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↠´ Read Ê For Time & All Absurdity by Robert Farrell Smith ò Ian Smith S World Has Crumbled While He Was On His Mission, The Girl Of His Dreams Went Off And Got Married Theirs Was To Have Been A Match Made In Heaven, And Ian Can T Believe That Bronwyn Is Really, Finally, Irredeemably Out Of Reach And When His Dad Runs Afoul Of The Law, It Would Seem That Things Couldn T Get Much Worse Lost And Disheartened And Tormented By The Loss Of His One And Only Love, Ian Ventures Back Into College There He Is Saddled With One Of The Most Irritating Roommates Anyone Ever Endured And Begins An Odyssey Of Dating Misadventures That Will Make You Wince If You Ve Ever Been In Love, Gotten Dear Johned, Gone To College, Or Endured A Nightmare Blind Date, You Ll Recognize This Cast Of Characters Smith always delivers the most interesting characters He makes me chuckle and warms my heart This story didn t fail Ian s been in love with Bronwyn since he was a boy But, every time he gets close to her, he bumbles and stumbles Finally, he gets his chance to win the girl of his dreams and ends up helping to solve their families financial crimes.
I didn t love this book didn t hate it either It was about a RM finally dating the love of his life It was written by a guy about a guy and of course from the guy s perspective Not really a romance as much as a series of events many comical that lead the main character, Ian, to where he wants to be in life I felt no connection to the characters and if you had something else to read, I would probably skip this one I got it from the library book sale, so if anyone wants it after that glowing review let me know.
Just finished this one Ian is a rather appealing, if goofy, character in search of true love His family is slightly off center, and his dad is under suspicion of embezzlement Ian heads off to college in pursuit of the girl he has loved for years, Bronwyn But even when things seem to be going well, he can t help tweaking things a bit Made me laugh at the hamster part.
A fun story told from the point of view of the guy not change from it always being about the girl who is awkward and has a difficult time finding the right things to say Ian has had a crush on Bonwyn his entire life I was frustrated for him throughout the entire,enjoyable book.
I just finished this book, and i LOVED it it was so good it is a book about this mormon guy named Ian and his obsession for this girl named Bronwyn it takes you through a series of funny events that happen throughout his life read IT you will love it It was an easy quick read It s not one of my favorites just because of the type of book it is the unrealistic comic type book One main thing that was unrealistic to me was that he actually ended up with the girl he d liked all his life.
This book is delightfully witty It makes a suspenseful turn towards the end, which doesn t really fit the author s writing style But all around, I think this is a good book when you want something silly and easy to read.
This book was amusing and clever The protagonist, Ian, is clueless but not in a way that makes you want to strangle him Would recommend.
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