Trailer ¾ Critical Condition PDF by ✓ Sandra Orchard

Trailer ¾ Critical Condition PDF by ✓ Sandra Orchard This is Sandra Orchard s third novel in her Undercover Cops series, and I when I saw the cover, a little bit of the peace that autumn offers descended upon me like the fluttering leaves themselves But I will say peace was not the feeling I received while reading it at least not at first.
Sandra packs every page with twists and turns, emotional highs and highs, and a story that equated to a medical thriller romance that felt like The Fugitive meets luuve Best of both worlds, in my romantic opinion.
But I also can t forget the inspirational arc Sandra wove into the story so beautifully, touching on the many battles cancer patients and their loved ones face daily and how many turn away from God instead of to Him We live in a world where we have so much hurt and pain to deal with, and blaming God will not bring us healing And it will not bring the blessings that God has for us, Review on on my blog to be posted 10 6 Condition is the third book in Sandra Orchard s Undercover Cops series and a great addition Having read the first two books prior to this one, I can say that I am loving this series and hope it doesn t end with this book One thing I particularly like besides the fact that the cops are undercover is that some of the previous characters appear in this book I love that The suspense in Critical Condition was great and I could not decide who I thought the killer bad guy was because there were too many people it could have been The story was really interesting and I liked the main characters a lot it was easy to get attached to both Zach and Tara.
There was some romance in Critical Condition too, so that made the story all the great to read While I loved the first two books i

All genres are somewhat formulaic, but this one was written with a template In addition, it was not well written one example among many toward the end of the book, the female protagonist is returning to wrk and is to put her daughter in the work provided day care She and the male protagonist show up at her work, but there is no child A few pages later, it was as if the author realized the child was necessary for the plot, and inserted that the female protagonist had arranged for her sister to bring the child, though there was no real reason given for this Sloppy writing, and are there no editors With everything the male protagonist does, it is hard to believe anyone would take him seriously in his undercover identity Finally, the female protagonist, a hi Tara, Zach and even Suzie were such inspirational characters I was totally clueless as to who the bad guy was and I m still wandering why Alice poisoned Tara s lunch Great read and wonderful author.
Tara and Suzie are a charming mother daughter combination that would be capable of winning any man s heart Zach s heartfelt love for his late wife is a key to this novel and the pair coming together That said, there are certain issues, like parenting disagreements that should be effectively resolved by the end of the novel.
In her book Critical Condition, Sandra Orchard captures the essence of a tender heart longing to love again While trying to unravel the sinister schemes of two tragic hospital murders, undercover cop Zach and nurse Tara secretly find themselves caught between waves of romantic tension, fear and questions about who can be trusted With a gift for pacing, Orchard kept me engaged and curious from front to back The relationship between Zach and Tara s toddler daughter was so endearing, I often forgot the story wasn t real Critical Condition is a story that proves God redeems broken hearts.
This is the first Sandra Orchard book I read The storyline was a great suspense romance I loved Tara Zach as a couple I loved Tara s daughter she is so cute adorable That is so evil to kill off patients in the hospital, the killer got what they deserved I would definitely read book by Ms Orchard great job.
I don t typically read faith based books, so this was an interesting departure for me I really enjoyed Zach because he was the typical protector I look for in a hero, but he also had a softness and vulnerability to his character that felt authentic I also enjoyed the medical element of this book which was also a first for me.
EVERYONE S AT RISK There S A Murderer In The Hospital, And Nurse Tara Peterson Is Determined To Prove It With Mysterious Deaths In The Cancer Ward, Anyone Could Be Next But No One Wants To Believe Herexcept For Undercover Agent Zach Davis The Murderer Wants Tara S Suspicions Silenced, Permanently To Protect Tara, Zach Lets Her In On His Secret, And Unwittingly Into His Heart Tara And Her Three Year Old Daughter Are Like The Family He Lost Years Before Zach Will Risk Everything To Keep Them Safe, No Matter The Cost Undercover Cops Fighting For Justice Puts Their Lives And Hearts On The Line 3 Undercover CopsA great finish to the series 1