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á Read á If You Really Loved Me: Two Teenage Girls and a Shocking Double Murder by Kevin F. McMurray Ù Carl And Sarah Collier Feared Their Cold And Wild Granddaughter, Holly But When They Forbade Holly From Spending Time With Her Year Old Female Lover, Sandy, They Set In Motion A Horrifying PlotHolly And Sandy Asked Around For A Gun They Made A To Do List, And They Told Their Friends What Their Plans Were Then, On A Summer Night In Georgia, They Unleashed An Ambush The Scene They Left Behind Would Stun Hardened InvestigatorsCarl And Sarah Collier Died Under A Horrifying Melee Of Stab Wounds Suddenly, A Frantic Manhunt Was On For The Two Runaway Lesbian Teen Killers And By The Time The Police Caught Them, The Truth Began To Emerge Of An Out Of Control Girl, Her Lover, And The Evil They Had Planned Every Step Of The Way I did not enjoy reading this book It did not flow well It was all over the place a little Too much about everything else but the subject It was a book of dry facts A collection of newspaper articles and court files.
I m torn between 2 or 3 stars The title of the If you Really Loved Me, never really came up in the book Neither of the murders presented it as some ultimatum to kill the Colliers It bothered me that the book mentions how the murders were over sensationalized in the media yet the very title of the book is over sensationalized as possible The print was relatively large and the story was short with the writing a bit sporadic It touched on previous cases on the region almost too briefly, and random bits of history of the different counties in Georgia out of nowhere At the same time I cannot blame the author, he had little to work with, the case was open and shut And I did find it an interesting read since I did not know of this murder story previous to picking up this book so I can t say I hated it.
This was one of the worst books I ever read I like true crime as long as they are written well This book, however, was not I got of a history lesson on Fayette County and Tybee Island than I care to have in this kind of a book I wanted to know of why these girls did what they did and about them It seems that the author had pages to fill and even went on to say that Judge English ran unopposed in his election during this time I didn t get this book to read about the backgrounds of the judges, I wanted to know about these kids Bad and did not flowonly about 60 100 pages were actually about the crime.
This book is not worth one star This got boggled down with the history of the counties Really wouldnt recommend this book to anyone Dont buy it Two young girls, lovers, kill the grandparents of one of them This was a very well written, detailed book.
This was written about my sister s ex fiance, Kevin and his parents who were murdered in this story What a sad day that was when this happened to such sweet, loving people This was part of a TV special a month or so ago called When Teens Kill It was in depth in the time span given I do believe there is another book out about this murder This book doesn t clarify every thing But it is pretty cut and dry Holly was a messed up kid and what her and Sandy did is disgusting I don t think their punishment was nearly as harsh as it should have been They planned this Holly had made comments on numerous occasions she was going to kill them What Kevin went through after losing his parents was just unbearable This is truly a sad sad story Especially having known them.
Unbelieveable15 year old Holly Harvey and 16 year old Sandy Ketchum so viciously killed Holly s grandparents in a stabbing frenzy that left a community stunned.
Holly s grandparents had raised her off and on throughout her life when others were either unable or unwilling to care for her, she showed her love and appreciation by leaving them laying in pools of blood with numerous stab wounds The police apprehended them in only 17 hours so they could pay for their crimes but they are ultimately offered a plea agreement was justice really served The story itself sounded interesting, but I had to put it down after a few chapters The writing was pretty poor, and the author mentioned God too much when it wasn t really relevant.
This book is a true crime story, about two teenagers Sandy Ketchum and Holly Harvey, who were lovers They killed Holly s grandparents in a fit of rage one night This book was horrifying, to read in detail and think about what these young girls have committed One thing I disliked about the book was one chapter they would have you feeling sympathy for the murderers, and the next chapter having a complete dislike for them.

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