Download Epub Format ¼ The Motherfucker With the Hat PDF by ✓ Stephen Adly Guirgis

Download Epub Format ¼ The Motherfucker With the Hat PDF by ✓ Stephen Adly Guirgis This is a play about complicated relationships, addiction, friendship, love and loyalty Funny how people can be than one thing I thought it was brilliant, funny, touching and wonderfully acted I d love to see it performed, but this audio of the Broadway cast was the next best thing If the title puts you off, then almost every line in the play will offend you I loved every minute of it.
I can understand and appreciate why this play generated the buzz and received the accolades that it did However, it is not my cup of tea I ve never been a fan of stories where the whole point is that the characters behave badly and treat those around them like crap Cousin Julio was the only character that I liked, and he wasn t in it enough to redeem the story for me.
He writes about people I don t know, about a world I ve never lived in And yet when I finished this I unfortunately didn t get to see what was apparently a wonderful NY production I wanted to be the writer and all the characters in the play I felt as I was reading this big fat gust of life blowing me around the room, and sat down to see could I write like that, could I do it without thinking, in emulation, honoring this voice andhoping to hear an aspect of my own that I haven t located before but suspect is in there Bliss for me would be to spend weeks playing with this, shocking myself, making myself laugh, seeing of who I am That s what great writing does t me, and this is great writing I have his other plays on my IPad as of yesterday This is a sea change Instead of going to get the BOOK, I ve gotten its avatar Good thing This was a Goodlisten.
the theme and dialogue was cool, but the performances were phenomenal I was interested in this play because it was garnering a lot of buzz, I think mainly because Chris Rock was starring in it This might have clouded my feelings going into the play I thought it was a comedy, or would have been funny It s not It s intense It has drug users, philanderers, and parolees These characters are different, but they are not really likable either Some have some good qualities, but they are not redeemable, or nice.
This was a very interesting audiobook I liked the story.
Addiction, Pain, And Explosive Tempers Are Not Exactly What You D Call The Ingredients For A Side Splitting Comedy Yet Steven Adly Guiguis Has Created A Profane, Hilarious Masterpiece That Earned A Hatful Of Theatrical Accolades In , Including A Drama Desk Award For Outstanding Actor In A Play For Bobby Cannavale Stars The original Broadway Cast Chris Rock, Bobby Canavale, Annabella Sciorra, Elizabeth Rodriguez And Yul Vazquez The real life horror show that comes with addiction and codependency but one that has real moments of humor, love and compassion.
Performance done in Oklahoma City of all places to several sold out houses An amazingly raw, fierce script with complex and interesting characters.
I loved reading this play to myself aloud The way the words moved around in my mouth, my tongue enunciating the authentic vowels and consonants I m so used to producing in my everyday life Stephen has the gift of language In reading this story about these folks who just can t quite get it together, it s an inspiration to one day have my words performed on stage.

Stephen Adly Guirgis is an American playwright, screenwriter, director, and actor He is a member and co artistic director of New York City s LAByrinth Theater Company His plays have been produced on five continents and throughout the United States.