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[Ferdynand Antoni Ossendowski] ↠´ Przez kraj ludzi, zwierząt i bogów [european-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ê Oh, that was interesting read from era of 1920s at the end of WW1 on the side of Russia and Mongolia The book was published in 1922 Now I have known where is the idea legend of Agartha came from and the King of the World.
Qu est ce qu elle est bizarre cette histoire Nous suivons l odyss e d un homme travers la Mongolie en des temps plus dures qu aujourd hui et dans une situation incomparable On rencontre des gens, souvent des grands hommes on tient la survie de notre conteur et pourtant, incroyablement, on ne sait rien de lui Mis part ses exploits divers et invraisemblables du jour jour, don caract re indomptable et son adaptabilit aux circonstances et pour plaire toute personne, on ne sait rien rien de son pass Or, c est un homme fuit les Bolsheviks laissant derri re lui toute une vie, sa famille, y compris son pouse Pourquoi se battre aussi durement pour survivre si ce n est pour un jour les rejoindre Mais nous n apprenons pas le moindre d tail sur cette vie ant rieure ni future C est un myst re que son porteur d place par l int r t dont il rev te les myst This is very exciting, moving from one adventure to another much like an Indiana Jones movie While I have doubts about the truth of everything said in the book it does give flesh to the turmoil in East Asia that followed the Bolshevik Revolution in the early 20th century, not in Russia as the official blurb says It will keep your attention and while it entertains with action it also gives you a ground up view of the inhuman and barbarous struggle that went on in those years This was recommended by the author of Twentieth Century Mongolia, which was a top notch history Worth reading Definitely guy stuff.
In the heart of Asia lies the enormous, mysterious and rich country of Mongolia From somewhere on the snowy slopes of the Tian Shan and from the hot sands of Western Zungaria to the timbered ridges of the Sayan and to the Great Wall of China it stretches over a huge portion of Central Asia The cradle of peoples, histories and legends the native land of bloody conquerors, who have left here their capitals covered by the sand of the Gobi, their mysterious rings and their ancient nomad laws the states of monks and evil devils, the country of wandering tribes administered by the descendants of Jenghiz Khan and Kublai Khan Khans and Princes of the Junior lines that is Mongolia This book is about the author s journey through Siberia into Mongolia and Tibet, and finally into China during the Russian Civil War This book is It s amazing how many twists and turns of circumstance Ossendowski lived through It seemed like he had a mystical protection about him throughout.
The second half or so was a bit less action probably because he was out of Russia by then , but a lot of political intrigue and Buddhism Which is fine it was his experience.

Interesting book about a foggy period in history, the civil war in Russia after the Bolshevik revolution, in an even remote part of the world, Transbaikal and Mongolia It would pay of to follow the action on a map and eventually read on Internet about the places.
The second half of the book is about the bloody baron Ungern Sternberg you know who if you read Corto Maltese in Siberia.
Last chapters are unusual considerations about the Tibetan Buddhism as is practiced in Mongolia Even a story about the Hidden King of the World.
All of Ossendowski s work was censored in Communist Poland until 1990, so even though he published in the 1930s I have only ready it now It was firs of his books I have gone through The other one just after was Lenin Both really well written and real to the level of graphic brutality of those days read it in Polish the original language.
Interesuj ca opowie o Mongolii, Chinach, Rosji i kilku polakach chc cych wr ci do ojczyzny Du o kultury, polityki lat 20stych i du o przyg d, troch buddyzmu i przepowiedni Polecam podr nikom I ve picked up this book because I would like to gain some direct knowledge about a traditional mongolian way of living.
It seemed to me that the author is a good source of it One hundred years ago he was escaping from the bolshevik Red Army across teritory of Central Asia So this book is based on his own experiences which in these times weren t so common There weren t so many travellers as nowadays Such a trip in very often hostile environment required courage, good health and determination But after finishing this book I was disappointed The author had really great adventures but couldn t reflect them in his writing It looks like he didn t want to reveal everything When he and his troop were crossing dangeorous places or a new battle was about to come, we began to expect something involving, but instead of it, everything was simply over.
For me the most interesting Antoni Ferdynand Ossendowski Podr Nik, Szpieg, Awanturnik, Wojownik, Uczony, Dyplomata, Poliglota, Dziennikarz I Wielki Erudyta Podobne Okre Lenia Mo Na By Przytacza Bez Ko Ca Jest Drugim Po Henryku Sienkiewiczu Najbardziej Znanym Polskim Pisarzem Na Wiecie, Czego Dowodem S Przek Ady Jego Ksi Ek Na J Zyki ObceNajg O Niejsze Dzie O Ossendowskiego Przez Kraj Ludzi, Zwierz T I Bog W To Zapis Prze Y , Jakie By Y Jego Udzia Em, Gdy W Czasie Wojny Domowej Ucieka Przed Bolszewikami Przez Syberi , Mongoli I Chiny Autor Zyska Zaufanie Mongolskich Lam W I W Niezwyk Ych Okoliczno Ciach Zawar Znajomo Ze S Ynnym Krwawym Baronem Von Ungern Sternbergiem, Ba Tyckim Niemcem W S U Bie Carskiej, Kt Ry Zamierza Zrealizowa Idee Stworzenia Na Terytorium Syberyjskiej Kolonii Carskiej Rosji Imperium PanmongolskiegoPrzedzieraj C Si Przez Tajg , G Ry I Pustyni , Ossendowski Dotar W Miejsca, Gdzie Nie Stan A Jeszcze Noga Bia Ego Cz Owieka I Do Wiadczy Ycia Ludzi Od Stuleci Bytuj Cych W Pe Nej Symbiozie Z Natur I Jej Wielkimi MocamiPrzez Kraj Ludzi, Zwierz T I Bog W, Wiadectwo Autentycznych Przyg D I Dozna Autora, Napisane Jest Z Tak Pasj , E Trudno Nie Podda Si Magii Wyprawy Do G Bi Rozgorza Ego Nami Tno Ciami Politycznymi Azjatyckiego Kot A

Ferdynand Antoni Ossendowski was a Polish writer, journalist, traveler, globetrotter, explorer, anti communist, university professor, a member of the French Academy, political activist.After World War II all his books were covered by the censors in Poland because of his anti communist beliefs Only since 1989, his work can be officially published in Poland again.He is best known for his books Beas