î The Pioneers, or The Sources of the Susquehanna; a Descriptive Tale É Download by î James Fenimore Cooper

î The Pioneers, or The Sources of the Susquehanna; a Descriptive Tale É Download by î James Fenimore Cooper It s impossible to imagine books like this being produced in this nation ever again One wonders if the Americans of that day would recognize us as their countrymen Cooper himself seems to recognize this transformation, as Natty and Mohegan are nearly as unrecognizable to the newcomers as we would be As with Cooper s other books, it is impossible not to sympathize with Natty.
I actually liked this While reading the reviews that others had written, I was a bit concerned that perhaps I would not, but I think, since I read it out of order this one first , I did not expect the great adventures the others seem to have I enjoyed being able to see our country s youth through the author s eyes and I was thoroughly wrapped up in the struggle between the various characters I admit it did bog down in a few places, and I don t think you can consider it a fun or light book, but most certainly it is an eye opening book The Story Takes Place On The Rapidly Advancing Frontier Of New York State And Features A Middle Aged Leatherstocking Natty Bumppo , Judge Marmaduke Temple Of Templeton, Whose Life Parallels That Of The Author S Father Judge William Cooper, And Elizabeth Temple The Author S Sister Susan Cooper , Of Cooperstown The Story Begins With An Argument Between The Judge And The Leatherstocking Over Who Killed A Buck, And As Cooper Reviews Many Of The Changes To New York S Lake Otsego, Questions Of Environmental Stewardship, Conservation, And Use Prevail The Plot Develops As The Leatherstocking And Chingachgook Begin To Compete With The Temples For The Loyalties Of A Mysterious Young Visitor, Oliver Edwards, The Young Hunter, Who Eventually Marries Elizabeth Chingachgook Dies, Exemplifying The Vexed Figure Of The Dying Indian, And Natty Vanishes Into The Sunset For All Its Strange Twists And Turns, The Pioneers May Be Considered One Of The First Ecological Novels In The United States Lately, I ve been seeing much honor being given to a recently deceased author whose famous 10 Rules of Writing stress the importance of fast, non descriptive, skip the boring parts narrative It warms me to know this late author would have hated James Feni Cooper s The Pioneers , as would his adherents I realize there are fewer and fewer readers out there who have the capacity or desire to appreciate this type of slow, highly descriptive, thoughtful work of fiction Even Mark Twain railed against Cooper s lack of action, and roundabout way of speaking Personally, I revel in it.
It is fitting that this book tells the story of the then wilderness of New York as it was being invaded by the hand and axe of man Trees were being felled, clearings replaced tangled forests, and the heartless laws of men were replacing the common sense This book was slow at first but then again most 18th 19th century fiction is slow at first It was a trend for writers to give lengthy prose dedicated to descriptions of scenery This would especially be the case if a writer s setting is the American Frontier A lot of people giving this book a low rating are probably people who wanted to read a nice little adventure story that doesn t require much thinking After all the movie with Daniel Day Lewis was pretty good However, you are very much mistaken if you think The Pioneers is meant to be a inconsequential adventure story The Pioneers is concerned with issues that were relevant to Cooper s own time Cooper was alive during the time when white settlers were starting to move into the American West A territory heavily populated by Native Americans It is needless to say that there were racial tensions between the two groups I Sorry James, but this sucks Having read The Last of the Mohicans and The Deerslayer long ago in my youth and recently learning that there are books in the series called The Leather Stocking Tales , I ventured upon this work.
You see the one star rating, but I have to emphasize that this is too generous, This is an excruciatingly boring story with no redeeming features I recall that the quality of prose in the two works cited above was not good, but the story lines were interesting making the books worth reading.
Here in The Pioneers we have the same low quality prose coupled with no story I had to give up after a few hundred pages.
I guess this explains why I had never heard of this book before Even Cooper s mother couldn t get through the book.
I notice that the average GR rating for this book is 3.
1 which means terrible.

My favourite part of the book is the beginning, which describes Christmas Eve and Christmas day in Templeton The descriptions of the activities of the settlers gives us a good idea what life was like there I liked the descriptions of the town and forest in winter as well.
On the negative side, the novel has its share of racism against non whites, which is ironic since the settlement was founded on land that formerly belonged to the Native Americans.
On the positive side, Judge Temple is appalled by the waste of the natural resources by the settlers the unnecessary slaughter of animals for food, overfishing, wasting trees This shows that the author was aware of the environment and his concern for the future.
The story itself is enjoyable to read, with a mixture of likeable and not so likeable characters.
The best books by James Feni Cooper to read are old ones Naturally, there will never be any new Cooper books so I mean the best editions to read are those from your local public library specifically the ones no one has touched in 30 years According to the circulation card in the back of the copy which I read, it was last due February 28, 1980 The world has changed radically since then, as evidenced by the bar code sticker on the inside back cover of the 1958 Dodd, Mead Company Great Illustrated Classics edition Interestingly, this stands in stark contrast to the sticker on the inside front cover of this same volume on which is printed the rules of the Winthrop Public Library, and also on which, in the upper right hand corner is printed by hand the date it entere the long version is here otherwise, read on I m of two minds about this novel and my ambiguity has to do with Cooper s writing style First, let me say that I m no stranger to older works with long, drawn out phrasing or archaic writing styles I figure it s a given that these are books from the past and they certainly weren t designed with our modern, streamlined reading styles in mind That s not the issue here Instead, it s like the main threads of the narratives in this book are sort of buried under a barrage of description that tends to go on and on and on before you get back to the storylines that you re reading the book for in the first place On the other hand, The Pioneers is very much worth reading as a novel strongly concerned with among other things environmental stewardship it is also a book

Susan Feni Cooper was also a writer.Series