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[Stephanie Doyle] Ç The Way Back [cooking PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ originally posted at Romance Around the CornerThe book s premise is one you don t find so often which is exactly what made me want to read it The hero used to be a national hero, but everything came crashing down when his infidelity was publicly displayed for the entire world to see So yes, interesting premise, but also a tricky one, I honestly thought this was going to be a train wreck I m glad and surprised to say that against all odds, and because of a great talent, Ms Doyle managed to make it work.
Gabby Haines used to be a local talk show host But age and a few pounds got her fired Now she s trying to pick up the pieces of her life and start over, but starting over means working as a junior editor at a publishing Starting Over Sounds Good In Theory The Reality Well, Gabriella Haines Isn T Enjoying That So Much Once A Top Rated TV Host, Suddenly Becoming The Junior Editor At A Publishing House Isn T Playing To Her Strengths She Does Have One Chance To Fast Forward A Few Career Steps, However If She Can Manage The Impossible Convincing Former American Hero Jamison Hunter To Finish The Autobiography He Owes ThemToo Bad He S Resistant To All Her Tactics Worse, That Little Star Crush Gabby Had On Him Before His Downfall She Isn T Quite As Over It As She Thought In Fact, The She Knows The Real Him, The She Wants To Uncover The Truth About What Happened Because Restoring Him In The Public Eye May Be The Best Chance They Have At A Future Together This was a different kind of book Gabby needed to convince Jamison to finish the autobiography he had committed to before the scandal that destroyed his reputation When she went to Hawk Island to confront him, he wanted nothing to do with her, refused to talk to her about it She tried running with him couldn t keep up When she finally bargained him into giving her two weeks to try to convince him, she thought she d have a shot at it She learned how to run with him, and watched him with the people of the island, and was convinced that he was not guilty of the accusations She also came to like, and then love him, but still had trust issues with him Jamie didn t want to tell the story He did want to get Gabby in bed with him While spending time Nice story about a hero astronaut who became a goat when he was caught cheating The heroine has a new job after getting fired from her TV job for turning 30 and going up two sizes As the new editor, she gets the job of heading up to Maine to try to talk the hero into writing the book her company signed him up to do before he lost his hero shine Older and experienced than the previous editors who came to visit him, she s not so easy to run off Gradually they start to like each other It s a sweet story I liked it Good read.
Fabulous book I loved it Great characters and great revelations at the end Kept me guessing.
can t wait for this book Great cover too finished this last night great book Great, different characters you don t see these people in romances all that often people with real faults and real problems The questions kept the pages turning Loved the secondary characters Another great one by Stephanie

Rating 3.
5When I went in to read the book I wasn t sure I would like it since both the h H had a lot of baggage and the hero once an army Colonel and astronaut famous for rescuing 14 people, fell from grace eight years ago when he was caught cheating.
This had an impact on the heroine as well, since like many people she idolized him and had a crush on him and his fall from grace made her question her fiancee and discover that he was cheating on her with her half sister Now, the heroine is at a cross roads, she has been fired from her show for being old and fat and she is in the doll drums, feeling as if she has been a has been, has a lot of issues with her body and trust In her new job she feel she has something to prove, she is 33 and almost everyone else is younger and prettier, her job is to hunt the hero Jamieson down and convince him to tell his story, since he signed a cont This book was good, but didn t keep me hooked on a viceral level Warning you might want to steer clear of the dear reader letter at the beginning I read the Dear Reader letter at the beginning, and it actually detracted from the book for me because it references the author s inspiration for the hero, who s one of America s most notorious fallen celebrities It took me a while to get over that ick factor with the hero of her book and stop thinking about him as the real life celebrity.
I didn t think the chemistry really sparked between the hero and heroine, and I spent the last fifty pages wishing the hero would do something emotional or touching, but he didn t really change He didn t reveal his secrets and lies to the heroine willingly, he

It all started with Shanna and Star Wars An odd combination, I know, but what people don t appreciate about Star Wars is the deep romantic element between two of the lead characters I wasn t seven years old when I was able to clearly spot that Han and Leia were supposed to be a couple.Sure most of my friends, who at the time weren t nearly as mature as I was after all some of them were still s