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[H.P. Newquist] Î The Great Brain Book: An Inside Look At The Inside Of Your Head [young-adult PDF] Read Online ó Filled with amazing facts and juicy with all kinds of brain discovery and history Wonderful I especially love it because of my interest in the brain.
Junior Book LogInformationalSource TextbookThe Great Brain Book An inside look at the inside of your head Our brains are quite fascinating, so you can imagine how incredible it is to read this book, and not only imagine how the brain works, but actually learn facts about how and why the brain can do what it does The book discusses the various parts of the book, and explains that while we do have knowledge of the brain, we are still unaware of how it actually thinks The illustrations really helped the reader understand which area of the brain each section was discussing I liked how the book included ancient history of what Egyptians did with brains of the deceased, and found that that particular chapter could definitely tie in with a history lesson I wouldn t recommend it for younger children, unless you wanted to share a few facts, because it is rather len The brain is So COOL

The Anatomy, Functions, Surgery, Care And Feeding, Historical Discovery, And Imminent Improvements Of This Complex And Powerful Organ In An Oh Wow Package High Interest With Just A Touch Of YuckUnderstanding The Brain Is One Of The Biggest Challenges Facing Scientists We Still Don T Know How The Brain Creates Thoughts Newquist Peels Back The Layers Of The Brain To Explain What It S Made Of, How It Works, And How To Make Your Brain Work For You From Eyeballs To Neurons, Vivid Illustrations Show Pieces Of Its Complex StructureThe Historical Chapter Details How Egyptians Scooped Out The Brains Of Mummies, And How Phrenology Developed Brain Surgery And Brain Abnormalities Are Explained, As Is The Function Of Sleep And Dreams An Informal And Intriguing Look Inside Your Head

HP Newquist s books and articles have been published all over the world, and his writing has been translated into languages from kanji to farsi.All told, he has written than two dozen books and hundreds of articles, along with numerous awards and citations His writing spans a vast array of interests and issues In the late 1980s and 1990s he wrote extensively about artificial intelligence A