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[Simon Barnes] · A Bad Birdwatcher's Companion: 50 Intimate Portraits of Britain's Best Loved Birds [material-culture PDF] Read Online ð An excellent introduction to 50 common bird species for everyone living in these isles should be a primary school textbook audiobook.
Disclaimer I listened to the audiobook Was a library recommended book, but is completely British based, so many of the birds are not in the U.
S Also in written form, is most likely an actual field guide, which is awkward in audiobook.
This was another anything will do emergency audiobook to stem boredom while dog walking, but it turned out to be a hoot The British are very good at turning training books shows into such amusing productions that anyone can enjoy them, even those uninterested in the underlying topic just look at Barbara Woodhouse and her dog training and Fawlty Towers which set out to show how NOT to run a hotel Anyway, this book covers 50 noteworthy birds in Britain in a fast paced, amusing and educative way Having lived in Britain once, I m familiar with many of the birds, but this quirky, light hearted and gently humorous book has something for non Brits and non birdwatchers alike And of course, it s a book that must be heard, given the song samples.
I listened to the audio book, and highly recommend that version because the author includes bird sounds in each chapter that are very helpful I did buy the hard cover book to use as a future reference The author makes you feel like you really can identify different kind of birds For example, with two kinds of thrushes, one likes treetops and one likes shrubs, so you can tell them apart by where they hang out In another example, there are two birds that look very similar, but their songs are very different, so you can tell them apart by listening His main point is to just keep looking and enjoying the birds For a book that is jam packed with facts, identifying tips and information about habitats, migration, etc.
, it is a delightfully humorous book that draws you in and keeps you interested Another reason that I especially enjoyed it, is that we h This is not a field guide This is an anti field guide In a field guide, you find facts and figures accompanied by detailed drawings with labelled scapulae and tertiaries Here, you find fifty love letters to Britain s most obvious birds from someone who knows, respects and serves them well There are no colour pictures and no diagrams Instead, Simon Barnes expertly uses words to paint a vibrant portrait of each bird s appearance, characteristics, habits and history In each case he does so with admiration, celebration and care Compellingly, he also meditates on each bird s relationship to humankind Complementing the text are Peter Partington s simple monochrome caricatures Partington is somehow able to capture the essence of each bird s personality in a few effortless strokes, not dissimilarly although stylistically disparate to Matt Sewell s work We all ha Interesting, charming and has birds singing their songs Few books Are Intimidating Than A Conventional Field Guide There Are Simply Too Many Birds In Them This Book Introduces The Reader To Britain S Most Obvious Birds But It Does Than That It Also Explains Them It Explains The Way That Different Birds Do Different Things, Eat Different Food, Sing Different Songs And Live Different Lives, And It Explains Why They Are Different If You Are A Would Be Birdwatcher But Don T Know Where To Start, A Bad Field Guide Is For You It Will Help You Understand Birdwatching But Far Important, It Will Help You Begin To Understand Birds RobinBut Have You Ever Wondered What A Red Breast Means To A Robin A Red Breast Is Not Just The Way A Human Can Recognise A Robin When It Comes A Calling, When It Sits On A Spade Or A Christmas Card The Red Breast Is Not Just A Bit Of Chance Colouration No The Red Breast Is The Core Of The Robin S Being The Red Breast Is The Love, The Honour And The Glory Of A Robin Have You Noticed That A Robin Positively Flaunts It It Is As If He Is Telling The World For God S Sake, I M A Robin A brilliant guideAn excellent guide on British birds Great for people new to bird watching to help them identify what they are seeing and what the differences are.
This isn t a field guide it s a collection of warm and witty essays about the 50 most obvious birds and their effect on the human spirit Barnes starts with the birds you are most likely to see those that live in the garden or city, but also includes a few rare pilgrimage birds such as the bittern and peregrine falcon, and gives tips on where you might see them.
Barnes is adept at summing up a birds essence in a few words sparrow hawks have their being in suddenness He gives each bird it s own personality , but this is not a sentimental book Nature is not nice in Barnes s book it is red in beak and claw.
Barnes s easygoing prose is complemented by beautifully observed illustrations by Peter Partington Barnes encourages the reader to acquire the habit of looking so that we too can experience a feeling of privilege , a lift of the heart when we see Audio book A lovely little book explaining the sounds and habits of 50 common British birds I really liked the audio recording of each bird s sound Also the narrator had a nice soothing voice and was very clearly passionate and very knowledgeable about his subject I will listen to this book another time to try to get the hang of the birds sounds.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Bad Birdwatcher's Companion: 50 Intimate Portraits of Britain's Best Loved Birds book, this is one of the most wanted Simon Barnes author readers around the world.