This is a short book for kids, kind of on the order of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Berk tells the story of Lenny, a 12 year old boy who wins a contest to get to announce an inning of a Phillies baseball game Unfortunately, on the day his big break arrives, before he gets to announce anything, the pitcher dies on the mound Lenny and his two friends, Mike and Other Mike, decide that it was murder and that they will solve the mystery.
The story was written very well I couldn t help but smile at the thoughts and conversations of the kids What a fun read for baseball fans and kids who just want a good, funny story Good job

Really great book overall I definitely recommend this book to absolutely all audiences It s a great mixture of comedy, sports, and mystery Best thing there is a world changing, mind blowing, and no way PLOT TWIST at like the last 3 or 4 pages of the book Awesome.
Lenny is a doofus that is easy to love My favorite scene is when Maria, a girl Lenny has just met, grabs his bike from him when he offers to give her a ride Maria makes Lenny sit on the handlebars while she pedals like the figurehead of a ship He is wearing a helmet that matches the Mikes That s right He has two best friends named, Mike and Other Mike A nice play on words for a kid who is terrific at announcing baseball games In fact, he s so good that he won a contest to announce the 6th inning of a Phillie s game When a 19 year old upcoming pitcher drops dead on the mound, Lenny and the Mikes decide to solve the mystery of his death Lenny s not much of an athletic When Maria takes off racing the Mikes on their bikes with Lenny on the handlebar she causes Lenny s head to fling back like he s on a roller coaster Maria keeps smacking the back of his helmet and she wins t

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