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[James Hall] Ö Sangoma: My Odyssey Into the Spirit World of Africa [football PDF] Read Online ☆ Nothing In James Hall S Midwestern Childhood Or Professional Writing Career Had Prepared Him For Such An Unexpected Life When Hall Was On Assignment In Africa Working With Legendary Singer Miriam Makeba, She Perceived He Had The Rare Gift To See Both Into The Future And Into People S Souls At Her Urging, Hall Consulted A Sangoma, A Traditional Healer, Who Told Him He Was Possessed By Ancestral Spirits Who Could Give Him The Power To Heal Others And To Become A Sangoma Himself If He Was Willing To Take The Risk The Risk He Took Required Him To Break With The Past And Embrace An Uncertain Future, And Undergo A Two Year Spiritual And Physical Ordeal Initiation Into The Mysteries Of Psychic Possession And Traditional Healing His Is A Story Never Heard Before, Told By The First White Person To Complete These Demanding And Secret Rituals Hall S Grasp Of Reality Was Shaken To The Core As He Was Forced To Surrender Himself To Souls From The Spirit World Who Now Use Him As Their Liaison With The Living Hall Also Learned How To read Meanings And Messages In His Set Of Divination Bones, And Began His Education In The Collection And Preparation Of Plants And Roots Used As Traditional Medicines Knowledge That Takes A Lifetime To Master James Hall Has Written A Candid And Dramatically Personal Account Of His Unique Journey From A Comfortable, Predictable Life In Los Angeles To A Harsh And Uncharted One In The Tiny Kingdom Of Swaziland His Story Shows How The Pieces Of Life Can Fit Together To Balance People And Nature, The Mortal And The Immortal, The Physical And The Spiritual Sangoma Weaves Together The Excitement Of An Adventure Story And The Wisdom Of A Deeply Felt Memoir From A Man Who Has Blended His Roles As Modern American And As Diviner And Healer Of Timeless Provenance This white guy goes to Africa to learn all about tribal medicine and becomes a healer He desribes some powerful hullicinagenics that I read about in my Native American books He is really brave to go and try so much of this such in the name of learning.
This is completely nuts I mean that as a compliment One man s journey from his life as a Los Angeles screenwriter to a new way of being as an apprentice healer in Swaziland, guided by the spirits which have possessed him, vomiting goat s blood in the river at dawn and communing with his ancestors and others.

See this thread for information. James Tjekisa Hall is a filmmaker, journalist and author A graduate of the University of Southern California s Division of Cinema and long time resident of Swaziland, Hall is a senior Umbutfo Swazi warrior of Swazi King Mswati III s Inyatsi African buffalo regiment, where he was named Tjekisa by the tribal elders during initiation rituals.