Trailer É The Chemickal Marriage PDF by ó Gordon Dahlquist

Trailer É The Chemickal Marriage PDF by ó Gordon Dahlquist Miss Temple, Young, Wealthy And Far Away From Home, Never Wanted To Be A Heroine Yet Her Fianc Is Dead Admittedly By Her Own Hand Her Companions Slain And Her Nemesis, The Terrifyingly Wicked Contessa Lacquer Sforza, Still At Large It Falls Upon Miss Temple S Tiny Shoulders To Destroy A Deadly Cabal Whose Alchemy Threatens To Enslave The WorldBut Dr Svenson And Cardinal Chang Are Alive Barely Exhausted And Outnumbered, Their Bodies Corrupted By A Poisonous Blue Glass, Miss Temple, Dr Svenson And Cardinal Chang Must Pursue Their Enemies Through City Slums And Dazzling Palaces As They Fight To Prevent The Cabal S Unholy Marriage Between Man And ScienceIn The Final Instalment Of Dahlquist S Epic Trilogy, An Assassin, An Heiress And A Surgeon Battle Against The World S Most Frightening Evilin An Adventure That Will Decide Everything I ve been so looking forward to this one So much so that I ve reread the first two books in hopes of keeping it s convoluted plot and vast character list in my head Sadly I did only slightly better than the first time, yet still enjoyed the ride.
By now the authors technique of splitting and then rejoining the three central characters is well engrained I count on it at this point, but consolidating the three points of view make keeping the overall arc of the plot in my head somewhat of a challenge Thankfully, this book has a smaller set of main characters It s so much darker than the first two since the three characters have all by now been tainted by the Blue glass s evil as well as their own story arc But I miss scenes like Miss Temple s tea party.
Some very minor spoilers follow.
I ve been dawdling on going thru this so as to savor it I suppose, but also t Maybe 2 1 2 stars I still like the idea, and I cherish the memory of reading the first part of the trilogy This time, the usual protagonists spend chapter after chapter running away, occasionally together but usually separately at one time meeting each other briefly in flight, barely nodding and exchanging information, then racing on to their various goals , through a variety of quite atmospheric sets It got a bit tedious after a while Felt like a computer game, first person perspective Still, I applaud the sheer bravado of a book like this Do begin with the first book, though, and then see if you want to go on.
Miss Temple paces her hotel room, believing her companions to be dead She arms herself, prepares for the worst, heads unquestioningly back into the fray It does her characterisation justice that one never believes for a moment that she could do anything else She has taken this path, and doesn t care what anyone thinks of her She is a great creation Alongside the evil, beautiful, ruthless and irresistible Contessa, they stand as two of the best creations in recent fiction Spending time in their company is so much fun The action, lulled for a moment to allow our heroes to catch their breath, as it were, soon picks up again and we re off, rollicking on through restive city streets, old abandoned bridge guardhouses, silty marketplaces, mysterious factories on fenced off islands, endless grand houses filled with At long last, the saga concludes.
I had been waiting for this ever since the indeterminate ending of book 2 could that volume have really been the end Lucky for us all, the third book has emerged, and was incredibly fun.
The steampunk focus of the previous novels remains present, but there is a slightlypolitical and personal bent to this story the stakes have gone up, the number of characters has dropped, and the mysteries of the characters are being revealed The incredible depth of the world has grown, and so the outside world has become everimportant The sheer imagination and coordination needed to complete this series on a high note is incredible, and Gordon Dahlquist has pulled it off.
This isn t to say there aren t some flaws here Certainly, there is some repetition, as every action scene seems like one before Well they certainly sneaked this one past me The last book in Dahlquist s trilogy, I ve been excitedly awaiting this volume for quite some time And yet despite regularly searchingwith crossed fingers, I only spotted it by chance on a shelf under authors beginning with D in a high street bookshop It wasn t even on their new releases display shelf This lack of publicity demonstrates that the publishers have far less faith in Dahlquist s work flying off the shelves than when they initially paid him an advance of 2,000,000 for his first book in this series, The Glass books of the Dream Eaters.
Such a large advance is powerful testament to how incredibly well written entertaining these books are The Glass books was a rollicking Victorian adventure story which had me on the edge of my seat for almost 800 pages Its sequel The I m so excited Been waiting for this for years Could have been rated less but if treated as a stanadalone then middle for diddle is fair.
Best I review the trilogy as a whole really I really loved the first of the trilogy as it was very different an enjoyable entertaining steampunk romp, in truth 2 books later it should well have ended there could have done so as it came to a neat conclusion The rest of the trilogy is ok, maybe just better than average at times but it is for the most part d j vu as nothing really exceptional happens bar endless chases lots of going from A to B to thwart X Y If it was a series based on differing adventures it may well have worked as the characters of Miss Temple, Cardinal Chang Dr Svensson the evillllllllll Contessa are really first class its a shame th I m not really sure how to go about reviewing this First of all, if you re unfamiliar with Dahlquist, I should point out that The Chemickal Marriage is the third, and last, book in a series that began with The Glass books of the Dream Eaters and continued with The Dark Volume If you re at all interested in this book, I can t emphasise enough how important it is that you should start with the first of the three both because it s absolutely fantastic, and because the others will make no sense if you don t I very much doubt The Chemickal Marriage could be read as a standalone novel although there s a recap of previous events at the beginning, and numerous concepts details are briefly summarised within the narrative, I don t think I would have understood much of it without an existing knowledge of what glass books , the Process etc actually were and what This, for me, was a wonderfully satisfying conclusion to the Glass books trilogy Based on a real Rosicrucian text, set in a steampunk esque world, with three of my favourite characters ever, with some neat ideas, sex, murder, mayhem and a brilliantly conceived conspiracy, I m sad that the story has ended So, the writing is crisp, everything driving the story forward, but with a lushness of language that provides a baroque or gothic feel.
I d like to say , but I can t say enough good things about Dahlquist s novels, and I really don t want to add spoilers and ruin the exploration of the Glass books world for anyone.
Suffice to say, that I understand why he was given such a huge advance, and am perplexed that they haven t been as well received and wider read than they are.

Gordon Dahlquist, also credited as G.W Dahlquist, is a novelist and a playwright.