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[Richard Wagamese] Ã Runaway Dreams [femslash PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ reflects on life experiences truly some golden nuggets of wisdom scattered through the pages Loved To displaced sons sample I have learned in my time here that we are born covered in thingslike love and trust and loyaltyhumility and hope and kindnessand that sometimes the worldhas a way of rinsing those things off usso we stand naked and crying againbut at that very momentwhen we want it the mostCreator allows us to find a wayto re cover ourselvesin those spiritual qualitiesso don t be afraid to fallit s how we learned to walkin the first place Having Developed A Large Reputation For His Many Novels And Nonfiction Works, Richard Wagamese Now Appears Before Us As A Poet, With A Collection Of Stunning Poems Ranging Over A Broad Landscape He Begins With An Immersion In The Immemorial Landscape Where The Ancient Ones Stand At Your Shoulder Making You A Circle Containing EverythingO These Are Medicine Teachings Told From The Experience Of One Who Lived And Still Lives Them He Describes His Life On The Road When He Repeatedly Ran Away At An Early Age, And The Beatings He Received When The Authorities Tried To Beat The Indian Right Out Of MeO Yet Even In The Most Desperate Situations, Wagamese Shows Us Canada As Seen Through The Eyes And Soul Of A Well Worn Traveller, With His Love Of Country, His Love Of People Through It All, There Are Poems Of Love And Music, The Language Sensuous And Tender This is a book of heartfelt and honest poems about one man s search for his heritage and his self discovery Richard Wagamese has granted each of us who chooses to read it, an intimate look into his life and his struggles through the foster care system, as a runaway teen and then oftentimes as a lonely man.
Wagamese wrote with such a sincere and straight forward style in this book I found it to be so sublime and I would gather that it could have been a healing experience for him to have expressed his feelings with such a memorable intensity The language is flowing and appealing, the images are stark, quiet, and evoke a spirit or a state of mind that you get when you have a few decades of experience under your belt and have arrived at a good place, both emotionally spiritually after past turbulence in your life It Wagamese has a way with words and images.
The title may be Runaway Dreams but there was no escaping the stark reality of our history Ojibway Graveyard made me weep, To Displaced Sons gave me hope and Dreamwoman made me smile a knowing smile.
choose to allowchoose to discoverchoose to become Beautiful poetry I will read this again.
RW shows here that not only is he a master storyteller, he is a true poet with a poets sensibility and his own unique rhythms.

Simply beautiful poetry I ve been reading all I can find by Richard Wagamese and I m enjoying everything I was thrilled to discover that he s a fan of the Czech composer Dvorak His poem Voyageurs is about how Richard is listening on his headphones to Dvorak s Serenade for Strings a new one for me and I m listening to it while typing this review while he is trudging through the snow drifts along the bluffs abovethe North Saskatchewan River with Saskatoonhuffing its breath across the frozen flingof it in the valley, the violas sashayin waltz time through the headphonesand I tuck my chin closer to my chestand walk in counterpoint to the edgeand gaze in rapt wonder at the skill ofthis Czech composer and the hand of Creatorat work together in I love Wagamese s writing, and that goes for his poems too Every time I read his work, I m sad there won t be any.

Richard Wagamese was one of Canada s foremost Native authors and storytellers He worked as a professional writer since 1979 He was a newspaper columnist and reporter, radio and television broadcaster and producer, documentary producer and the author of twelve titles from major Canadian publishers.