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Download Epub Format Æ Kept in the Dark PDF by Æ Penny Hancock Greenwich, Londra In Un Freddo Pomeriggio Di Febbraio, Sonia Apre La Porta Di Casa A Jez, Anni, Un Amico Del Figlio Il Ragazzo Vorrebbe Vedere Un Raro Disco Di Vinile, Pensa Di Restare Qualche Minuto E Andare Via Non Uscir Pi Con Una Folle Progressione Geometrica, Un Passo Dopo L Altro, Sonia Fa In Modo Che Jez Non Lasci La Casa Sul Fiume, Fino A Quando Non Scoprir Di Esserne Prigioniero, Di Non Poter Chiedere Aiuto La Sola Possibilit Che Gli Resta Trovare Un Modo Per Convivere Con Lei, Con Quella Donna Che Lo Considera Una Cosa Sua, Un Oggetto Da Proteggere, Da Custodire Non Ha Altra Strada Se Non Venire A Patti Con La Sua Carceriera Del Resto, Chi Lo Cercherebbe Mai In Quella Splendida, Vecchia Dimora In Riva Al Tamigi Chi Sospetterebbe Di Unamoglie E Madre Esemplare, Che Non Ha Mai Mostrato Alcun Segno Di Squilibrio La Casa Sul Fiume La Storia Di Un Ossessione, Di Uno Smarrimento Che Affonda Le Sue Radici Nei Meandri Pi Oscuri Della Psiche Ed La Storia Di Una Donna Reale E Vera Come Solo Il Dolore Sa Esserlo Perch La Sua Solitudine, I Suoi Ricordi, I Suoi Moventi Parlano Al Cuore Di Ognuno Di Noi DNFStopped at 9%.
Distastefuland Violentcontent ofchild raping child.
Listened with TTS.
Not Clean, Foul withFoul Language.
Ugh, what the fuck did I just read This missed the mark on being a psychological thriller in a big way it s basically borderline pedophilia fiction shivers I just can t even with this shit I was so uncomfortable the entire time reading this I m still uncomfortable thinking about it to write this review A quick synopsis Middle aged Sonia unhappily married with a grown daughter plies 15 year old Jez with drugged alcohol in order to make him compliant so she can hold him captive in her home, because he reminds her of her first real love, Seb, who died when they were teens and view spoiler also happened to be her older brother hide spoiler

I did not put this book down I threw it across the room Probably a poor choice as I was using an e reader, but since I couldn t punch every character in this train wreck, throwing the book was an acceptable alternative Basically, a nutjob of a woman keeps a teenage boy trapped in her house because he reminds her of her dead brother Unfortunately, the boy is not overly bright, and can t seem to make the connection that every time Crazypants gives him anything to eat or drink, he passes out and wakes up to her fondling him awkwardly STOP EATING THE FOOD, IDIOT Apparently, Crazypants is still obsessed with her dead brother to the point where she refuses to move from her childhood home, because that s where her sainted brother used to have sex with her When they weren t having sex on a homemade raft in the middle of the river, that is Yes, you read that right And where were What would possess a married woman with a young adult daughter to do something so despicable That is the question i asked myself while reading what is an unnerving and fascinating read Sonja to the outside world has a happy life, with a family of her own, a good job and a magnificent home overlooking the river Thames But behind the scenes things are far from happy, being in a loveless marriage and having her daughter living away from home, Sonja s is keeping her sanity together by a thread.
When a young teenage boy called Jeb comes to her door asking to borrow one of her husbands CD s, Sonja invites him in Jeb is the nephew of one time close friend Helen and taken in by the young mans looks and manners that remind her of a tragic relat

Penny grew up in South East London and then did an English degree in Newcastle Upon Tyne For several years she taught English as a foreign language in Italy, Greece and Morocco She then took a PGCE, got a job as a Primary school teacher in an inner city London school, and moved into her partner Andy s short life house in East London, which is now part of the hardcore under the M11 that links the