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[David M. Toomey] à The New Time Travelers: A Journey to the Frontiers of Physics [currency PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ I m too stupid for this book Not exactly what I hoped it would be, namely, a detailed view of the topic, the book felt like a incoherent collection of short stories about physicists bickering The interesting chapter and the only reason for a second star was the one about black holes.
Oh, and a good side effect was that after reading ten pages I was usually ready to go to fall asleep.

David Toomey s book is interesting, but doesn t really break any new ground He s essentially rehashing all the same ideas that have already been presented by established scientists like Stephen Hawking in A Brief History of Time and Brian Greene in The Fabric of the Cosmos and The Elegant Universe As a non scientist, but technical writer, Toomey does a good job of presenting hard to comprehend concepts in exotic physics, and the book really excels in giving a history of where some of these ideas came from, and the history of the theoretical physicists that came up with these idea I consider myself quite well read on the subject of theoretical physics, but I had never heard the story of Willem Jacob van Stockum I was somewhat familiar with the idea of a Van Stockum Cylinder, but had never heard the story of the man, and where that thought experiment came from.
Ultimately David Toomey describes in fascinating detail all the ways current science allows for time travel and there are a lot From Einstein s general theory of relativity to wormholes and closed time like curves, this is an entertaining and authoritative survey of a mind blowing, scarcely believable field, and the story of the theoretical physicists at the forefront of its study.
Pretty good overall Good mix of the history of physics and the application of it as it pertains to our world in general and time travel theory specifically If you re looking for hard core science, this might not be for you, but it s generally a good text.
Sorry to say I didn t finish it before it was due at the library, and I knew I wouldn t have time to if I renewed it What I DID read was fascinating, though If you re looking for something comprehensible on the quantum mechanics of time travel, it s the book for you.
This is a pretty readable account of the history of physicists inquiries into the possibility of time travel It doesn t get too bogged down in arcane scientific details and is, for the most part, accessible to the lay person.
Seriously one of the most mind blowing books I ve ever read I enjoyed every page and the many hours consumed in thoughts about the physics and possibilities presented I would love to keep rereading this book.
Since H G Wells Classic The Time Machine, Readers Of Science Fiction Have Puzzled Over The Paradoxes Of Time Travel What Would Happen If A Time Traveler Tried To Change History Would Some Force Or Law Of Nature Prevent Him Or Would His Action Produce A New History, Branching Away From The original In The Last Decade Of The Twentieth Century A Group Of Theoretical Physicists At The California Institute Of Technology Undertook A Serious Investigation Of The Possibility Of Pastward Time Travel, Inspiring A Serious And Sustained Study That Engaged Than Thirty Physicists Working At Universities And Institutes Around The WorldMany Of The Figures Involved Are Familiar Einstein, Stephen Hawking And Kip Thorne Others Are Names Known Mostly To Physicists These Are The New Time Travelers, And This Is The Story Of Their Work A Profoundly Human Endeavor Marked By Advances, Retreats, And No Small Share Of Surprises It Is A Fantastic Journey To The Frontiers Of Physics Put theoretical physics in close to layman s terms Explained time travel well enough so even a weak background in physics made it easier to understand I don t get all of it but I get than before I read it haha

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