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✓ Falling for the Fireman (Gordon Falls, #1) é Download by ↠´ Allie Pleiter There S Something Achingly Familiar About The Look In Fire Marshal Chad Owens S Eyes Widowed Mom Jeannie Nelworth Knows Firsthand What It Is Loss, Hurt And Yes Bitterness Ever Since The Fire That Changed Their Lives, Jeannie S Young Son Has Borne That Same Look, Pushing Everyone Away So She S Grateful When Chad Tries To Get Through To The Boy With The Help Of His Trusty Fire Station DogBut The Man Who S All About Safety And Prevention Keeps Himself Protected From Loving And Losing Again Seems As If Jeannie Will Have To Add His Kind, Guarded Heart To Her Rebuilding Efforts awesome Falling for the Fireman by Allie PleiterWhat makes a classic inspirational romance It s than just the presence of a standard firefighting hero or optimistic heroine The men and women are flawed humans, sympathetic and realistic in their actions Plot twists and scenes are so engrossing the reader feels compelled to reread the pages The author illustrates what love is, before the characters recognize it themselves, in an almost aching way Finally, a faith lesson is taught in a fresh manner and stands the test of time In Falling for the Fireman, Allie Pleiter has written an engrossing classic love story in such a clear, bold, emotional manner, a reader is swept along as strength is found, pain is healed and love grows.
Jeannie Nelworth is as human a mother and heroine as can be found She faces fears with a A sweet romance about a Fire Marshal, a candy store owner, and her 13 year old son who are brought together by the damaging role fire has played in their lives.
Chad Owens, the fire marshal, lost a loved one to fire 8 years ago and has shut down emotionally since that time He is drawn out of this, and finds his own faith, when he begins to work with Nick Nelworth and is exposed to Nick s mom, Jeannie Jeannie and Nick lost her husband his dad in a fiery car accident and recently, lost their home to a fire caused by faulty wiring.
It has been a good long time since I rated a Harlequin over 2 stars For the first time in a long time I found a book that had believable characters with believable baggage and believable motivations And not only that, there were no dumb glaring errors of science because the author chose to a do her homework, and b adequately skirt the issue to avoid making moronic suppositions that other romance authors do instead of doing their homework I liked that Nick was a believable teenager I liked that Jeannie was desperately trying to rebuild her life after two tragedies and still stay strong for her son I liked the fact that Chad was willing to do the hard things that Jeannie couldn t I liked that all three of these characters not only strong in Another great story with Pleiter s trademarkwit and insight Spiritual, without being heavy handed.
A heartwarming read about real characters with real issues I m looking forward to continuing this series.
I liked this novel which is a story of two people who have been hurt by the loss of loved ones It was a fun read.
As a wife of a firefighter, FALLING FOR THE FIREMAN by ALLIE PLEITER caught my attention It wasn t just the cover or the title, but the author herself I m a huge fan of the historicals she s written Jeannie Nelworth knows all too well the devastating consequences of a fire After a fire took her home, her son started acting out Lucky for Jeannie, Fire Marshall Chad Owens spots the distress in her son s eyes and offers to helpIf there s one thing Chad Owens is good at, it s distancing himself from others Especially women After all he d let his fianc e down in the worst possible way Typical of Allie Pleiter s writing, she made me laugh I was in awe of the great lines she came up with, something she never fails to deliver in each story she writes I was amazed at the depth of each I m not a fan of contemporary romance, Christian or not But I needed a book for a challenge, and when I saw this on the list I remembered how much I liked the author s Homefront Hero, so I gave it a try, and I m glad I did as it turned out to be a cut above average.
Pleiter gives the reader what they re looking for in this kind of book characters you can like, a plot that moves along well, romance that develops over time But she adds something that some Christian writers can t seem to manage a realistic examination of faith In this book we have three people who are trying to recover from tragedies in their life They pick different ways to cope, but all of them are realistic Having experienced real tragedies in my life, I dislike so called Christian books that make faith look simple, like all you need to do is go to church once and pray a prayer and everything is fine Faith can be con

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