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á Read á The Company of Shadows by Ruth Newman î I really enjoyed this book by Ruth Newman, a new author to me and I think she only has two books out at the moment, I have the other one Twisted Wing from the library to read next.
Kate Grey is a young widown, whose husband Charlie died whilst they were on holiday in Sicily the previous year by drowning Kate is grieving badly, when she sees a photo her friends took whilst on holiday in Miami the previous year, and there in the background is Charlie Or is it This starts Kate on a madcap journey to discover who this person is who looks just like her husband, she goes to Miami, to Sicily, then back to Las Vegas where she first met Charlie.
There were plenty of twists and turns to this, not knowing who Kate should trust, if anyone and even almost til the end the surprises kept coming, though I guessed some I didn t get them all It was a satisfyin A promising start developes into a convoluted tale involving too many characters and as many twists that it is hard to keep track of the story Kate Benson sees a man who looks exactly like her dead husband in a photograph taken by friends holidaying in Miami This happens exactly a year after her husband Charlie drowned in mysterious circumstances in Sicily whilst they were on holiday Kate is devastated and cannot continue with her life without Charlie a metaphysical thread of gold connects them she even attempts suicide.
She is a incomplete without him And so she sets off to the US to look for the man who resembles Charlie dragging along Luke Charlie s best friend In Miami Kate finds out a few things which would certainly put off any other reasonable person but she perserveres determined to find the truth Threatened by mysterious looking men who claim to be FBI Che delusione Mi aspettavo un thriller psicologico e inizialmente sembrava cos , invece un poliziesco intricato e anche piuttosto prevedibile Review also at Cuidado com o D lmata The Company of ShadowsThis book was a complete surprise for me since the very beginning I was surprised when I was told I had won it in a contest I didn t remember entering, I was surprised when it arrived at my doorstep just two working days after, I was surprised it came in the most comfortable large print paperback edition, and finally, once I started reading, I was very surprised I was enjoying it to the point I couldn t put it down I didn t know the author, nor did I had the smallest idea of what the story was about, and despite the genre being very different from what I m used to, I got completely hooked on page one.
So it all starts with the heroine, Kate Grey, waki assolutamente meraviglioso adrenalina,tensione,struggimenti,misteri.
una bomba superconsigliatissimo Solo una stupida favoletta Peccato che l autrice alla fine abbia dimenticato la frase E vissero tutti felici e contenti ,almeno avrebbe saputo di avere scritto solo una Bella favoletta Una favola totalmente surreale,inverosimile e assurda Ma, tra tutte le persone che ringrazia a fine storia e che presumo abbiano letto il libro,nessuno che abbia il coraggio di dire Hai scritto una storia che non sta ne in cielo e manco in terra E l editor che rilegge tutto prima della stampa ,che faceva Era ubriaca quando ha dato il suo si Misteri dell editoria Londra Quella Che Kate Tiene Stasera Fra Le Mani Sembra Una Banale Foto Delle Vacanze, L Ennesimo Ritratto Degli Amici Che L Hanno Invitata A Cena Ma Sullo Sfondo, Dietro Le Colonne Ricoperte Di Gelsomino Del Ristorante Proprio Lui, Charlie Kate Non Ha Dubbi, Quello Suo Marito Gli Stessi Capelli Neri, Gli Occhi Azzurri Eppure Questo Non Assolutamente Possibile Perch Charlie Morto Durante Una Vacanza In Sicilia, Esattamente Un Anno Fa Kate Sconvolta, Ma Nessuno Le Crede, Nemmeno Luke, Il Migliore Amico Di Charlie Tutti Continuano A Ripeterle Che Deve Togliersi Dalla Testa Questa Ossessione Per Il Marito Scomparso E Rifarsi Una Vita Per Loro L Uomo Della Foto Un Perfetto Sconosciuto Ma Kate Sicura Si Tratta Di Charlie E Se C Anche Solo Una Tenue Speranza Che Lui Possa Essere Ancora Vivo, Lei Deve Ritrovarlo Ecco Perch Si Butta A Capofitto In Un Indagine Privata Contro Tutto E Tutti Un Indagine Che La Porta A Miami E Poi In Sicilia Giorno Dopo Giorno, Indizio Dopo Indizio, Le Discrepanze Nella Scomparsa Del Marito Diventano Sempre Pi Numerose E Molto, Troppo Sospette Forse Charlie Stato Ucciso E Il Suo Matrimonio Era Davvero Perfetto Come Lei Lo Ricorda Ma Soprattutto, Kate Pu Fidarsi Davvero Degli Amici Di Charlie, Quelli Che Le Sono Stati Vicini Durante Tutto Questo Tempo Un Thriller Psicologico Pieno Di Torbidi Segreti E Doppi Giochi, Dove Nessuno Quello Che Sembra, Nemmeno L Amico Di Una Vita Che Credi Di Conoscere Alla Perfezione A disappointing read not nearly as good as her first book.
fast paced and enjoyable Rather interesting thriller where husband is presumably dead and wife after a glimp of jim in a photograph tries to find exactly what happened Full of questions and twists in the behaviour of actors, we learn that his death was faked unsurprisingly by FBI surprise , that both of them are members of Mafia family, that FBI was corrupt and wanted them to kill another head of Mafia Trutfully, it got so twisted towards the end that I couldn t believe my eyes But the writing was so good that I read it in one day Next time, less twists and I would love it.

Ruth Newman lives in Cambridge where she works as a Web editor for the University Business School She won the Long Barn Books first novel competition for her dark psychological thriller Twisted Wing.