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[ Read Online The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes Î professors PDF ] by Ellery Queen Ê First Published In , This Is An Anthology Of Parodies And Pastiches, And Comprises Of A Collection Of Than Stories Written By Detective Story Writers, Famous Literary Figures, Humorists And Others Of Burlesques And Pastiches Of The Famous Detective That Represent The Highlights Of Character, Style, Idiosyncrasies, Deduction Associated With Sherlock Holmes Excellent anthology The parodies are hilarious, the pastiches spot on.
Nicht weit gekommen Interesting look back at some old writersAs a big fan of Ellery Queen and his magazine, it was a nice treat to be able to read some old Sherlock Holmes pastiche and parodies.
I had to pay 5 to get this through ILL but for Sherlock Holmes fans this is a great read Editor Ellery Queen collects a wide assortment of parodies, pastiches, and unrecorded cases from authors both obscure today and some who have remained very well known A Christie, M Twain, O Henry Even for the widely read fan, there will be plenty of new material here My favorite was the story The Canterbury Cathedral Murder , where the sleuth is Shirley Holmes , the Great Detective s equally intelligent daughter The narrator is, of course, Joan Watson, son of the good doctor An able collection assembled from all the bits and pieces of Sherlockana which existed before 1944.
This, then, is also the book s downfall There were very few quality Sherlock Holmes pastiches before the 1970s a fact the book makes clear, with its only four truly excellent stories But Our Hero was Not Dead here listed as But He was Not Dead, and other either title what I consider one of the few first rate pastiches by Manly Wade Wellman, The Mary Queen of Scots Jewel by William O Fuller, and The Unique Hamlet by Vincent Starrett August Derleth s Solar Pons story, as always, is wonderful.
The rest of the collection, really, is only of interest to the truly obsessive of which I am one.
Took my time reading this but very worth it Contains many rare and obscure pastiches and parodies Some emulate the originals so well they could be written by Doyle, others cleverly exaggerate for comedy Others aren t Sherlock stories but stories that feature him in some way Either way, amazing read.
Delightful collection of non Sherlockian stories Fairly uneven some were great, some just so so.
One of the most enjoyable collections that I have EVER read Period To say anything would be spoiling your fun, oh prospective reader So get hold of this classic read the stories preferably one at a time Enjoy.
Highly Recommended.

Barnaby Ross Ellery Queen was a pen name created and shared by two cousins,