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[ Pdf Opening Worlds (Worlds, #1) Ï czech-literature PDF ] by Cari Z. Ï Captain Jason Kim Is Less Than Thrilled When The Mission Log For His Merchant Starship Includes Ferrying Three Male Perels Back To Their Home Planet After Sowing Their Wild Oats Across The Verse After Being Burned In His Last Relationship, He Wants Nothing To Do With The Sensual, Quill Haired Creatures It S Just His Luck That Ferran, One Of The Perels, Takes A Distinct Liking To HimFerran Is Captivated By Jason S Aloof Nature, But For One Who Must Return Home To Domestic Obligation And Impending Marriage, Lasting Romance Seems Out Of The Question Nevertheless, His Charm Begins To Open Jason Up, And The Time They Spend Together, The Difficult It Becomes To Say Goodbye Review This was an enchanting read, with fascinating world building and a charming love story.
Reviewed for Brief Encounters Reviews me, this was an excellent example of good science fiction, with accessible and attractive characters, and enough difference to show the alien races yet not full of too weird pronunciations or rituals.
The passengers from Perel are on their final fling before settling down in their matriarchal society with female mates, and children for the fertile men Ferran knows his duty, yet is irresistibly drawn to Jason, and not just for physical gratification The Perel are sensual, uninhibited players, but Ferran distances himself from the promiscuous behaviour of his cousinsWe are than 3.
5 stars A lovely sweet story about an alien from a secretive planet and a spaceship captain Really enjoyed it.

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OPENING WORLDS was a very nice surprise indeed Romance at its best with exquisite characterization and extraordinary descriptions Funny how such a short story can pack so much.
Captain Jason Kim is a somewhat jaded and reserved man who holds his business close and has only respect to show on the outside He is strong willed, serious and much respected by his crew Still, he can t help it but be annoyed when he needs to ferry three Perels to their home world He considers them promiscuous and charming, enough to dazzle his crew until they are nothing than the sum of their hormones is never good for a ship on a mission He just doesn t like it Then he meets Ferran, a Perel who is intrigued by Jason s aloofness but who respects the distances and turns out to be a great conversationa Jason Kim is a captain of a merchant starship which takes on board all kinds of passengers, including the mysterious and outgoing alien Perels He s a little less than happy to be taking three of them back to their home planet, especially as he s still stinging over the end of a previous relationship However, one of the Perels, Ferran, proves to be different from the others and seeks out Jason s company These two lonely souls find they have a lot in common, but Ferran s obligations to duty and family back on Perelan make any lasting relationship impossible Falling for Ferran despite his reservations, Jason must make the most of his time with Ferran but will a few moments be enough to last for a lifetime Opening Worlds is a fantastic short story that is the prequel to and included with the full novel Changing Worlds, which takes place directly after.
Opening Worlds is a st

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