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[John Maher] Ö Chomsky for Beginners [russian-revolution PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¾ A good lucid introduction to Chomsky s Linguistic accomplishments and theories, ending with an entree to his passion for libertarian political thought and his inspiring activism on behalf of the politically enthralled and unconsciously enslaved masses, ourselves included Inspired to read this and of his politcal philosophy by the documentary CHOMSKY MANUFACTURING CONSENT.
Starting from page 120, the book diverts from Chomsky s work in linguistics to radical critique of the institutions of power and the pathways of oppression, and his commitment to freedom and justice Page 144 for example has him popped up with a quote balloon There s an unpronounceable 5 letter word in the United States CLASS I ve read better overall books in this Icon Booms series HELLO, JOYCE, DARWIN, EINSTEIN KAFKA but I ve never seen a better diversion than this one.
An introducing book should be accessible, this isn t Uses complex language and moves through difficult concepts too fast with little time spent explaining them I purchased Chomsky for Beginners without much expectation, but as a Chomsky book to put into my library I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the exposition and thought that went into putting this excellent synopsis of Chomsky s ideas in linguists and their role in utterly transforming our understanding of human language Even than that, Maher and Chomsky include a range of contrary opinions and subsequent arguments that, although very concise, clearly illuminate the issues, thinking and controversies.
The basic evisceration of the behaviourist model of language acquisition was well articulated throughout But I like how he approached Skinner The Refutation of BehaviourismIn 1959, Chomsky composed a basic refutation of behaviourist psychology in this review of B.
F Skinner s Verbal BehaviourAccording to Chomsky, children are A particularly fascinating Introducing book The first 120 pages cover Chomsky the linguist, and it is a pretty dense read, but I learned a lot His view of language makes sense, but seems very difficult to understand There is a system in place in our brains that matures during childhood, about how language is acquired It s not arbitrary or a blank slate, solely dependent on surrounding stimuli, but governed by specific innate laws or rules In these studies, Chomsky reveals simultaneously how little we know about the brain or the mind and how they work in general.
The rest of the book is dedicated to Chomsky s political views It cleared up some misconceptions I had about him, which were probably inspired by conservative voices I really enjoyed reading about his views and it has mad , Not sure i agree with his linguistics, but i don t have the expertise It just seems to me that he doesn t prove that the intrinsic structure of language is received biology.
The politics i completely agree with.
But that s Chomsky, to review the book itself it s excellent Chomsky s oeuvre is enormous, this is a good start

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Chomsky for Beginners book, this is one of the most wanted John Maher author readers around the world.