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[ Pdf The Cockroach Dance (African Classics) ↠´ anti-racist PDF ] by Meja Mwangi ½ The Story Of One Man S Resistance To A System And Society Run By Faceless Ones Dusman Gonzaga Lives In A Squalid Tenement Building Overrun With Cockroaches And Inhabited By Strange Characters His Is A World Of Poverty, Fights, Bar Women And Visits To A Doctor Who Doesn T Understand Him It took the intervention of starting all over after not getting the gist of the book and after that i was hooked Dusman is a parking meter reader who was once a water reader he insists to the city council that he should go back to the latter job surviving in the pangs of poverty at Dacca house In fact the cockroaches dance to this tune and he can t get enough of them neither can the various pesticides Here he meets the faceless ones and those who he loathes without even really knowing a hoot about their real names One might think he is loosing it as he even consults a doctor Bates for psychiatric help but that leads to questions than answers Dusman believes everything will get better and he tries to drive

This is a book is about the tragedy commedy that unfolds in the slums of Nairobi Although sometimes it falls into common places , is a very enjoyable reading that shows with a little bit of bitterness the reality of life of the majority of black Kenyans after independece The characters are so well depictered and so close to reality for my memories from Kenya , I feel as if I met Toto and Dusman in person.
Let me introduce you to Dusman Gonzaga A man who can t stop berating his neighbours He also thinks he is their saviour He doesn t like his job reading parking meters and would rather go back to his former job reading water meters A job which he also hated but now hates less He also hates his neighbours The Bathroom man for living in a bathroom The Sukuma Wiki man for having intimate relations with the wife in the afternoon The landlord for overcharging rent Magendo for trading in stolen goods This rant goes on and on, very much like this review is going , taking various shapes and forms.
The most exciting part comes in the last two chapters where the neighbours find themselves in prison.
Even that ends in a wh

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