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✓ Mark of Murder å Download by ✓ Dell Shannon read several of these enjoyable Luis Mendoza police novels back in the 80s Enjoyed them all I enjoyed this installment in the Lt Luis Mendoza series it reads fast, and is true to form with its predecessors Once again there are a lot of police all male to keep track of nineteen, at least , though some are becoming familiar since the cast is consistent The force is still lacking any African American presence Oddly, I cannot cite anything which makes the book special I found the writing pretty utilitarian, and I pretty easily guessed the outcome of each of the two criminal situations a serial killer on the rampage and the murder of a chiropractor But Mendoza is an appealing character, and fun to follow He still has the black Ferrari, the moustache and the custom tailored Italian suits.
Nothing memorable here, but fun nevertheless.
One of the Lt Mendoza mysteries I particularly liked getting glimpses into the home life of Luis, Alison, their twins and their live in housekeeper Mairi MacTaggart I ve always liked books and TV cop procedurals but I prefer those that give the characters depth and interaction This series does that and over the entire series you learn what makes Lt Mendoza tick.
I recommend reading at least the first five books in this series in order excellent police procedural and watching as the earnest detectives find their hostages to fortune fascinated me I first read this series in the 70s and 80s

7 in the Luis Mendoza series Lt Mendoza, head of homicide for the LAPD, is a man of contradictions Fretting about the absence from his office during a Bermuda vacation, he threatens to retire if Sgt Hackett, grievously injured on a current case, dies Several tell tale clues point out Hackett s attacker rather early in the game Readable, 50 year old potboiler.
Luis Mendoza series Mark of Murder opens with Luis Mendoza not enjoying a real vacation in Bermuda His heart mind are in LA and his body is miles away with no news When a cablegram reaches his with a command from the Chief to come home Mendoza and Alison attempt to break land speed records to return Art Hackett is in a deep coma from a staged auto accident, while a savage Slashe An enjoyable read with good characterization.
DEll Shannon wrote over 20 books in the Luis Mendoza series The early ones were okay but focused on one crime only the last few were pretty much formula.
But Mark of Murder was written when the series was at its height It is an excellent police procedural Medoza and his officers are well portrayed the matter of having several crimes to handle at one time is made clear I find that a plus rarely in real life does an officer have only one case going.
Dell Shannon also has a good gift for dialogue and some interesting twists.
Mark of Murder is one of the three best of hers I ever read the other two are The Death Bringers and With a Vengeance.
Therefore, should you happen upon a Luis Mendoza mystery in your library or used bookstore, you might want to give one a try Overall, I would rate most of the series a solid 3 stars the three titles no Another Luis Mendoza Mystery Ten Murders In Ten Days, And The Attempted Murder Of Sergeant Hackett Left Fighting For His Life In A Coma Cut Short Mendoza S Vacation In Bermuda Hackett Was Working On The Private Kill Of A Well To Do Chiropractor Who Had As Many Enemies As He Had Patients

Elizabeth Linington.Barbara Elizabeth Linington March 11, 1921 April 5, 1988 was an American novelist She was awarded runner up scrolls for best first mystery novel from the Mystery Writers of America for her 1960 novel, Case Pending, which introduced her most popular series character, LAPD Homicide Lieutenant Luis Mendoza Her 1961 book, Nightmare, and her 1962 novel, Knave of Hearts, another entry in the Mendoza series, were both nominated for Edgars in the Best Novel category Regarded as the Queen of the Procedurals, she was one of the first women to write police procedurals a male dominated genre of police story writing.Besides crime, Linington also took interest in archaeology, the occult, gemstones, antique weapons and languages Linington was also a conservative political activist who was an active member of the John Birch Society