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» End Game (Midnight Library) Þ Download by » Damien Graves Damien Graves Presents Three Terrifying Stories To Thrill And Chill You Will You Dare To Be Scared Damien Graves Has Spent Many Years Searching For The Most Spine Chilling Stories In Existence Now, At Last, He Has Chosen To Share With You The Best Of His CollectionSimon Prefers Computer Games To Reality But A Shockingly Real Turn Of Events Might Mean Game Over ForeverCatherine Wonders If The Customer Is Always Right When A Peculiar New Customer Seems Very, Very WrongJuliet Keeps Getting Urgent Text Messages From A Stranger Soon She Ll Wish Her Phone Were DeadWelcome To Where Your Darkest Dreams Meet With The Unhappiest Of Endings Welcome To The Midnight Library This is a book that is very exiting this is a book that has no good ending that i find very neat i hope you enjoy this book It was very good, especially the end NO SPOILERS.
Not as chilling as the last one.
My son went to the book store to find inspiration for the scary games he likes to make for Robox He came home with two of the books in this series This one and the Cat Lady one After reading a few of these short stories, though, he felt depressed than inspired I read them, too, and I wasn t too impressed I did like the underlying social messages from Who Dares Wins and End Game, but other than that, these were just bad things happening to nice people I ve had enough of that in real life, so reading about fictional children facing horrors and death didn t exactly entertain me I suppose if you are a suburbanite child whose parents never take you anywhere and never allow any adventure in your life which is why so many kids want Reviewed by Spreeha for TeensReadToo.
comDamien Graves has put together another book in the TALES FROM THE MIDNIGHT LIBRARY series with three scary stories Simon has gotten an offer from betterthanrealitygames.
world to customize his own game Simon thought this was just some kind of scam but what he is about to find is NOT a scam but a game that might just be the biggest thing he has ever played in his life This might also be the biggest challenge for him Since Simon thinks this is a scam when they ask him questions to customize his game, this is what he picks Would you like your game to be dangerous or tame He chooses dangerous Would you like the game to be set in your hometown, a generic city, or a fantasy world He chooses his hometown Would you like the game to be reality based or as real as life He chooses as real as life The ne This book is part of the Midnight Library series This book contains three spooky tales kids will love In Game Over Simon likes video games better than people until the game becomes reality In The Other Sister Catherine is concerned about a young girl who keeps coming into the store where she works Something seems very wrong with Susie In Is Anybody There Juliet is getting text messages from a phone number that doesn t exist These tales don t have happy endings and they are creepy Boys and girls will like them.
I grabbed this one at the book fair while searching for scary books that my students are always clamoring for Although marketed to 8 12 years I think this one is much suited for ages 12 and up The book contains three short stories, one violent, the others deal with topics much familiar to middle schoolers like cell phones Not good, not well crafted in terms of building suspense Scaring in a mean, unsettling way.
Me encantan los relatos de terror, y aunque estos no sean especialmente terror ficos ni est n muy bien planeados, me lo he pasado muy bien leyendo estas historias.
read this whole thing in a day Not that scary as you expect it to be escpecially because of the grotesque DARE TO BE SCARED on the cover but surprisingly it is gripping.
1st Story 3.
52nd Story 4.
0 The peculiarity with TML books is that the 2nd story is very often the best 3rd Story 3.

Damien Graves, also known as Nick Shadow, is the name credited as the editor of the Midnight Library series.