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[ Read Online Un giorno destate ☆ walking PDF ] by Benjamin Black à Benjamin Black is the name under which John Banville has chosen to write a series of detective stories, of which this is the fifth The stories all feature a likeable duo called Hackett and Quirke, a police detective and a pathologist respectively, and are set in 1950 s Dublin, a time and place John Banville knows well.
I read the second in the series a couple of years ago, and was impressed enough to plan to go back and read the first before moving on to the later ones as there are backstory elements that develop from book to book However, I found myself in an airport bookshop recently and as usual, anticipated buying several books to take home with me To my great disappointment, the shop had nothing that I wanted to buy, something that has never happened to me in my entire life The shelves either contained books I had already It is summer in Dublin, 1956, and it is hot, very hot a very unusual summer for a country accustomed to cool green and a fair amount of rain Quirk, the morose Dublin pathologist, is in the midst of a love affair with Isabel, a local actress and friend of his daughter, Phoebe He is called in to view the body of Richard Jewell, a wealthy businessman because the coroner is ill At first glance it seems as if Jewell committed suicide A warning here the scene is described rather graphically I can actually still picture it as I write this However, it soon becomes painfully obvious that it is not Jewell s exotic French wife claims to have been out and returned to find him dead Everyone else around him denies even hearing the shot Quirke asks Mrs Jewell Francoise a few questions, is invited to her home for a memorial drink, and, before long, is having an affair with the A Death in Summer is book four in the Quirke series by Benjamin Black One Sunday afternoon Inspector Hackett received a called that changed his plans for the day On arrival at the crime scene, Inspector Hackett gain the information that the state pathologist is sick, and they are sending Doctor Quirke When Doctor Quirke arrived, he realised he knows the victim s wife and his life and his daughter will change The readers of A Death in Summer will follow Inspector Hackett and Doct Quirke to see what happens.
A Death in Summer is the first book I have read of Benjamin Black, and I love it The reason I enjoyed reading A Death in Summer is that one of the main characters is a doctor and the state pathologist I also was surprised by the twist that Benjamin B

If you haven t read the three books prior to this one, click here to find out what you ve missed It was a drowsy day in summer, a perfect day for a death When word got about that Richard Jewell had been found with the greater part of his head blown off and clutching a shotgun in his bloodless hands, few outside the family circle and few inside it, either, considered his demise a cause for sorrow Thus begins A Death in Summer, the fourth novel of this series As Richard Diamond Dick Jewell lays there in his own gore in his beautiful estate called Brooklands, Quirke and Hackett, the two Connoisseurs of death, arrive on the scene Jewell runs the Daily Clarion, Dublin s top selling newspaper, and while the death looks like a suicide the press isn t going to run it as such, since suicides were never reported in the news Quirke, Dublin s pathologist is called in to investigate the supposed murder of one of the cities most infamous rich folk named Jewell With a history of violence and a secret intrenched in the vile goings on at St Christopher s home for boys with certain vulnerabilities, orphans, the unwanted, troublesome, from overburdened families, petty thieves, victims of incest, etc both the victim of this most recent crime and his closest enemy named Sumner, seemed to have a lurid interest in St Christopher s This secret along with so many others is the tangled ball of yarn that Quirke and his pal Detective Hackett not the brightest bulb in the box must untangle Quirke s assistant is threatened and maimed for his attempt to help Is Quirke s interest in St Christopher s too personal, having spent time there as a child, or has his relationship to the dead mans wi This is a consciously literary crime novel How you respond to it will depend upon whether you like the sort of heightened language employed by Benjamin Black the Man Booker winner John Banville writing under a well publicised pseudonym I do like it and so I did enjoy the book, although I thought it had its flaws.
To illustrate the style of the book, Banville describes a buffet table which has at its centre, a mighty salmon, succulently, indecently pink, arranged on a silver salver Or as another example, The priest was studying him closely again, running ghostly fingers over the Braille of Quirke s soul I found all this atmospheric and evocative which is just as well, because there is a lot of atmosphere and character and a great deal of Fine Writing but, frankly, not all that much plot What plot there is, is a bit t PROTAGONIST Doctor Quirke, pathologist, and DI HackettSETTING DublinSERIES 4 of 6RATING 3.
5WHY Newspaper tycoon Richard Diamond Dick Jewell is found in his study with his head blown off At first, it is labeled a suicide however, pathologist Dr Quirke soon concludes it is murder He finds himself involved in the investigation, sometimes working with DI Hackett Things get complicated when Quirke falls in love with the widow, an enigmatic French woman At the same time, someone is warning him, even resorting to injuring his assistant, Sinclair There is a plethora of disturbed and or eccentric characters who are generally not very developed, and the plot is not especially engrossing.
Dick Jewell, Magnate Dell Editoria Nel Fiore Degli Anni, Morto Il Cadavere, Orrendamente Mutilato, Giace Riverso Nell Ufficio Sopra Le Scuderie Nella Sua Tenuta Di Campagna, Il Fucile Ancora Stretto Tra Le Mani All Apparenza Parrebbe Un Suicidio, Ma Qualcosa Non Torna Diamond Dick, Come Lo Chiamavano I Suoi Detrattori, Non Era Proprio Il Tipo Da Commettere Atti Inconsulti E Non Ha Lasciato Neanche Un Messaggio Di Commiato D Altro Canto, Nessuno Tra Famigliari, Dipendenti, Concittadini E Rivali In Affari Sembra Particolarmente Affranto Per La Sua Scomparsa Per L Anatomopatologo Quirke E L Ispettore Hackett, Strappato Suo Malgrado A Un Placido Pomeriggio Domenicale Di Pesca, Il Bandolo Da Dipanare Quantomai Intricato, Perch Tutto Ci Che Ruota Intorno A Jewell E Alle Sue Presunte Attivit Benefiche Rivela, A Uno Sguardo Pi Attento, Un Lato Oscuro, Corrotto E Coloro Che Ne Hanno A Vario Titolo Condiviso L Intimit Appaiono Avvinti In Un Inestricabile Spirale Di Odio, Vendetta E Senso Di Colpa Un Gorgo Che Arriver A Sfiorare Persino Phoebe, La Figlia Di Quirke, Ancora Una Volta Sua Involontaria E Preziosa Alleata Nelle Indagini David Sinclair, Lo Schivo E Ignaro Assistente E In Cui Rischier Di Cadere Lo Stesso Anatomopatologo, Fatalmente Attratto Dall Algida E Fascinosa Moglie Di Jewell, La Misteriosa Fran Oise D Aubigny E La Verit , Inseguita Fino A Cap Ferr T, In Una Costa Azzurra Abbacinata Dal Sole E Vivida Quanto Un Fondale Dipinto, Sar Per Quirke La Conferma Di Un Presentimento Rese a de MUERTE EN VERANOMuerte en verano es una novela policiaca escrita por Benjamin Black pseud nimo de John Banville en el a o 2011.
El doctor Quirke debe investigar la misteriosa muerte de uno de los hombres m s poderosos de Dubl n, diamante Dick, el cual fue encontrado muerto en su despacho, con una escopeta entre las manos Los primeros indicios apuntan a un suicidio, pero la polic a no tarda en averiguar que ha sido asesinado As , Quirke deber investigar la vida de este misterioso hombre, y, por ello, frecuentar a todas sus amistades y enemigos, y por casualidad, ser conducido al orfanato en el que pas su infancia, muy relacionado con la vida de este poderoso hombre.
Me ha gustado mucho la trama y como va desarrollando los hechos Me ha impresionado bastante la mala imagen que pretende dar de Dubl n, cuando hace re prima vera lettura del 2019 e l anno non sarebbe potuto iniziare meglio Trama gialla, tematiche delicate e scabrose, scrittura che avvince, insinuandosi in una narrazione che contiene di tutto, dalla poesia allo splatter, e che eleva quest opera alla dignita di un vero e bellissimo romanzo Leggo che John Banville che per tutti tranne che per l editore italiano in questa serie scrive sotto pseudonimo e da anni nella rosa dei candidati al Nobel per la letteratura, per cui faccio ammenda per la mia ignoranza e mi auguro che possa vincerlo, giusto per potermi dire d accordo con la commissione, almeno una volta quattro e mezzo, le stelline

John BanvilleBanville was born in Wexford, Ireland His father worked in a garage and died when Banville was in his early thirties his mother was a housewife He is the youngest of three siblings his older brother Vincent is also a novelist and has written under the name Vincent Lawrence as well as his own His sister Vonnie Banville Evans has written both a children s novel and a reminiscence of growing up in Wexford.Educated at a Christian Brothers school and at St Peter s College in Wexford Despite having intended to be a painter and an architect he did not attend university Banville has described this as A great mistake I should have gone I regret not taking that four years of getting drunk and falling in love But I wanted to get away from my family I wanted to be free After school he worked as a clerk at Aer Lingus which allowed him to travel at deeply discounted rates He took advantage of this to travel in Greece and Italy He lived in the United States during 1968 and 1969 On his return to Ireland he became a sub editor at the Irish Press, rising eventually to the position of chief sub editor His first book, Long Lankin, was published in 1970.After the Irish Press collapsed in 1995, he became a sub editor at the Irish Times He was appointed literary editor in 1998 The Irish Times, too, suffered severe financial problems, and Banville was offered the choice of taking a redundancy package or working as a features department sub editor He left Banville has been a regular contributor to The New York Review of Books since 1990 In 1984, he was elected to Aosd na, but resigned in 2001, so that some other artist might be allowed to receive the cnuas.Banville also writes under the pen name Benjamin Black His first novel under this pen name was Christine Falls, which was followed by The Silver Swan in 2007 Banville has two adult sons with his wife, the American textile artist Janet Dunham They met during his visit to San Francisco in 1968 where she was a student at the University of California, Berkeley Dunham described him during the writing process as being like a murderer who s just come back from a particularly bloody killing Banville has two daughters from his relationship with Patricia Quinn, former head of the Arts Council of Ireland.Banville has a strong interest in vivisection and animal rights, and is often featured in Irish media speaking out against vivisection in Irish university research.