Trailer ✓ I Could Never Be So Lucky Again: An Autobiography of James H. Jimmy Doolittle PDF by ä James H. Doolittle

Trailer ✓ I Could Never Be So Lucky Again: An Autobiography of James H. Jimmy Doolittle PDF by ä James H. Doolittle Very good If you are looking for details about specifics on the Tokyo raid, look to other sources However, excellent read on his life his work to build the Air Force of today.
Despite the surname, Doolittle did it all His autobiography recounts his early career as a boxer, pioneering service in aviation, success as a racer and test pilot, and instrumental role in the Pacific and Mediterranean theater He earned a Ph.
D from MIT, as well as a silver star, three Flying Crosses, two Service Medals, and, of course, the Medal of Honor On top of that, he won the era s most prestigious trophies the Bendix, Thompson, and Schneider As if this weren t enough, he ended his career as a full fledged General In short, this guy was one of modern history s most accomplished figures, and it s a true shame that his name isn t withstanding the forgetfulness of time An autobiography well worth your attention.
Pilot, Scholar, Daredevil, General James Jimmy Doolittle Was One Of America S Greatest Heroes In A Life Filled With Adventure And Achievement, Doolittle Did It All As A Stunt Pilot, He Thrilled The World With His Aerial Acrobatics As A Scientist, He Pioneered The Development Of Modern Aviation Technology During World War II, He Served His Country As A Fearless And Innovative Air Warrior, Organizing And Leading The Devastating Raid Against Japan Now, For The First Time, Here Is His Life Story Modest, Revealing, And Candid As Only Doolittle Himself Can Tell It Doolittle Tells A Story Of The Sucesses And Adventures, The Triumphs And Tragedies Of A True American Hero A Far Seeing Leader Whose Courage, Devotion, And Daring Changed The Course Of Modern History And Continues To Make Its Influence Felt To This Day Outstanding autobiography of a remarkable man whose life made a difference in civilian and military aeronautics His courage and leadership we instrumental in the allied victories in both the European and Pacific theaters of war His direct approach to problem solving got in my trouble many times with military leaders throughout the war If it were not for the results he provided he might have been removed from command than once I appreciated his tribute throughout the book to his wife Jo and her contribution to their marriage, their family, the war effort and his career She was a truly remarkable woman.
It is a good book but it is hard to follow at some times, and they use some purity big words.
Reading this book was like you re just sitting down with Jimmy Doolittle as he tells you his life Nothing pretentious, just a fascinating story of a one of a kind man From being born on the Yukon river in gold rush Alaska, growing up in California and his need for education before WW1 His efforts to make flying safer during the 1920 s, developing instruments and techniques to fly blind, and his getting a Doctorate in engineering from MIT He made a name for himself as a racing and acrobatic flyer He was always seeking to advance flying however he could When the country was still reeling from the attack on Pearl Harbor, he led the bombing raid on Japan in April of 1942 They shook up the Japanese, doing something that was not supposed to happen, especially as Japanese forces were still on a winning stre An excellent and very detailed and yet readable account of a remarkable life Doolittle pulls no punches on anyone including himself Just read it This book is a glimpse into one of the hero s from what has been coined the greatest generation A true pioneer in the aviation field, Doolittle s adventurous life is too amazing for fiction

Update 14 April 2019 The last sole survivor and Co Pilot to Gen Doolittle passed away 5 days ago Lt Col Richard Cole Rest in Peace I am grateful for your service to our nation This book was a wonderful recounting of a life, unit, and family.
This story is the story of every American that ever wanted to do better The inspiration in this book is simply going to overtake anywone interested in the Second World War, the First World War, the in between war years, and beyond the Cold War General Doolittle was a great American, a patriot, a person that believed in taking care of family first He wasn t perfect mind you but this poor kid from the streets of Los Angeles would grow to become one the foremost inspirational stori There was a time when every American knew the story of the Doolittle raid on Tokyo, just four months and a week after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Since I ve been working as a volunteer tour guide at a major air museum, however, I ve discovered this is no longer true, so every time I walk the group past our B 25 Mitchell bomber, I retell the story It was only natural, then, that I would turn to Doolittle s autobiography to learn about this aviation pioneer.
And pioneer he was One of the early Army Air Corps aviators, Doolittle was the first pilot to fly and land on instruments alone He was also a bit of a daredevil and a loose cannon , wrecking plane after plane, performing aerobatics over crowded cities he was also the first pilot to fly an outside loop , flying under bridges, taking wives and friends on unauthorized flights in Army aircraft

Famous for leading the Tokyo Raid, America s first strike against Japan in World War II, Jimmy Doolittle lived a remarkable life as an American pilot A scientist with a doctorate in aeronautical engineering from MIT, an aviation pioneer who was the first to fly across the United States in less than 24 hours and the first to fly blind using only his plane s instruments , a barnstormer well know