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Trailer Ë Shameless PDF by Ó Anne Stuart This is of a reminder of what this book is about than a proper opinion I liked it I ll rate it a bit higher since I got a sort of an epilogue for the previous book here Miranda and Lucien make an appearance and they are great You ve known her all your life, Lucien retorted Do you really think I have a chance in hell of keeping her home Oh, you re a fearsome creature, indeed, Scorpion Stuff it Your sister is enough to terrify anyone This isn t athirty years latertype of story as previous books Benedick Francis Alistair Rohan is Miranda s older brother Lady Melisande Carstairs has opened her home to prostitutes who want to make their life better That s how she found out about the horrible things the Heavenly Host is into.
Rohan and Melisande s relationship start as a partnership to find Benedick s younger brother and to stop the Heavenly Host, which isn t only a ga Aku sukaaaaaaaaaaaa image error Londra, La Vita Di Benedick Francis Alistair, VI Visconte Di Rohan, Costellata Di Amori Finiti Che L Hanno Reso Un Uomo Cinico E Freddo E Quando Torna A Londra Lo Fa Con Un Obiettivo Ben Preciso Trovare Una Moglie Seria E Senza Pretese, Che Gli Dia Un Erede E Soprattutto Che Non Lo Infastidisca Se Lui Sfoga Altrove I Suoi Appetiti Sessuali Poi Lady Melisande Carstairs Irrompe Nella Sua Vita Pretendendo Che La Aiuti A Sventare I Progetti Scellerati Dell Esercito Celeste Dotata Di Un Energia Incontenibile E Di Un Corpo Morbido E Sensuale Che Accende La Sua Fantasia, Non Esattamente Il Genere Di Donna Che Benedick Aveva In Mente, Eppure Esercita Su Di Lui Un Attrazione Incontenibile E Cos Pericolosa Da Indurlo A Troncare Ogni Rapporto Melisande Per Abituata A Vincere Che Si Tratti Di Salvare Donne Maltrattate O Di Sedurre L Uomo Di Cui Si Sconsideratamente Innamorata Wonderfully matched leading characters make this a supremely enjoyable romance4 stars This was my first Anne Stuart and was a great one to start with The plot is a good one, the chemistry sizzles, there are some wonderfully humorous lines, and the secondary characters are well written, with two of them being extremely compelling my guess is they get their own romance I loved Melisande and Benedick together there is a wonderful mix of antagonism and attraction to their relationship They re both strong characters, but they also have vulnerabilities that the other sees and responds to This is definitely an opposites attract situation, so for all readers who love that setup you should be happy here Heroine I loved Lady Melisande Charity Carstairs and thought she was a great heroine She s supposed to be plain and boringly dressed, We have the Viscount Benedick Rohan, a man who lost two wives to childbirth complications, venture to London to find a, oh, so proper wife he can wed, bed, impregnate for the oh, so important heir and spare if I had a sibling you best be knowing I d refer to them as the spare , and then abandon ignore to run off merrily with some mistress He arrives home to find his baby brother a shell of a man, due to his injuries he received from fighting in the Afgan Wars, addicted to opium, and doing secretly naughty things as a member of, those oh, so scandalously bored aristocrat s group, The Heavenly Host This prompts him to order in his evening s entertainment totally understand, I check the pizza delivery box way than the pickup one who arrives eager to please, but I m so sick of this trope where the hero is a waste of space demeaning jerk who treats the heroine like crap but hey, at least he s not a rapist like the other guy Honestly This book would have been ten times better had Benedick not been in it.
He was completely unecessary Not a good quality in a leading man Miranda and Lucien knew what was happening, and Melisande knew where it was happening, and if they d had a way to meet, they could have cut out the middleman and stopped it all on their own Granted, it wouldn t have been much of a romance without a love interest, but let s be honest here, it wasn t much of a romance with one, either.
Reason 1 Why Benedick is horrible Melisande comes to Benedick and tells him that his family s secret club is kidnapping, raping, abusing, and possibly even killing women, and his response is, Eh Then she says his brother is one This whole series blows my mind Shameless is another example why Anne Stuart is a superior writer author We start with two less than perfect characters and immediately love them both Someone is scarred, someone isn t tiny, blond and breathtakingly beautiful, someone has deep fears which incringe on everyday life and decisions It doesn t matter how warped or twisted or scared or unreasonable these characters are, we love them And that my friends, is good writing.
Benedick seemed tame in comparison to the other leading men in this series, especially after Lucien still shaking my head over him But his mouth could slice you apart with few words Melisande was tough enough to take it and dish it out And there starts the beginning of love They had a common goal I hate rehashing books plots and were forced to work together.
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A bit different from other Stuart books, because the hero is not a bad boy and has loved before Even so, it felt stale and extremely repetitive he just keeps thinking the same thoughts over and over I liked the characters, but otherwise it was pretty meh The secondary romance had a lot of potential but was given short shrift, so perhaps another book about those characters is coming.
This is my first Anne Stuart book and I am kicking myself that I haven t read anything by her sooner I am also feeling a little shamed that I have started this series on the fourth book, I am normally a stickler for reading a series in order.
Lord Benedick Rohan has come to London for two reasons, 1, to find a bland wife with whom he can create an heir and a spare and 2, to shag himself silly But when Lady Melisande Carstairs, or Charity Carstairs, turns up on his door demanding that he helps her shut down a secret organization that his younger brother has gotten involved in, all his plans seem to crumble Anne Stuart has a new fan, I loved this book it s one of my favourite historicals this year The hero, Benedick had an edge of darkness making him b 3.
75He wasn t marrying her Even if she d have him, which she certainly wouldn t, he had no intention of leg shackling himself to such a difficult woman She d always be racing off to save some new stray lamb, and if she even caught wind of the Scorpion s criminal associations she d probaby try to save them, as well She was a dangerous woman, never content with the status quo, and she would drag who ever was fool enough to marry her along for the rideWhat a great series this has turned out to be I enjoyed this one, however is was probably my least favorite book of the series I enjoyed the story, but the characters just didn t win me over quite as effectively I m not even quite sure why I think it may have started with the names If a characters s name doesn t flow easily through my mind as I m reading, it eventually becomes

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