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à Three Cups ß Download by Ô Tony Townsley The current issue of this book lists Tony Townsley as the author and St Germain as a contributor.
com explains that the system used by the fictional family in this charming picture book was originally devised by Townsley his wife for their children St Germain wrote the text of the book.
The Townsleys tried to teach their children that it is not how much money you have that is important, it s how you use it and devised a game of Three Cups Spend, Save, Share to help them develop positive habits early on that would last them the rest of their lives I don t even want to think about the politics and legalities of that attribution situation, but I do know that this book makes wonderful sense If you have small or even older children or grandchildren, I recommend you check it out.
Stacie at Simply Stacie first brought this book to my attention back in 201 For each kid in or family, three colorful margarine tubs came out every Saturday for Allowance Time Dad would divvy out our funds, tithe in the red tub, savings in the blue, and some spending money in the yellow tub As it turns out, our quirky family tradition is nearly identical to the concept behind the book Three Cups Here, we join a little boy on his own journey of learning to use his allowance money according to those same three categories.
While this book is produced by a Christian publisher, there is very little in it that earmarks it strictly for a Christian audience An atheist family would probably have no problem using this book, aside from one sentence in the appendix which references your local church Growing up in my family, the concept of giving was inextricably tied to giving back to God, but here the authors walk apolitically correct line, choosing to This is a very nice childrens book with an easy method for learning how to manage your money, no matter your age.

I love the idea of teaching children how to save, spend, and share their money, because my father taught me and my sister early on how to make use with what we have wisely Because I could relate with the premise, I signed up to review Three Cups written by Tony Townsley and Mark St Germain and illustrated by April Willy, through booksneeze.
The whole story is thought provoking and makes me, as an adult, want to read it again and again until I got the whole teaching process of money management for children right And this, my friends, prompts me to express my opinion that Three Cups isof a book for adults parents, really rather than for children The illustrations doesn t help either It is evident that the illustrator can draw really well but the illustrations are not attractive and appealing, so says the child in me And to think that the main character st This is a simple story parents can use to teach children the basics of managing money The illustrations are sweet and may help younger children understand the book better, though the story is simple enough for school age children The authors include a short guide for parents at the end with 10 simple steps to begin using this method with one s children This method includes not only the basic ideas of saving, spending and giving, but briefly introduces banking principles as the boy in the story takes his savings cup to the bank Though my daughter is not quite old enough for an allowance I will definitely be keeping this idea in mind for future use I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review.
Estimate of age level of interest K 5th grade Estimate of reading level 3rd 5th grade depending on the individual Brief Description In this story, a child receives Three Cups for his birthday and learns from them, lessons about money.
Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book This book is written for children It teaches concepts of money to students through the information it presents The ideas and concepts the book teachers are factual and information that are essential for children to learn.
Realistic Fiction Realistic Fiction consists of stories that could happen These stories reflect a wide variety of experiences.
Chance Although this story is writt When a young boy turns 5, he is given his first allowance and 3 cups One cup is for saving, one for spending and one for giving Each week his parents help him split his allowance into the Three Cups and begin to teach him how to use the Three Cups Eventually, they help him open a bank account for his savings cup They help him find ways to give The book includes a parent s guide with steps to incorporate the 3 cups idea into your own home I like this quote that it includes Remember, it s not how much money one has, but rather how one uses it that really matters I appreciate that it is simple and could be implemented easily and effectively by any family willing to use this simple approach.
Teaching Children How To Save, Spend, And Be Charitable Can Be As Simple As , ,All Parents Want To Teach Their Children Good Money Habits From An Early Age Many Start By Giving Them An Allowance But It S Equally Important To Teach Children A Positive, Generous Attitude As They Learn To Use Money ResponsiblyFilled With Warm, Memorable Illustrations By Award Winning Painter, April Willy, Three Cups Is The Story Of One Family S Unique And Effective Method Of Teaching Personal Financial Management And How One Boy Reaped First The Small, Then The Immeasurably Great Rewards Of The Lessons He LearnedFamilies Will Be Delighted With The Heart Warming Tale And Want To Integrate The Three Cup System In Their Own Children S Lives I downloaded this book for my Nook and read the whole story in about 5 minutes or less It was a simple story of a boy that got Three Cups labeled Save, Spend and Give for his 5th birthday I am disappointed with the size of the book I didn t realize with illustrations, it had only 19 pages I was expecting a feel good story of how this little boy did with his money We give our 5 year old an allowance and have taught him how to give to others such as buying a Toy for the Toys for Tots program this past Christmas It s a nice idea on the book but I wished I had kept my eight dollars in the savings cup and not purchased this book.
Amazing read for all parents Great way to teach your children about money In the book the boy is given 3 cups from the cupboard on his 5th birthday One cup for spending money, one for savings, and one for giving to others The parents then started giving him a weekly allowance and the money was divided up between the cups Such a wonderful character building life lesson for anyone To instill this good habit in a young child is a gift for a lifetime.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Three Cups book, this is one of the most wanted Tony Townsley author readers around the world.