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Á Read ☆ Taming the wolf by Deborah Simmons Þ e recensito da IaiaE una bella storia in cui l happy end lo aspetti e la lettura scorre piacevolmente.
Dunstan mi ha fatto tenerezza, di natura scontrosa, chiusa, non capisce che innamorato e si comporta come un rozzo, burbero, energumeno, ma non riesce a starle lontano Marion sa di essere innamorata di quell uomo, ma preferisce stargli lontano perch non sopporta di non essere ricambiata Quindi i suoi tentativi di fuga, sempre finiti male, inaspriscono i rapporti ma nello stesso tempo li avvicina Il tutto raccontato con leggerezza e nonostante ci siano scene un po forti per la crudelt vissuta dai due, il romanzo ti avvince senza grossi patemi d animo.
Come nella maggior parte delle storie, personaggi cattivi hanno la fine che si meritano, i buoni , praticamente tutta la famiglia De B Book 1 in the de Burgh series What a way to start a series I had read book 3.
5 in an anthology, and that just made me want to start the series all the Amnesia A long journey A murderous uncle A knight to die for Who could ask for anything The plot was pretty typical of other medieval romances I have read but how beautifully written The characters are larger than life and you can t help falling in love with Marion and Dunstan as they struggle to fall in love or not fall in love with each other Marion doesn t remember who she is when was found attacked and brought to Campion the holding of the de Burgh father However, her uncle wants her back and Dunstan the eldest de Burgh son, Baron of Wessex must deliver her The chemistry is sizzling two fans required Don t pass this one up, one of the best medieval romanc Champion of Her Heart Though Marion Warenne s past was but a dim nightmare, her present held a vision of glory the formidable Dunstan de Burgh A fierce knight who was determined to win their battle of wills, all the while protesting mightily that he did not believe in love.
Dunstan de Burgh, Baron of Wessex, had ofttimes heard himself likened to a wolf on the prowl fierce, brave and ever alert to danger How so, then, could one soft eyed damsel escape his watchful eye time and time again And even dangerous, slip past his guard and find her way into his heart Okay, the book I read is in English so I don t know why the synopsis is not Anyways, heiress Marion Warenne escapes from her uncle but her when her ca Bu yorum ayn zamanda Romancekolikte yay nlanm t r.
Kitab g lerek a layarak baz yerlerde yazar n uzatmalar na s k larak okudum Ama sevdim mi Evet, hemde ok K z m z n ba na gelen olaylardan tutun sonuna kadar bol aksiyonlu bir kitapt Ama yazara seyahat b l mlerini ke ke o kadar uzatmasayd n demeden de edemedim yahu Kitab n yar s neredeyse karakterlerimizin ingilterenin bir ucundan teki ucuna gidip gelmeleri ile ge ti Ama u da bir ger ekti ki Marion un s rekli Dunstan n elinden ka mas ve ya ananlar komikti Hele kitab n en ba nda Marion la evlenmeleri i in De Burgh lar n babas n n talepte bulunmas n ve koskoca korkusuz De Burgh lar n bu fikirden vebal ym as na ka malar komikti K z m z n adama ilk g r te ba lanmas n , i d ncelerini tatl buldum Hele ki Dunstan n k skan l k krizleri Okudu um en iyi harlequin Historical lerdendi.
Konumuza gel The heroine seems adolescent in her decisions and actions most of the time Her choices are not rational why should she be infatuated with the hero in one moment then hate him for taking her back to the man that legally owns her the next Be angry at the law Be angry at society s inequalities Be angry at the family she grew to love kicking her out for Pete s sake, but don t be angry at the messenger or rather the delivery guy in this case.
She is not smart I guessed where she had hidden as soon as where the trail disappeared was described I mean, come on I even have trouble with her physical appearance there s no problem being plain, but exactly how curvy is curvy And why would that be enough to tempt a war hardened knight into marriage What

Good story, good characters, good read.
Kitap konu ve i erik olarak ok g zel olsa da ok durgundu bana g re Bunun d nda De Burgh karde lerin tam olarak yedi karde ler de i ik ve renkli ki ilikleri, Campion Kontu nun o ullar n tek laf yla dize getirmesi, Marion un Dunstan a etti i i kenceler e lenceli diyaloglarla tamamlanm Her ne kadar konu g zel, yaz m tarz e lenceli olsa da dura an bir kitapt ve bu s k lmama neden oldu Dura anl k da olmasayd d rt d rtl k bir tarihi romance olabilirdi.
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A bo u p t dn il v celib tus 29 Poru n k d zp t svou nete a ona se k n mu mus vr tit leda by se provdala IMHO se st m e provdat bez svolen sv ho poru n ka.
s 11 jak kr sn se pln na v eci ko rozpomeneA podle eho usoudila, e si Marion nic nepamatuje s 15 a dv eny unesliUnesli slu ebnou Enid, ale kdo byla ta druh s 145 plat m hotovJo Kde vzal tolik pen z Na s 170 m l jen hlad a kus chleba.
s 153, 154 Tohle bylo moc i na brakovku.
Obsluhuj c slu ka vyjde ze s n , za dve mi 4 stars I love to be transported back to the medieval era for a good historical romance in fact, it used to be my favorite However, having saturated myself in it, it has been hard to find any plotlines that haven t become pass , or any with twists that still remain realistic for the period This first in a series is a fun one, with a few surprises that made me smile plenty and dialogue that was occasionally laugh out loud a nice little shinning jewel hidden in a Harlequin Historical Plus, there is the added bonus of the amnesia victim, another favorite of mine I know, I know I m a nurse and shouldn t indulge in the fantasy, but I can t help myself Champion Of Her HeartThough Marion Warenne S Past Was But A Dim Nightmare, Her Present Held A Vision Of Glory The Formidable Dunstan De Burgh A Fierce Knight Who Was Determined To Win Their Battle Of Wills, All The While Protesting Mightily That He Did Not Believe In LoveDunstan De Burgh, Baron Of Wessex, Had Ofttimes Heard Himself Likened To A Wolf On The Prowl Fierce, Brave And Ever Alert To Danger How So, Then, Could One Soft Eyed Damsel Escape His Watchful Eye Time And Time Again And Even Dangerous, Slip Past His Guard And Find Her Way Into His Heart

Deborah Simmons is the author of twenty five historical romances and novellas, published by Avon, Berkley, and Harlequin.A native midwesterner, Simmons graduated cum laude from Wittenberg University and was a journalist before turning to fiction Her first book, Heart s Masquerade, was published by Avon in 1989 and was followed by a number of Harlequin Historicals, including a USA Today Bestsellin