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[ Pdf Home Fires Burning ë accra PDF ] by Charlie Cochrane ☆ Two Stories, Two Couples, Two Eras, Timeless Emotions This Ground Which Was Secured At Great Expense It Is And The Great War Is Underway When The Call To Arms Comes, Nicholas Southwell Won T Be Found Hanging Back It S A Pity He Can T Be So Decisive When It Comes To Letting His Estate Manager Paul Haskell Know What He Feels Before He Has To Leave For The Front Line In The Trenches Nicholas Meets A Fellow Officer, Phillip Taylor, Who Takes Him Into The Unclaimed Territory Of Physical Love Which One Will He Choose, If He S Allowed The Choice The Case Of The Overprotective Ass Stars Of The Silver Screen Alasdair Hamilton And Toby Bowe Are Wowing The Post WWII Audiences With Their Depictions Of Holmes And Watson When They Are Asked By A Friend To Investigate A Mysterious Disappearance, They Jump At The Chance Surely Detection Can T Be That Hard But A Series Of Threatening Letters And An Unwanted Suitor Make Real Life Very Different From The Movies Charlie Cochrane, Author Of The Delightful Cambridge Fellows Series, Brings Her Familiar Romantic, Roguish Style To The Two Novellas That Together Are Home Fires Burning Gerry B s Book Reviews www.
com You can always be assured of a good read when it has Charlie Cochrane s name on the cover, and her latest work, Home Fires Burning Cheyenne Press, August 2011 is no exception Mind you, I must admit a weakness for vintage British style, and also the sentimentality of love during wartime Even the title evokes this, being taken I think from a patriotic ditty composed by Ivor Novello with lyrics by Lena Gilbert Ford in 1914, i.
Chrous Keep the Home Fires Burning,While your hearts are yearning.
Though your lads are far awayThey dream of home.
There s a silver liningThrough the dark clouds shining,Turn the dark cloud inside out Til the boys come home This Ground Which Was Secured At Great Expense The blurb captures the gist of the story fairly well, and so I will limit my remarks to those aspects that I found particularly appealing.
I believe The first compliment I m going to pay this book goes to whoever it was that decided to put these two novellas, This Ground Which Was Secured At Great Expense and The Case of the Overprotective Ass, together in one print collection In case this wasn t in the warnings the first story has a bittersweet, melancholic and brooding atmosphere to it Fortunately, it was perfectly balanced by the lighthearted, though no less profound, mood of the second read the first and then the second in that order This is an effective way your heart can survive the book.
If books were humans, Ian McEwan s Atonement would probably be the uncle or the aunt of Charlie Cochrane s first novella in this collection, This Ground Which Was Secured At Great Expense This aunt let s assume the book is female would ve told her probably gay nephew and said, If you want to tell a story about two people being in love during w Four and a half stars.
Let me say up front that I thoroughly enjoyed both books, as I expected I would I just didn t enjoy the overall experience as much as I thought I would.
The trouble for me came with the stark differences in tone I can see possibly why this was done, to offer some light relief in the second story to compensate for the pain of reading the first one, but I found the disconnect a little too much The light frothy feel of the second book seemed to lessen the really true impact of the first, and that was a shame I wish I had read them the other way around.
This Ground Which Was Secured At Great ExpenseYou can usually assume that any book dealing with the Great War is going to be a harrowing story, unless the writer doesn t do their job properly and this one is no exception Don t be put off this deals as lightly as it can with the actual job of soldiering in the trenches, Both tales are amazing It s the simplest and easiest way to describe it In This Ground Which Was Secured At Great Expense, you can t help but feel what Nicholas is going through Not only is he dealing with the heartaches of war but he s also has his heart set on a man he didn t reveal his feelings for before leaving He s given a chance at exploring physical love when he has a new tent mate in Nicholas In The Case of the Overprotective Ass, we see 2 actors entertaining post WW2 audiences with Sherlock Holmes but they are given a chance to play detectives for real Alastair and Toby share similarities with Miss Cochrane s famed Orlando and Jonty from her Cambridge Fellows series, but they are definitely their own pair Both tales, although shorter than what I would like, are most enjoyable and very entertaining reads.
This book is composed by two different stories The first, This Ground Which Was Secured At Great Expense, empathises on a bitter sweet love story, while the second, The Case of the Overprotective Ass, is a detective type of narrative I m going to review them separately.
This Ground Which Was Secured At Great ExpenseNicholas decides to enlist for the English forces fighting in France during the Great War Despite the courage to face a mighty and unknown enemy for his country, he still can t express his feeling to his sweetheart In the end he leaves for the war without letting his state manager, Paul, know that he loves him In the front, Nicholas meet Philip, who shows him how to love Nicholas is then faced with the Two novellas This Ground Which Was Secured At Great Expense 5 stars The first book is yum yum yum It is intense and sad takes place during WW1 , but with lots of hope and a happy end for the MC but not for everybody I m not very fond of romance in wartime, but this one I liked The end did not make me totally happy, I was even a bit sad, but it was OK The Case of the Overprotective Ass 3 stars OK, this is mystery than romance Not my kind but some will like The two heroes are two actors playing the roles of Holmes and Watson on the big screen And they are asked to solve mystery disappearance The two men happen to be secret lovers in real life.
Two novellas in one and both are good reads This Ground Which Was Secured at Great Expense comes first and puts the reader directly into WWI A romantic triangle between three men is the focus of the story and fits well with the struggle to be true to oneself in a fierce time Set primarily in England If you like Sherlock Holmes and Watson, follow two male actors who are lovers and portray the famed detective duo professionally, but are called upon to solve a case that is closer to home in The Csse of the Overprotective Ass Keeping with the witticisms evident in Doyle s works, Toby and Alasdair must keep their relationship secret in 1950s London which adds to the conflict.
5 stars, rounded up to 5Charlie Cochrane writes some of my favorite M M historical stories and I really enjoyed this I read it for an anthology challenge and it was mis shelved as an anthology two novellas by the same author but I knew that going in Those loopholes are there to be used, right This Ground Which Was Secured At Great Expense 5 stars this was a lovely, atmospheric piece set during the Great War, about Nicholas, who has loved his estate manager since they were both boys, but never dared take the smallest step to tell him so or find out if there was any chance it was mutual In that era, the risks of being outed were high, and above all he didn t want to lose what little he had of Paul Serving overseas in France, he meets a fellow officer who re I enjoyed it very much Two different stories, superficially different set in different time periods with very different characters but on ending the second novella the subtle similarities between the two become apparent.

Because Charlie Cochrane couldn t be trusted to do any of her jobs of choice like managing a rugby team she writes Her mystery novels include the Edwardian era Cambridge Fellows series, series, and the contemporary Best Corpse for the Job Multi published, she has titles with Carina, Samhain, Riptide and Bold Strokes, among others A member of the Romantic Novelists Association, Mystery People a